Report: Selena Gomez Gets a Boob Job to Enhance Her Career (Photos)

Report: Selena Gomez Gets a Boob Job to Enhance Her Career (Photos)

Selena Gomez allegedly had a boob job. Selena already keeps Justin Bieber, the batmobile boy, around to enhance her brand but in Hollywood a woman must have breasts sculpted by plastic surgery. According to In Touch magazine, the Justin Bieber sidekick “doubled in size”, and no, they’re not talking about weight gain. Gomez allegedly received breast implants to up her game (and name) in the industry. A doctor told In Touch magazine, “It looks like Selena has had breast implants. She has way too much upper fullness for that to be natural.

The rumour mill churns out breast implants, facial lifts, chemical peels, nose jobs, hair implants, penis enlargements, tummy tucks, and a slew of other knife enhanced surgeries on a daily basis. We know Hollywood loves to cut away what is not required, but is every celebrity guilty of this silicone pleasure? Aunt Mildred, our resident fake face, says yes! Is Selena Gomez guilty of this pleasure? Aunt Mildred says no! Gomez’s nip-nips are still pimples in the land of breast enhancement, and even though the natural beauty might decide to one day apply plastic surgery cream to these pimples, she is not currently guilty of a boob job.

Gomez grew up extremely well since her Disney days. It might due to the fact that she’s Bieber’s girlfriend, or it might be she’s making wise career choices. Luckily, for Gomez, a breast enhancement isn’t one of those career choices. She is a role model for millions of teenage girls (and boys), so a boob job would adversely affect her career.

Aunt Mildred says, “Selena is a boob away from becoming the biggest star in the world.” We believe you Aunt Mildred, we believe you… Does that mean (gasp!) that we like Gomez and think she’s talented? No. Does that mean (omg!) that we are ready to accept Gomez and Biebs into our secret circle and play songs on a broken guitar? No. We just don’t believe that Gomez has a tiny person in each breast. What do you think, though? Do you think she had a breast enhancement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

  • sara bieber

    Selena we Beliebers hate you! that sucks for you ? i hope*

    • Cary

      Lmao you think she cares? Obviously, you aren’t a real belieber though since most beliebers have the decent respect for her since Justin loves her and would lie about it.