Robert Pattinson Takes Break From Kristen Stewart – Permanent Vacation?

Robert Pattinson Takes Break From Kristen Stewart - Permanent Vacation?

Robert Pattinson is leaving Kristen Stewart.” How many times have we read that headline only to find the article devoid of any factuality? Pattinson and his fame whoring Stewart will be splitting up very soon, but before you start screaming and crying on your white picket fence, it’s not what you think. So settle down, make yourself a cuppa tea, and calm those shredded nerves.

According to Hope over at Celebs Gather, “The Twilight heart-throb is reportedly going to abandon his reconciled lady-love to accompany his friends on a ‘guys only’ vacation to unwind after the Breaking Dawn tour.” Gosh darn, the dude needs it you know? He’s been cooped up with that Stewart character for much too long. The man needs some fresh air and fireflies to reinvigorate his senses, as he spent much too long mourning like a Sicilian bipolar woman over the symbolic casket of his girlfriend’s affairs.  According to sources close to the couple, Stewart is luckily letting her man out of his sweaty cage to enjoy his last moments before departing for a life without Twilight.

 “Rob’s close pals have organized a ‘boys only’ trip where the actor can relax and unwind following a hectic few months. His friends knew that it would be good to have time to unwind afterwards. They are just going to drink beer, sight-see, drive, play cars, and relax. They’ve even got a campervan so they don’t have to think about booking hotels along the way,” the close friend revealed.

Unfortunately, Pattinson’s tree hugging friends are not following the stereotypical route of forgive and forget, because according to one of Pattinson’s BFF’s, “It’s been awful for his family and friends to watch him, under the glare of the world, next to this woman who cheated on him and broke his heart. Many held back while he was promoting the movie. They realized he had a job to do and kept their opinions to themselves. But now they are making their feelings known. He has to ditch her. She is making him look like a total idiot.

Could this trip actually be a friendtervention? Will the group of friends take Patty to a secluded area and rip out his heart like a late-80’s Wes Craven horror? Will he be able to move on from Stewart, and perhaps dump her when he returns from his much deserved break? It’s a tricky tale and will be even trickier on the uptake, but we have faith in Pattinson’s unforgiving friends.

Robert Pattinson Takes Break From Kristen Stewart - Permanent Vacation?

Robert Pattinson Takes Break From Kristen Stewart - Permanent Vacation?

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4 responses to “Robert Pattinson Takes Break From Kristen Stewart – Permanent Vacation?”

  1. That will never happen, Rob will never give her up. He loves her with all his heart, and will except her misgivings. Any-way who’s to say some-where down the road the tables might turn, and he’ll be asking her to forgive. “They are soul-mates forever”.

  2. I don’t think he’s made a fool of his self at all, I think he’s showed how much he loves her and is a very forgiving soul, what is wrong with his friends and family, some of his good friends don’t have a pretty little life either, some of them cheated too, so those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks, and his family I think they want him to be happy, I think that Kristen has asked for forgiveness over and over and she has gone out of her way to prove she is sorry and was wrong. If Rob loves her with all his heart then they should all leave them alone and let them work this out, it’s not anyone’s business but there own, I also thinks all these stories are so full of it, everyday is a different story, his family hates her, or his sisters have forgaven her and etc…….etc…. it’s so sad, why is it that you all can’t just leave them alone, what is it about them that they can’t have a normal life???????, Let them alone, let them have some room and move forward.

  3. Aussie says:

    When he gets with his guy friends who is to say that he won’t listen to them while he is away with them. Especially if they are with him 24/7 for who knows how long.I think these friends need to mind their own business and keep their mouths tightly shut. When he gets back it could be bye bye Kristen. I hope not for her sake. If he really does love her he won’t let them get into his head and he needs to tell them to butt out.

  4. andifonly0703 says:

    knew this was coming…he was just trying to get through the promotion for the last movie…no one who has worked on those movies can stand her anymore…