Survivor Philippines Season 25 Episode 13 Recap 12/12/12

Survivor Philippines Season 25 Episode 13 Recap 12/12/12

Tonight on CBS SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES airs with a whole new episode called “Gouge My Eyes Out.” On tonight’s episode a few castaways strike a final three deal while aboard a moving ship far from their fellow tribe-mates. If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap for you here!

On last week’s show at a secret meeting, an alliance devised a plan to get rid of their biggest threat. Meanwhile, during an emotional family reunion, an exciting reward challenge enabled castaways to join forces with their loved ones. At Tribal Council Jeff did the math, it was either Carter or Abi going home tonight. Carter plead his case and wanted to be there another day because he deserved it. Michael said that voting out Carter was like voting out his own son. Lisa said that at this point, she would like to sit beside someone she can beat in the game. Abi told Jeff that she had found the fourth immunity idol.

At voting, there were three votes for Carter and Abi did not produce an immunity idol, her lie saved her. It’s is now down to the final five and I am hoping that the tribe has clued into Abi’s lie. Carter was voted out and lost his chance at a million dollars.

On tonight’s show the million-dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor is within reach for one of the five remaining castaways. Meanwhile, a few castaways strike a final three deal while aboard a moving ship far from their fellow tribe-mates.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual drama, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Philippines – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Survivor Philippines Season 25, so far?

Live Recap:

Last week Carter was sent home after Abi managed to save herself again – who’s on the chopping black tonight? Let’s see.

After tribal, the five remaining survivors congratulate themselves. Abi thanks the others for keeping her there. She says it’s one day at a time – her immunity idol bluff has carried her through tribal and she says she’s hoping she can pull it off another week.

Lisa laments that Carter had to go home – she says he was a nice guy – but she would rather bring someone to the final she can beat. Malcolm applauds Lisa’s strategy to take someone she can beat to the final and says it makes her dangerous going forward.

They lay on the beach watching the stars saying they were happy to be in the finals, but surprised at the group that had made it that far. I agree. I thought Lisa would be long gone and Penner would still be hanging tough…

The survivors comment that Carter is probably resting well off the island. Malcolm doesn’t seem to buy Abi’s hidden immunity idol story. Lisa doesn’t seem to think she has one either. Abi says (to herself) she needs to flush out Malcolm’s idol and wants Lisa voted out next.

Abi tells Lisa that Skupin, Denise and Malcolm are plotting against her. Lisa doesn’t like what she’s hearing, but wants to keep Abi on her side. Lisa thanks her for the heads up. Lisa wants to vote out Denise and keep Abi since she’s less liked.

At the Reward Challenge, they are racing over slides and into the ocean to grab two bundles of rings and then they have to do a ring toss. The winner gets a helicopter ride to a boat with pizza and soda and gets to go whale shark watching. They get to take two people along with them.

Off the bat, Skupin and Malcolm clear the slides first. Skupin is first, then Malcolm, Denise, Abi and Lisa’s last. Skupin is way out front. Malcolm is close on him. Lisa is way behind. Denise is behind Malcolm with Abi on her tail.

Skupin starts ring tossing and immediately lands one as does Malcolm. Skupin lands second and third. Malcolm’s on #2. Skupin’s on #4 and misses #5. Lisa gets one, Denise gets one. Malcolm is up to #3 and #4. It’s neck and neck then Skupin lands the fifth ring and wins reward!! Who will he take?

Jeff calls him over and they all applaud him. Skupin tells him his last chopper ride was when he was evacuated off of his last Survivor game. Jeff asks him who he’ll take along. He picks Malcolm for giving his boy a reward that will last a lifetime.

He now has to pick one of the three women. Skupin picks Lisa who’s thrilled. He tells Denise that she can have all his fruit. Denise hugs Lisa and heads off with the guys. Jeff says that Abi looks heart broken and she says her vote must not mean anything. Bitter as usual Abi!!

Back at Dangrayne, Abi is annoying Denise who struggles to make nice. Abi whines that she wanted to go so badly and complains that she should have been picked as the swing vote. Denise tells the camera she needs to just make it through the day and let Abi talk, talk, talk. Denise says she doesn’t believe Abi has an idol, but lets her blather on. She says she wants to hang herself and gouge her eyes out to shut out Abi’s nonsense…

Lisa, Malcolm and Skupin are showing on pizza, cookies and soda. Skupin says he hasn’t had a pop I 30 years. Malcolm muses that Skupin doesn’t eat sugar in real life and is amused that he’s hopped up on sugar and acting fun and crazy. He’s trying on clothes and acting like a drunk chick in a bar.

Local fishermen are trying to find the fish and then hand them slippers and masks to jump in with the fish. Lisa said they’re diving in like Navy Seals. They all get to pet the whale shark. It’s spotted and giant and majestic. Skupin muses that it could turn and bite you at any moment. One of the shark’s head butts Skupin and Malcolm says all he can think about is “one less player.”

Malcolm tells Lisa and Skupin that they’ve got to get rid of Denise because she’ll definitely win. She works hard and everyone likes her, so she’s got to go. Malcolm wants to go final three with them and cut Denise out. Skupin agrees as does Lisa. Skupin says you can’t be like Penner promising to think about it and then never deciding to make a move.

Skupin says Malcolm is dangerous because he’s most likely to win individual immunity. Lisa says the deal is good because it will save her stress. They make a pledge and do a double fist bump to seal the deal. Lisa doesn’t like the deal, but can’t pull Skupin aside to talk him out of it. She says she’ll sign on for this one now and make another deal when and if she needs to.

