Sister Wives “Secrets Revealed” Recap 12/30/12

Sister Wives "Secrets Revealed" Recap 12/30/12

Tonight the season 4 finale of Sister Wives aired at 9:00PM and immediately following TLC is premiering SECRETS REVEALED, a no holds barred interview where Kody Brown and the Sister Wives speak to Tamron Hall about a polygamist family and how they live as a family despite being separated into four different homes.

Have you been watching Sister Wives this season? The show is about Advertising salesman, 42, Kody Brown, his four wives: Meri; Janelle; Christine and Robyn and their 16 children. Basically the Browns are just a normal family trying to live a society that shuns their polygamist lifestyle.  Or as normal as a family can be that has four wives.

On tonight’s finale as the Browns prepared a proper send-off for Logan’s graduation.  It was time for Logan to move on from being the Logan “kid.” Kody and the wives pushed hard to get moved into their new homes before Christmas.  Did you watch tonight’s show?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

We will be live blogging the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details at 10:00pm immediately after the finale,so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!

While you wait for the recap of Sister Wives: “Secrets Revealed,” you can check out a sneak peek of tonight’s finale episode below!

Tonight’s Recap: Tamron Hall is interviewing the family about how Season Three went. She asks if he thought they’d be where they are today. Kody says he didn’t think so at all. Meri says it’s the life and family they chose. She says they’re not happy 100% of the time, but are committed.

Tamron wants to talk about the Dargers. Christine says they’ve known the Dargers for a long time. Kody says Joe Darger encouraged him to go public. The two families had a group vacation together. It looked overwhelming with that many people all together.

Meri said she liked that Joe was organized, but said it wasn’t a dig at Kody. Tamron asked if she could be married to someone like Joe. Kody says she doesn’t want to change soul mates, she just wants some other attributed in him. Tamron asked if Joe would last in their home and the wives all say know.

Kody says he and all the wives picked each other. He says Joe’s family came together the same way. Tamron said the vacation showed the differences between the two plural families. They talked about kitchen sharing and Kody says they wouldn’t do it again. Kody says wives sharing a kitchen is abusive. Meri says this upset her because she knows Janelle felt she abused her early on. Meri tearfully apologized. Meri said she hadn’t yet learned to temper her loud voice.

In the now, Meri said there were things to work on. Tamron wants to know why Kody used the word abusive. Kody said he’s asking Joe and all of America not to ask him to put his wives in their own homes. Kody says it’s important for the wives to have their own homes so they’re not stifled by another wife. Tamron says many people think they should be under one roof.

Janelle says that sharing a kitchen doesn’t mean you’re together – she says cooperating raising the children means they’re together. Meri says they’ve evolved a lot over the years. Janelle said they’ve worked out a lot of differences and clashes they had early on. Tamron asked if the slate is clean and Janelle says you can’t ever wipe it clean because of the memories.

Tamron asks Meri if she “gets” Janelle now. Meri says they think very differently, but they are loyal and committed to the family. She said they’ve put away their differences. Tamron asks about Janelle saying she wanted to run away. Janelle said she’s not thinking that way anymore. She said having her own home and being able to mentally check out for a couple of days makes it okay.

Tamron asked if it’s genuine sister love. They say that sometimes they love just him and sometimes they love all the other ladies.

Tamron acknowledges that the sister wives work hard to project an image of plural marriage.

Warren Jeffs, from a radical Mormon sect, has made it hard for plural families to seem normal. The wives said he’s a criminal – that he’s a bad person. Tamron asks if they’re tired of being associated with someone like Jeffs. The wives say that the idea that Kody is anything like Jeffs is very upsetting.

Holding Out Help is an organization that helps people kicked out of FLDS communities and the Browns got involved this season. One of the girls they helped said that she doesn’t think anyone should be living in polygamy. Several of the girls were asked why they wouldn’t share a husband and one said “because I have a brain.”

Christine said it was hard to hear the opinions of the girl and that she would black and white their situation. Meri says it’s okay for her to say that, but she says she chooses to be in plural marriage because she has a brain.

The FLDS dresses were tough for the families to see. Kody says it made him feel sad. Janelle says the dress symbolized a loss to them. Janelle said it made her feel horrible to see her daughter in the FLDS dress – she said it made her see her daughter as someone who didn’t have a choice. Robyn said seeing them in the dress made it seem like their personalities were gone.

Tamron mentions that it’s been hard to house their large family. Currently, they’re in four houses in adjacent neighborhoods. Now, they’re building on a cul de sac. The wives say the homes are not for sure right now. Kody says they still don’t own the homes. The wives say they’re praying about them.

Tamron says the cost to raise children are incredible, but they’ve got such a large family it’s got to be a lot of financial pressure. Robyn says she was praying yesterday when they walked through the homes that they’ll be able to afford them permanently. Meri says she doesn’t need a home as big as the other wives, but she doesn’t like the idea of her needs being diminished.

