Selena Gomez Researches S & M; Justin Bieber Has 50 Shades Of Blushes

Selena Gomez Researches S & M To Give Justin Bieber 50 Shades Of Blushes 0522

Selena Gomez posted a pic of herself highly engrossed in reading the tantalizing 50 Shades of Grey.  Could she be looking for some ways to spice up the bedroom scene with boyfriend, Justin Bieber?

I know she’s almost 20 but I want to jump in the picture and throw my hands over her virginal eyes and shield her delicate nature from the salacious, toe-curling chapters. Or maybe I’m too late. She looks like she’s into the book, right? I mean, at this point she looks like she’s already substituted herself into the Anastasia role and is letting Christian rope her hands up to the sides of her bed with his signature patterned grey tie. (Yes, I read the book but only for research purposes… I needed to find out what everyone and their mom and grandma was panting about… I’m currently on book 2… for research purposes!

Poor Selena. She’s a ruined woman now and no, not because she’s reading light porn. How can she ever go back to voice-breaking Bieber now that she’s got Christian Grey on the brain? How can Jerry possibly compete with the expertise of Mr. Grey? Because I’m willing to bet he’s too young to understand it’s not the size of the car he buys but how well he can drive it.

You mark my words. There’s going to be a lot of side eye going on the next time we see Justin and Selena together and a lot of unexpected sighs escaping from her pouting lips because she knows what married women have been trying to hide from little girls for years… it doesn’t get better. Sex-crazed, bondage-loving, Sadism and Masochism following men are ALWAYS hotter in books than in real life. It’s a tough lesson but she had to learn it sometime. Getting whipped with a belt… not my thing. Reading about someone getting off while getting whipped with a belt… kinda hot.

The movie is being cast right now and I never considered Selena for the role but I actually can see it now. She’s brunette, young, virginal, innocent and has no sexual experience. Sex with Bieber doesn’t count. Sorry, Bieber, you might think you’re a man but I’m not buying you rocking any girl’s world. Do you think Selena could pass for the beautiful but sexually clueless Anastasia Steele?

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