Rihanna’s Dad Fears She’ll End Up Addicted And Dead Like Whitney Houston

Rihanna’s Dad Fears She’ll End Up Addicted And Dead Like Whitney Houston

It’s no secret that Rihanna enjoys her bad girl image and revels in shocking her fans with her irreverent behavior.  Those close to the songstress fear that her carefree and at times careless behavior will lead to a tragic end.

According to the British newspaper, The Sun, Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, reveals that from a young age she was obsessed with Whitney Houston, the oft troubled diva who lived a life destroyed by drugs and died a tragic drug-induced death back in February.

It’s true that Rihanna’s recent wild behavior has led to numerous comparisons to Whitney Houston in the press and her recent controversy at Coachella really started a firestorm.  As CDL previously reported, Rihanna was photographed sitting on her handler’s shoulders and she appeared to be doing cocaine off the top of his head.  At least that was what she wanted us to think… how clever.

In typical fashion, Rihanna took to her Twitter to address the drama in a typically unapologetic manner: “I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”

There are in fact many similarities, both good and bad, between Rihanna and Houston.  Both started off singing in church, both have attached themselves to notorious bad boys and both have been rumored to have had lesbian partners.  Rihanna is also transitioning from singing to acting, with her upcoming role in Battleship.

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The eerie similarities are leading to widespread speculation that Rihanna could portray Houston on the big screen.  Rihanna herself has said the following:

“If I was going to do a biopic, it would have to be someone I admire and she is definitely one of those.”

“That would be something I would have to give my entire life to do because I would want to really pull it off.”

Houston’s friend Malik Pointer commented on the similarities of both singers:

“Rihanna is basically Whitney 2.0. That kind of talent only comes around every 20 years or so.  They sing like angels and they have faces of angels — so even without the talent they would have people eating out of their hands.”

“We’re talking about two of the greatest talents in the history of female vocalists. Add to that addiction, or at least a love of partying, and it’s a recipe for disaster.”

“Rihanna is a wild child. She has the voice of an angel but she can get down and dirty. But she has youth on her side. There’s a chance she’s just getting it out of her system and she’ll find the right guy and settle down by the time she’s 30.”

Rihanna’s father believes his daughter would grab the part if it was offered to her:

“She used to love Whitney. Robyn would always sing along to I Will Always Love You.”

“She admired Whitney because of her range, her voice, her appearance, her personality — everything. She loved Whitney so much she would be honored to play her. I think she would accept in a heartbeat.”

Fenty hopes his daughter is smart enough not to end up like her mentor –with a life cut short.  Do you think Rihanna is just blowing off steam and enjoying her youth or do you think beneath all the fun lies a real burgeoning problem for the starlet?  Tell us in the comments below.

  • Applea

    I dont think she will EVER get that part ..nice try though. the part is not for her. and whitney was her mentor ..really ? hahahahahahahahahah

  • rightwing

    she is a worthless self absorbed piece of crap, hopefully her demise won’t take much longer watching her make a  sad spectacle of herself is getting old it really is.

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  • Beck

    “they sing like angels”, “that kind of TALENT only comes around every 20 years”…is this man HIGH?  Rihanna CANNOT sing and to put her in the same category as Whitney is blasphemy.

  • sowuth0

     “We’re talking about two of the greatest talents in the history of female vocalists.” <– lololol in the history of female vocalists???   I'm not even going to get into this.. nope. *exits stage left*

  • no matter what you make think of Rihanna as an artists I think that it is sad what is happening to her mentally that girl has not been the same since that breakup with chris brown back in 2009. Nothing against chris brown though. I think as soon as that situation happend someone should have made her go get some help because it is obvious not only has she fully not come to terms with that, she also has alot of family issues going on at the end of the day she is still a human being and it is sad to see people talk this way about a person. that girl has never gotten over that boy. people are steady watching her going downhill and some people think its cute the way she is acting with the i dont give a f*** demenour. i hope she gets help before its to late. people need to stop worrying about the celebrity and start carrying about the person. 

  • Taliaalana123

    No matter what you make think about Rihanna’s talent that still does not excuse the fact she is a person. That girl needs help and no one is brave enough to tell her. Rihanna has not been acting right since that whole breakup with chris brown in 2009. Nothing against chris brown though. it is obvious that she was and still is really in love with that boy and if she wasnt then why has it been three years and she still talks about him. someone should have gotten her help as soon as that situation went down instead of letting her fix her problems on her own along with the family issues going own. it does not matter what type of talent you have no one should not want to see anybody self destruct right in front of their eyes and what really sad is that people think its cute the way she is acting with the i dont care about anything attitude. i pray for her that she gets help before its to late