She said if she had her way, she’d have eight kids, but that wasn’t the cards she was dealt. Meri says Kody thought she wanted a seven bedroom house, but she says she didn’t. Kody says he needs his say about the house. Meri says that’s a conversation between just the two of them. She says she shouldn’t be judged by her wants. Kody says she shouldn’t try to fill her lack of children with more bedrooms.

Tamron wants to talk about the wet bar that Meri really wants. She asks if Meri drinks and she says no – she wants it for her pastries at Christmas. Kody says she would have given up her master bedroom to get that wet bar. Tamron says maybe other wives with more kids that have necessities for their kids that should be a priority over the luxury of her having that wet bar.

They say the budget is shared equally among households and Tamron is shocked because it’s not apportioned by how many kids are in the household. Meri says it does make sense and it has been a conflict for her because she only has one child. Meri says she knows they’re thinking that she shouldn’t get the wet bar in her house.

Janelle said she struggled at first with it because she was worried that her needs wouldn’t be met. Janelle said her needs are met, so she’s okay with what Meri wants. Meri said if there was something that someone really needed, she would have given up her wet bar. Tamron asked about the expenses of all of the extra kids.

Tamron asked if there’s one bank account – they laughed and said no. They each have an account and then there’s one shared account. She wants to know when their last money fight was. Kody said it was about a month ago. Robyn says if one of the other wives is struggling one month, they all chip in.

Tamron brings up whether Meri will want to have another child. Kody’s first wife has only been able to have one child. Robyn offered up her womb as a surrogate. Meri says she had decided a couple of years ago to say no to in vitro. She said she had accepted it wasn’t going to happen. But then she said when Robyn made the offer, she really had to rethink it. She said she has to decide if she wants a baby to replace Mariah who’s leaving for college.

Mariah said she’s prayed that Meri could have another baby. She says she loves all her siblings, but feels like it would be different and better if she had a biological sister of her own. Meri says Mariah sees the close bond between the full biological siblings. Kody too has been lobbying for another baby. She said it’s not just like picking out a carpet color.

Kody says they need to decide within two months if it’s no or yes. He says he’s going to have more kids without her, but she needs to decide if she’s okay without having another baby. She says she doesn’t go one day without thinking about it. Kody asks Meri for a timeframe and she says end of the year when they move into the new homes. He makes her promise. He hugs her and says he’s sorry that it’s so hard on her, but he doesn’t want to keep moving in circles.

Meri says she doesn’t think Kody really understands how hard it is on her. Kody says it’s time to make the decision. Kody says before they try surrogacy, they should try in vitro to see if they can do it naturally. Tamron says she feels like they know the answer. Kody says Meri told her two years ago that she was done. Tamron asks if she feels threatened by the idea that he would go on and have other children.

Kody says she won’t lose any part of the relationship with him whether or not they have another baby. Christine says she’s done with the babies, but Janelle and Robyn may have more. Kody says Meri knows that it won’t take him away from her or live her less if there’s no more babies. Meri says their relationship is different from what he has with the other wives.

Tamron’s talking to the teens: Logan, Mariah, Aspyn, Hunter, Mykelti and Madison.

She asks Mariah if they need another baby from her mom and she says yes and doesn’t know why her mom wouldn’t. Hunter says they have almost too many kids already. Mykelti says she got in trouble when they moved to Las Vegas. The other kids say they don’t drink. Aspyn says she’s open to living in a plural family, but doesn’t want to go back to Utah where they’re more common. Hunter and Logan both said no. Logan said he might consider it later.

Tamron asked how they got involved with the community group of kids that were kicked out of plural communities. Madison said you hear stories about bad plural communities, but you don’t believe it until you hear it first-hand. Logan said the other kids had a hard time believing the Browns didn’t have a similarly bad experience. They said they got a lot of questions about how their parents treated each other and treated the kids.

Madison said she doesn’t want to live in a plural marriage, but thinks it should be allowed as long as you are doing it correctly. She said people like Warren Jeffs should rot in hell. She said talking to those kids made her re-evaluate how she felt about the plural lifestyle.

Tamron asks the Browns about the family mission statement. She asks whose idea it was and Christine says she’s been pushing it for years. They said the Dargers reminded them how much they needed it. They are planning a recommitment ceremony. Kody tells Tamron they haven’t architected it yet. The wives want it to be an event. Kody says it represents the whole family, so he needs everyone’s input and consensus.

Meri’s looking forward to continuing to grow and learn with her family. Robyn said she’s excited to see the families and kids flourish in the new homes. Janelle said she’s looking forward to the new homes and re-establishing the family culture and family parties. Christine says world peace and laughs. She says she wants other plural families to see how possible it is. Kody says he feels blessed to be able to go out in public and say to the world that he’s married to all of them and loves them all. He says tearfully to him that it’s a huge blessing for him.

Tamron says she wishes them well and says they’ve got great kids and she hopes people can see them the way she does.

The End!


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