Robert Pattinson Does Dinner With Hot Ladies – Kristen Stewart Absent

Robert Pattinson Does Dinner With Hot Ladies - Kristen Stewart Absent

Interesting! While there’s so much rumor and speculation about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart taking steps towards reconciliation, like having make-up sex, one thing is for certain – Rob flew solo at the L.A. Dance Project dinner and enjoyed mingling with the gorgeous ladies there!  He was happily photographed beside both Natalie Portman and Dita Von Teese and was as impeccably dressed as ever. The L.A. dance Project was formed by Portman’s husband, Benjamin Millepied and the special dinner last night was held at Disney Hall in downtown L.A.

As expected, the Twittervirse lit up with info (seeming to overlook the fact that Kristen was MIA) about Rob. Tweets such as these fed the Twihards need for details;

“For all the Robert Pattinson fans,” wrote one, “he’s wearing Gucci and drinking Amstel Light @vancleefarpels dinner tonight at Disney Hall” and “Even in the dark, Robert Pattinson’s hair next to Dita Von Teese looks great @vancleefarpels dinner,” gushed another.

I wonder where Kristen was last night.  I mean, are we to believe the reports that they are back together and maybe their schedules simply conflicted?  Or is it a clear indication that they are absolutely not together and all the speculation is nonsense fueled by Twilight fans that need to see Rob and Kristen together forever and ever?

After all of Rob’s comments about cheaters spoken well before he realized that Kristen was sleeping with Rupert Saunders, I really would like to think that he is too smart to take the misery princess back with even half open arms. Seriously, if she acts like a trash bag, then leave her in the trash Rob!

What do you think are they really together or is Rob as solo as he looked last night? Tell us in the comments below!

9 responses to “Robert Pattinson Does Dinner With Hot Ladies – Kristen Stewart Absent”

  1. jc says:

    your column is a trash bag, honestly

  2. guest says:

    thers no scheduled conflict.the reconciliation is all crap to sell the BD probably the summit/liongate/Kristen PR are leaking all that reconciliation crap to the tabloid with out Robs blessing.its not like youre just patching something with a just cant sweep everything under the rug 2months.too much work need to be done to fix it.

  3. gff says:

    She never slept with him. We have evidence of making out one afternoon by the photographs. Maybe if it were you that would mean sexual intercourse but not to me! Haven’t you ever made out without sexual intercourse? You must have had quite a reputation???

    • ap says:

      you cant help it to speculate the pictures looked so dont make out with somebody on the first meeting.they were alone in Australian promo .they stayed in one hotel ,if both of them coudnt even control themselves while Rob and Liberty were nearby how much more abroad away from the prying eyes.she is untrustworthy.the fact that Rupert is married didnt even made her think twice

  4. rtp456 says:

    There was a guy on Chelsea Lately the other night that said this same thing. He said something like – she slept with an old guy. Seems that some do not believe the she did not have sex with him story.

  5. Sweet Cheeks says:

    Your headline amuses me. Two hot girls last night? Right, well one of them is married, and the other one he had a few pictures taken with. Does that automatically mean they are screwing one another. I love reading biased so called journalism at it’s best, well I don’t even consider this journalism.

  6. ezelie says:

    Good for him. Hopefully, he will be surrounded by people who truly love him and stay far away from her.

  7. desperation hitting top levels when you have a married woman and a 40
    year old dancer & try to hook him up w either dear gossip blogs

  8. guest says:

    If Kristen love and respect for Rob couldnt even help her repelled Rupert advances with her what else there to rely and lean on when another temptation comes along in the future,nothing.she is a dissaster waiting to happened.she will break Robs again.thier job required long seperation how can the relatioship survive with out trust.