Rihanna And Chris Brown Battle To Be Back In The Sack

Rihanna and Chris Brown
KittyKats, I have been watching and paying attention for years. Now chickadoodles I just want you to know that I am in no way, shape or form condoning violence let’s just get that straight before I even start. That being said I’m going to talk a little about Rihanna and Chris Brown.

That fight they had in 2009 got way out of control, he definitely should not have hit her at all. Look I grew up in NYC, I’ve seen it all, clothes cut up and thrown out the window, cars being keyed, tires slashed and bricks being thrown thru windshields by couples fighting. I always thought there was more to their story when Rihanna showed up with Chris Brown for his first appearance in court sitting on his lap. That was all a little strange.

Then she did her round of talk shows which I am glad she did because it put a light on boyfriend/girlfriend abusive relationships. Her record sales went thru the roof. Meanwhile Chris Brown laid low made a couple of movies then came out with some records of his own. They are both in a good place now.

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So what’s with the back tracking, because they are a gasoline and fire couple. His temper is bad and RiRi’s temper is not so good either, (she is no shrinking violet).  Besides that they are a hot sexual couple (too bad for both of them for that).  They’ve been fooling around and trying to hide it, (not so much). Chris Brown goes to Rihanna’s Birthday party and does try hide that they are together (by sticking practically next to her the whole night, sure you’re not being obvious, you blend). Then he wants people to sign a form not to disclose information regarding him at the party, he doesn’t want his girlfriend Tran to find outabout him, (OK Chris we won’t say a word, but what about the press),can this get more ridiculous, yes.

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 Then here goes Rihanna catching a jealous hissy fit over his girlfriend Tran and just basically acting a fool. Rihanna get a clue honey he can’t officially be with you because he is on a little thing called “probation”, for aggravated assault against “you”. He is not supposed to anywhere near you.  They both need anger management, but separately.  Please someone pass me a Tylenol because I am done!

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