Selena Gomez Is Dressing Sexier But Is It For Justin Bieber (Photo)?

Selena Gomez Is Dressing Sexier But Is It For Justin Bieber (Photo)?

Selena Gomez appears to be doing a version of what Miley Cyrus did when she wanted to shed her Disney image – she is dressing sexier these days.  But the question that we have to ask is whether her more provocative image is designed for Justin Bieber or perhaps for another man?  Selena’s not a little girl anymore and with her sexier appearance she can be sure that everyone knows it.

Over the past few years Selena has graduated from a tween on Disney’s the Wizards of Waverly Place to a young woman with a broad range of Hollywood interests.  She has traded in Disney for the big screen and her music has become more mainstream as well.   It certainly makes sense that the 19 year old starlet would start to grow up and change her sense of style as well.

Make no mistake that being Justin’s girlfriend has boosted Selena’s career to a far higher place than it would have otherwise occupied.  We hope that she doesn’t forget this and mistake a bull market for brains, so to speak.

“She’s dressing sexier because she’s ready to develop a more mature fan base,” a source close to Selena reveals to Hollywood Life.

Justin probably has no complaints about Selena’s current more provocative wardrobe but is the Biebs paying close attention?  Kind of makes you wonder if maybe Selena is looking beyond her relationship with the younger Justin.  Is she subconsciously or even consciously trying to appeal to men her own age or older?

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Selena has to feel the competition from all of Justin’s millions of female fans.  Perhaps she believes that a sexier style is sure to keep his eyes focused where they should be, right on her.

Do you think that Selena is growing up too fast?  Is her new mature sexy style appropriate for her age?  Do you think that she is dressing sexier to hold Justin’s interest… or has she set her sights on an older man?  Let us know in the comment below.

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