Kristen Stewart Says ‘We’re Totally Fine’ About Her Promotion With Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Says ‘We’re Totally Fine’ About Her Promotion With Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart is playing the good girl at the Toronto International Film Festival in order to try and rehabilitate her tarnished reputation.  Of course she is an actress and only a fool would take anything the trampire has to say seriously.  Kristen ran into a wall of hate that I truly do believe shocked her after Us Weekly outed her affair with Rupert Sanders with loads of photographic evidence.  Kristen tried and failed to mislead people regarding the true extent of her affair claiming that it was a momentary lapse or some such euphemistic bullcrap.

Now Kristen and her handlers have decided it’s time to reinvent the sullied star.  So they forced her to fly to Toronto, take a bath, put on some nice clothing, and try to smile for the camera.  We are not buying it and we don’t believe a word she says.   Kristen Stewart has as much credibility as Lindsay Lohan right now. Let’s see what Kristen does for the next few months, how she behaves, only then we’ll know if we can trust her at all.

Now we play gossip cop for a minute… We already know that we can’t trust some gossip sites.  They are running around with absurd headlines claiming that Kristen said she and cuckold Robert Pattinson ‘are totally fine.’ The misleading inference is that Kristen thinks her RELATIONSHIP with Rob is totally fine.  Of course she neither said nor meant any such thing.

Our sister site, Hollywood Hiccups, tells it like it is: During an interview the interviewer broached the subject of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, and the fact that Kristen would have to hit the carpet with Robert to do promotions.  Kristen first explained that she was always nervous hitting the red carpet.  “I was a little nervous, obviously. I’m always nervous before a red carpet,” Kristen said.

Kristen went on to say: “We’re going to be fine.  We’re totally fine.”

I think she is being taken totally out of context on this comment.  I do not believe she meant her and Robert are fine.  I believe she meant they are fine doing the promotional tour.  Again, wishful thinking on her part…. whether Kristen and Robert appear on the red carpet together for Breaking Dawn is anyone’s guess and I wouldn’t bet on it!

There you have it.  Kristen is hoping that by acting normally and behaving reasonably all will be forgotten and forgiven.  Knowing that the half-life of fans is about 12 minutes I’m sure she and her advisors are correct.  Do you forgive Kristen for breaking up the greatest showmance of our time?


  • LittleMo

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot if they think there was any more to this than the TOTAL OF 7 MINUTES that were shown in the pics. Rupert Sanders – that’s the 41-year-old man, twice Kristen’s age – remember him? He should have kept his hands to himself. If anyone has eyes and 1 working brain cell you can see Kristen was anything but comfortable and/or happy with the hugs and there was a kiss or 2 in Kristens car with Kristen sitting behind the wheel – OF A MINI-COOP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! The one thing most – I said most, because this site and the one it refers to make it obvious not “all’ sites get it yet – but most sites have finally figured out is that “the incident” was THE ONLY time, it was momentary, and THERE WAS NO SEX!!! But there is something else EVERYONE is forgetting. Kristen met a young man named Michael Argarano when she was 13 and “dated” him – if you can call early teen friendships dating – until 17. When she was still 17, Twilight started, her relationship with MIchael ended, and she met Rob. The interesting part is Kristen’s relationship with Michael was done and the book was closing on it and her relationship with Rob was starting at almost the same time. Hence, for a very brief period of time, makes Rob “the other guy” so he really has no right whatsoever to be upset here. Add to that the fact that Kristen has had only 2 relationships her entire life – first Michael and now Rob – and Rob is the only serious adult long-term relationship she has had HER ENTIRE LIFE – anyone would have to be patheticaly stupid to think Kristen was capable of fending off a snake like Rupert Sanders. What happened to Kristen is the same thing that happens to beautiful young women all the time who catch the attention of a predatory boss. And,as her director, Rupert was in the role of “Boss” and/or “authority figure.” At 56, life has taught me to trust my instincts and I believe Kristen. On the other hand, when I look at Rupert’s picture I see someone who has done this before and is going to do this again. As for Rob, he needs to stop expecting perfection. The one we love is the one we will hurt the worst and the most often but if the one who was hurt (Rob) truly means the “I love you” they say to us (Kristen) they forgive the hurts. Any serious relationship, especially those possibly headed toward marriage, will have problems but the couples who truly love each other get that, stay together,and work it out. Can you just imagine how Rob will feel if, after time has passed and it really is too late, he finally realizes this, figures out that Kristen was “the one,” he shoudl have forgiven the little bit of nothing she did to, and starts to wish he had?

    • jody overland

      so you finally realized that the trampire was in love with rupert? good!

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