Simon Cowell Manipulates Britney Spears To Break Up With Jason Trawick?

Simon Cowell Manipulates Britney Spears To Break Up With Jason Trawick?

This just in and this ain’t an easy story to cover! Especially when the actress involved is the pop star Britney Spears who is presently in a very uncertain legal and financial situation first being handled in conservatorship by her father, Jamie Spears and then her fiance, Jason Trawick.

Things even got more complicated as Simon Cowell enters the picture as Britney’s conservatorship is put to a test upon signing up for the new season of The X Factor USA. Definitely, her ability to perform and work in a professional environment is very difficult especially when her future husband is always there to see through the project. Looks like Simon is pretty annoyed with the situation as he couldn’t get all the drama he desires for the show because of Jason Trawick’s constant presence. But Simon has no choice as he knew that Britney Spears can definitely boost the show’s ratings, which also means a boost in earnings.

Star, Print Edition, July 2, 2012 exposes the situation: One of the insiders even told us, “Simon definitely feels like the show would be more fun if Jason weren’t there…” – “He wouldn’t mind Britney having a big freakout on camera, but Jason is always there!” One more source tells us that Jason is overly protective with Britney – and her money, so he controls her overly much.

Well, that’s the down-side of hiring the all-fragile and emotional pop star. Simon can actually juice it up as he wants her crazy antics to be a big hit when seen on TV in The X Factor which will premier in a few months.  Simon wants her to go crazy under pressure so he could get a boost in ratings but her fiance, Trawick, seems to be there all the time.

Rumors spread that Simon is even telling Britney to break up with her fiancé. Well, Simon can be very manipulative, and this might actually be true.  Simon Cowell is definitely determined for Britney Spears to dump her fiancé so that she can speak her mind more and be able to put up some strange on-cam antics. Supported by a source, “Simon is getting in Britney’s ear, trying to plant the seed for her to break up with Jason…” “He’s tried to intentionally put her in uncomfortable positions. Then he tries to keep Jason from stepping in, which damages their relationship.”

According to the insiders, Cowell’s schemes might be working as Britney Spears is distancing herself from Jason a bit more. As the informant said, “And she’s already showing the telltale signs of an impending breakdown, like biting her nails, not being able to sit still and marching off set.” With that, Simon is extremely happy with Britney being less constrained, “He loves nothing more than a loose cannon on live TV,” a source said.

This is definitely controversial – just the type of controversy that can boost the ratings of The X Factor USA. Looks like Britney’s caught between two alligators ready to bite her. What do you think? Would Simon Cowell be able to influence Britney to leave Trawick? Will he be able to take control over Britney and leave Trawick out of the picture? This story will surely have a follow-up in the future. Keep it here on Celeb Dirty Laundry!

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