Robert Pattinson Tells Kristen Stewart Valentine’s Day Is Marriage Proposal or Breakup Time

Robert Pattinson Tells Kristin Stewart Valentine’s Day Is Marriage Proposal or Breakup Time

All was looking well for the reunited pair of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but now Rob’s given his lady a two month deadline for their tentative relationship. Rob was reportedly ready to propose to Kristen when she broke his heart this summer by cheating with Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders.

And while Rob went into hiding and Kristen grew progressively grungier and less attractive than usual, their reunion was inevitable because they were both contractually obligated to promote the final installment of the Twilight series. Whether Rob was ready to forgive Kristen was less important than the two of them taking care of their careers.

Just prior to the premiere, the pair was conveniently spotted canoodling in nightclubs and smooching at concerts. If they were really rehabbing a damaged relationship wouldn’t they be doing it in private? Instead, the photo ops gave the impression that they were rekindling their romance and the paps just happened to stumble upon them.

Then once the Twilight promotional circus began, they strutted the red carpet together making nice with the rest of the cast. Kristin wore increasingly more revealing outfits and Rob stood dutifully by her side. He doesn’t seem to be doting on her like he once did though. His hand around her waist looks tentative rather than affectionate.

Their careers must be utmost in their minds – Kristen hasn’t had a lot of great offers since news of her affair with Sanders broke. Although Rob’s much anticipated Cosmopolis has been a colossal flop, he’s got five films in the works, while Kristen’s just got Snow White’s sequel. Perhaps she made a bargain with Rob to help her rehab her public image or maybe he really did take her back. The timing sure is convenient though.

NOW magazine is reporting that Rob had told Kristen that Valentine’s Day is the drop dead date for their relationship. When he first took her back, it was on a “trial basis” and now it seems like Rob’s established a date for his verdict on their trial. The duo is spending Christmas apart – that doesn’t seem like the dynamic for a couple trying desperately to rekindle their love.

A source told NOW, “Rob’s planning to skip most of the upcoming awards parties and spend January focusing on his relationship. He’s set a Valentine’s Day deadline to decide whether he’s in it for the long run. So there could be a proposal on the cards – or a decision to end it.”

Rob’s supposed to let Kristen know on V-Day if he’s all-in or all-out. So what do you think Rob’s verdict will be? Is he going to propose or propose a permanent split? I don’t think she’s good for him, but is he smart enough to know that? When I’ve seen Rob in interviews, he doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least he’s pretty to look at. Maybe that’s why he bought Kristen’s cock and bull story that her dalliance with Sanders was a “momentary indiscretion.”

Or maybe it’s true love and I’m a cynic. Naah – they’re headed for splitsville. The Twi-hards may not want to hear it, but whatever happens on Valentine’s Day, ultimately the break-up of Robsten is inevitable.

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