Robert Pattinson Assures Fans Sex With Kristen Stewart Is Worth Waiting For

Robert Pattinson Assures Fans Sex With Kristen Stewart Is Worth Waiting For 1102

Oh sex, sex, sex. That’s all we care about in Breaking Dawn – Part 2, right? The hot, house-shaking, bed-breakin’ vampire sex between Edward and Bella. Who cares about the halfsie baby and the Volturi anyway? Well, the studios know this so they’ve basically told all the stars to play it up while interviews rev up for the final Twilight installment. Naturally, because it’s weird as hell for Kristen Stewart to be talking about sex of any kind right now (dry-humping or otherwise), the answers have fallen to giggle-monster, Robert Pattinson.

During yesterday’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2 MTV interview, Rob didn’t let the horny teenagers and bored housewives down. He described the marital sex as a “third form of sexuality” but confided that he hadn’t seen the finished product yet. “I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know, but I imagine it’s quite like the scene where they’re doing pottery in Ghost.”

Blasphemy! Do not sully a Patrick Swayze classic by comparing it to married Mormon/vampire sex! Now I’m lost. All I can do is think about Patrick Swayze’s abs right now which leads me to his back muscles which leads me to Dirty Dancing. How can you ever take a Robert Pattinson sex scene seriously with Johnny Castle on the brain? You can’t. Game over. Sorry Twihards. Ah! And now I’m thinking of Demi Moore pre-Ashton Kutcher! I miss those days….

This isn’t the first time Rob’s talked about sex with Kristen Stewart.  Last week in Australia he called the sex scene ridiculous because it still had to be PG-13. I’m willing to agree with him to a point but there have been so many amazing kissing/sex scenes in movie history that manage to move the audience without flashing boobies all over the screen. I always think back to Daniel Day-Lewis in The Boxer. I love that movie and there’s the part at the end where he finally kisses his old girlfriend Emily Watson and it is so freaking powerful. Chills every time! But he’s the greatest actor in the world at present and Robert Pattinson is not even on Patrick Swayze’s level for me so it is what it is.

I am anxious to see what Twilight throws at us though. You’d think a couple having sex in real life could make it believable on screen but just tell that to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut. Sometimes that theory backfires.

Photo Credit: MTV