Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Appearance Together Before Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Strictly Forbidden!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Appearance Together Before Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Strictly Forbidden!

The anticipation is mounting for the premiere of the latest installment of the Twilight series. Not only is it the final in the multi-billion dollar franchise but the two controversial stars of the movie, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, are expected to be in attendance at the premiere in public together for the first time since their split in July.

The stars of Breaking Dawn-Part 2, have allegedly reconciled recently after they were driven apart by Stewart’s cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders who directed Snow White and the Huntsmen.

Although the two are trying to patch things up, Pattinson was seen on Friday October 5, at the IFC’s Film Dinner in New York City but WITHOUT Kristen. Instead he was seen at the event with Tom Sturridge, one of Kristen’s co-stars in On the Road.  Rob probably needed to check up with Tom to find out if he slept with the Trampire while they worked together.  Kristen likes to mix business with pleasure – just ask Rupert and his sad estranged wife, Liberty Ross.

A source gives Hollywood Life the putative reason Stewart was not in with Rob, and we don’t buy it for a second!  The specious claim is that the two have been persuaded NOT to be seen together in public by Summit before the premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 2!  The source exclusively states, “What better way for the world to see them together than when they do it for the movie.”  This ostensibly explains why RPatz has been spotted at many events and places without Kristen even though they have supposedly reconciled.  Stewart has been seen promoting her movie On the Road without Pattinson, but has been noticed wearing his clothes and hats as well as the jewelry Rob has given her over the course of their relationship.

Will this greedy coercion by the producer forcing Rob and Trampy to have no joint public appearances before the premiere cause a strain on their attempt to fix their broken relationship?  Only time will tell if these two can hold off being seen in public until their Breaking Dawn-Part 2 premiere which is on November 16.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Forbidden To Appear Together Before Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere!

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  • Ewwww…

    What a waste of time spent on this trashy disgusting site
    and Jacklyn Reid is obviously no better. Never again!


    This Rupert and Kristen affair is not just about cheating
    this is also about hideous scheme of getting ahead of a futuristic career plan
    for both or just Kristen’s way of moving
    further on her acting career. It’s not that she’s sexually attracted to Rupert,
    the guy is just one of stepping stone to move forward, she just have to thank
    him the Hollywood way that’s all and unfortunately SWATH seems to be stalled at
    the moment. Which both Rupert and Kristen thought is the next box office movie
    and can be bigger than twilight, you can refer to interviews they both had on
    swath promos. So the mistake everyone’s
    talking about shouldn’t be focus on the cheating part, its more than that. The
    recklessness of Rupert and Kristen that got them in trouble which righteousness
    came hammering down on them. I guess that’s what happens when ego got big.

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  • Oh Plz! He’s doing what you do after a break up, going out with his male buddies, getting drunk, & trash talking women. They are NOT back together.

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