Man – she was never this smart on Facts of Life… I’m impressed. I thought for sure she’d be gone within the first few tribals and can’t believe how well she’s done. She could walk away with it all…

Day 36, Denise isn’t feeling well. She’s got some weird fiery pain in her neck. It hurts to move her arm and neck – she thinks she may be having an allergic reaction and finds little fang marks in her neck. She’s upset because she’s got just three days left and is hoping it will pass. She says it could be a spider, lizard, tarantula, scorpion, snake – she lists off all the creepy things they’ve seen out there.

The group is trying to comfort her. Lisa prays for her and they all lay hands on Denise and pray for her pain to be relieved. Abi is pretty happy that Denise will likely not be a contender in the immunity challenge. Abi says she didn’t come there to feel bad for people but to win a million dollars.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff asks how they all are and Denise tells him she was bitten and is miserable. Jeff comments that this could be an opening for Abi. He says it’s a complicated game because an illness or injury can shake up the game.

Jeff takes the immunity necklace from Malcolm and laughs that no one hands it over – that he always has to take it off of them. The race is on for a one in four shot at the win.

They have to run across a rope bridge that’s just two ropes about 18 inches apart. There are planks you can place ahead of you. There are pieces you have to untie and bring along with you to build your final stage. Everybody is moving along well. Malcom, Skupin, Denise and Lisa pull ahead. Malcolm falls and has to start over – big fail.

Skupin, Denise and Lisa are across the rope and are now building their mazes. Abi is across too. Malcolm is now way back. Denise is rocking along really well with her maze. Abi is struggling. Skupin seems perplexed and can’t make his pieces fit.

Malcolm makes it across and is now back in it. Denise is close. Lisa is struggling but next. Denise thinks she has it and tests it, but a piece is off. Jeff taunts her and says one piece can cost you a million dollars. Lisa, Skupin and Abi are way behind while Malcolm gains ground. Malcolm thinks he has it. He runs the balls through the maze and wins immunity again!

They all applaud (except Abi). Jeff reminds him that his individual immunity idol – if he still has it – has to be played tonight or it will be useless. Denise says Abi’s going home and the torture will be over!

Back at Dangrayne, Denise and Skupin are talking coconut cooking techniques. Abi whines in her confessional that she’s tired, hungry, drained and gets no credit. She says she needs Skupin and Lisa to vote against Denise. Abi tells Skupin that Denise and Malcolm will beat them in the final. She tells them that bringing her along is their best chance at winning because no one in the jury will want to vote for him.

In Skupin’s confessional, he says he really needs to think this through. He tells Abi he’ll talk to Lisa. He agrees she’s right. Skupin finds Lisa and they whisper so Malcolm and Denise can’t hear. He tells her Abi’s pitch and she agrees that it’s a good plan and they should consider voting off Denise tonight.

Meanwhile Denise and Malcolm chat and she asks if he would consider giving the hidden idol to someone else and he says it depends. But in the confessional he says he wouldn’t give it to Denise because she’s safe. Malcolm says he’ll take it home to his Mom as a souvenir.

Lisa and Skupin say the other side is they may have a hard time with Malcolm winning immunity up to the end. They cut off the convo when Malcolm approaches. They recognize that Denise is more powerful and more likely to knock Malcolm out at a challenge.

Lisa says her visit from her brother recalibrated her and she’s trying to figure her best strategy and analyzing the playoffs to get her best option to take her to the end.

It’s time for Tribal Council! The jury comes in – RC, Jeff, Artis, Pete, Penner and Carter. Jeff asks Lisa what happens after Malcolm won immunity. She says that Abi was making her move and trying to save herself. Abi confirms that she’s on the chopping block. Jeff reminds everyone that Abi is universally detested and Abi says she is the best.

Denise says you would only take her along if that’s the kind of game you want to play. Jeff reminds her that Abi outwitted and outplayed 13 other people. Denise says it was a lot of luck and Lisa gets angry and says her tribe played hard.

Malcolm confirmed that he’s considering who he can beat. Abi turns to him and says “choose me.” She tells Malcolm that Denise is a huge threat – that Malcolm or Denise will win the game and Lisa and Skupin cannot win.

Abi calls Skupin and idiot and says that’s why he’s going to lose a million dollars. As Skupin tries to talk, Abi calls him a moron. She tells Jeff that he thinks he’s going to win a million, but is not.

Jeff asks Lisa if there’s a point to keeping Abi beside her rather than on the jury. Lisa agrees that it would be better to have Abi there because she knows she could beat her. Jeff asks Abi if she can’t win, why does she want to go and she says she wants to be in the final three. Malcolm reminds the group that sometimes the most hated can win the vote in the end.

Abi says she’s the one who’s there for the million dollars – that she needs it – and Denise is in it to make friends. Denise says she’s there for the money.

Abi writes down Denise’s name and says she’s patronizing and judgmental. Denise writes down Abi’s name and says if she’s not voted out, there’s something seriously wrong with the universe. They don’t show the votes of the other three.

Jeff goes to count the votes. He calls for the hidden immunity idol. Malcolm doesn’t play it!

Votes are read: 1 for Denise, 1 for Abi and then another and another and Abi is gone. She smirks and wishes them luck and takes her torch to Jeff who tells her the tribe has spoken and snuffs out her fire and tells her it’s time to go.

There’s two Tandang and two Matsing left. Jeff says the show down is about to begin. As they head back to camp, Skupin dances gleefully along as the remaining survivors laugh! Ding dong, the Abi witch is dead!