Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Together But He’s Afraid Of What His Fans Will Think!

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Together But He's Afraid Of What His Fans Will Think! 0910

Now Kristen Stewart’s comments at TIFF and the fact that she refuses to get papped without wearing something out of Robert Pattinson’s closet are starting to make sense. According to Lainey Gossip, it was “communicated to people” at TIFF that the Twilight co-stars are very much back together.

Kristen (sort of) said as much when she told a reporter that she and Rob were “fine but it’s not like that’s the most definitive answer. Fine can mean a lot of things. Fine can mean they can stand to be in the same room together but if Robert catches a whiff of Kristen, he wants to rip out her neck. Oh, wait, sorry, that’s Twilight. Anyway, apparently the pair are staying coy because Rob’s people are nervous about what his fans might do when they find out they’re back on. I doubt the backlash could be on the same scale as the “I hate Kristen Stewart” kind we felt last month but they must be worried it could be close. Crazy, right? The two have only recently been comfortable displaying their love to the public and now it’s going back in its shell.

Well, if you weren’t excited about the final Twilight premier, you’ve got to be interested now. Rob and Kristen will walk the red carpet together with Taylor Lautner squeezed in somehow and it will be just as awkward as it used to be!

Whatever. Good for them. I always knew he’d take her back! But you have to wonder when, right? With all the crazy tabloid news that erupted post cheating scandal, what reconciled the two? Or did they ever really break up? Was it just a break? They did move out of the house they shared together and Kristen did just buy a new pad. Maybe the cheating and the break convinced them to relax and slow down. Kristen is only 22. The babies and the playing house can wait!

What do you make of the news? Are you surprised Rob gave Kristen another chance? How long do you think they’ve been back together?



17 responses to “Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Together But He’s Afraid Of What His Fans Will Think!”

  1. Who cares what your fan’s think, this is between you and Kristen, not the world. I’m so happy that you two are back together, good luck and much happiness for you both.

  2. cher says:

    everyone deserves a second chance

  3. ReadMe says:

    If he is in love with her, and wants to be with her then that is HIS choice.
    If his fans truly respect, and support him like they say they do then they will respect, and support HIS choice!
    He knows her better then us, and he knows the incident better than us… better than the media that spoon feeds us exaggerated stories, twisted quotes, and lies made up from inside sources do.
    Kristen is called a wh*re for kissing one man in a car, and yet I see a lot of posts by “true Rob” fans hooking him up with every girl in Hollywood? Come on! He’s not a man wh*re!
    Kristen humiliates Rob by wearing his clothes? Something she has been doing for a long time?
    What about the ones that say they can’t wait to see his movie, because he is in a sex scene? What about the ones on social networks that enlarge pics of him on the red carpet so they could see his crotch?
    Just Google Robert Pattinson with the word peen, and see how many people can’t stop talking about it.
    Yeah…. I guess THAT is not humiliating to him! SMH.
    “We don’t want to see Rob hurt.”
    I am sure he has heard, and maybe read some nasty stuff that is being said about her. I am sure no matter how mad/upset he is with her he still wouldn’t want to hear people trash talking her.
    Especially from the ones that say they are his fans!!
    You don’t have to like who he dates, but at least respect and support him. It’s HIS life!!

  4. geocyn48c says:

    that’s great to hear

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  6. F U STALKERSS! says:

    I think she want back to him cause she keeps wearing his clothes so kstew hasn’t let go yet.

  7. Jane3 says:

    And how is it that Lainey Gossip has all the details and no one else does. Lainey Gossip is about as true as Hollywood Life. No one, other than friends and family, know what is going on with these two. We just speculate.

  8. jada says:

    its up to Rob, like him no matter what,never liked that talentless moron.stewart cheater with all herBFS.classless.. thank god a lot of talented actresses out there.

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  10. PattyPattinson says:

    Hi!!!! Rob I do not mean it in no time, was asked by the saga, and if she was going to be and said, “that all is well and that they were good”
    the desert is that Rob is not going to promote the movie with her, he will be with Ashley in Europe

  11. PattyPattinson says:

    he writes in “Lainey Gossip” really know who is paid by Summit, so I will always speak up for Robsten and Kristen ..
    well this girl hates Rob and always leave very well proven, but hey you pay for speaking well of them as a couple things that never were, never will be

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  13. Be Adults!! says:

    This has gotten way out of Control.!!
    Kristen, I am a mother & I have a daughter close to your age.
    If I may say & be straight up with you & Rob here. Yes hon you made a mistake, your young , and NO ONE is perfect in this World. Not even Rob, I will get to him in a few mins.
    Kris you acted very professional with your public apology even though you didnt owe your fans one, only Rob & Ross be all.
    Your private life should be private and your own and away from your job an no one elses business.
    I heard you clearly that day that you wish that something would fk it up, as a mother and a women I understood completly what you were saying & where you were coming from and the pain you were going thru just before all this blew out of control. Rob will never understand until he stops listening to others & actual do the wright thing as an Adult who supossibly truely loved you,. Rob keeps asking WHY, WHY,WHY?…..well Rob needes to get off his a$$ and actually be a man and ring her front doorbell and you both talk privately and resolve this like adults!
    Everyone needs to heal in thier own time and in thier own way.
    That is all Kristen is doing, she finaly had the strength & courage to get herself back out there and she did wonderful & handled herself very professional. Kristen is an A List Actor, she is 1 who can handle herself well & professionaly. When she said you both were fine, thats handling it proffessionally basically.But after her sucessful evening & you knowing that it was GREAT turnout that evening for Kristen. You Rob had to step on her night with your nonsense online crying boo who boo who stop wearing my clothes & nonsense about changing your phone number. Time to grow up Rob, ya dont deserve Kristen, your wayyyy out of her league.
    Then Rob your afraid to talk to her cas your afraid if you do both end back together, that it could possibly hurt your careee? Oh please rob ya so full of yourself, this is a women you said you were ready to propose too. You just proved it you care more about what others think, mean more to you than the women you love.. Rob you yourself are not innocent either..
    Keep buying more of your new suits,and fake tans first, cas what goes around comes around…..karma is a bitch..
    I truely hope you & Kris work it out peacefully. As adults . Good luck to u both.
    Also ju as t so you know Kristen would never hurt your loOcareer you know that well. Your juat pissed off cad Com

    saying, we’re both PROFFESSIONALS , we’re thier for our fans.
    Now yes Rob its your turn, v.
    ery dissapointed in you with your recent actions. Yes you came off first very polite & proffessional withot discussing & throughing your dirty laundey

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