Take Me Out 2012 Season 1 Episode 3 Recap 6/21/12

Take Me Out 2012 Season 1 Episode 3 Recap 6/21/12

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of Take Me Out. On tonight’s show 30 single women continue their search for a match. If you missed last week’s show, we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s episode, cowboy Jessee tells the women that he took care of his mom and sisters when his dad passed away. He has manners and seems very genuine. Jessee shows off his bull riding skills and they see that he respects his mother so he’ll likely respect them.  Jesse get picked by several women but picked Debra for her smile, and well, everything else I’m sure.

We also got to see Alan and Mackayla go out on a date and now we get to catch up with them.  The Italian hottie has really won Mackayla over and the two are actually happily dating.

Johnnie chooses “Beautiful People” to make his entrance and the women go crazy.  25 lights stay on for the boxer.  He is always training- 8 hours a day.  Lights are going out like mad and that’s before he mentions how cheap he is.  He likes to take his women out to “specials” to save money.  One light remained on. Nina’s.  Johnnie got knocked out when he revealed he sleeps on an air mattress in the boxing ring!

You can see that the show is a lot of fun. So how did Take Me Out do in the ratings?  Well it’s been good enough for summer ratings to keep it around for a couple of weeks.

On tonight’s show the 30 women continue their search for their summer fling on the provocative and hilarious dating show.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait hit the comments and let us know what you think of Season 1 of “Take me Out” so far!

RECAP: George decides to start his evening by asking the women what they wear to bed? I think George is really enjoying his new job!

Here is the first guy, Danny from Hawaii and he choose the song “Somebody To Love”  by Queen to make his grand entrance in front of the women. Twenty Nine girls are in it, except Diana. In Danny’s video he reveals that he does a lot of charity work and he’s in a band with a lot of groupies hanging around him. With the mention of the groupies, the women dropped out like flies. Danny still has thirteen girls , he now sings a song  to try to woo them further. It’s down to eleven girls and Danny needs to pick two of them, he picks Kelly B and Sana. Now Danny has one question, he wants to know what song they would sing to put him to sleep, Kelly says “I will Always Love You” and Sana says “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”. Sana is the luck girl to get Danny and they are heading to the “Take Me Out” resort.

Update: Cowboy Jessee and Deborah headed out for their date from last week. The two had chemistry and got along very well, Jessie says it exceeded his expectations. Deborah has a new found love for cowboys.

George adds a new lady, Melissa who is a Pastry Chef to replace Sana.

Our next single guy is Justice from California. Twenty girls decide to be in it after their first impression.  Justice loves rock climbing, he is really into computers and motorcycles.  Justice also moved in with his grandmother and loves to wear his kilt, he has a Scottish heritage.  Well, that just spoiled it for seventeen women, there are only three left. Justice reveals that he works in a movie theatre and that is it for him, a total blackout; all the women want nothing to do with him.

Update: Dave and Kristen went on their date, the two went to a boxing match and ended up in a hot tub. Dave rates the date as 8.5, but Kristen didn’t feel any sexual chemistry so that is it for them.

Update: Dave and Kristen went on their date, the two went to a boxing match and ended up in a hot tub. Dave rates the date as 8.5, but Kristen didn’t feel any sexual chemistry so that is it for them.

The next hunk is up and he shows up with the song, “Low Rider”, his name is Mikey and he loses seven women on first impression.  Mikey loves to live life to the fullest, he reveals that he lost his mother to cancer at 18 and works in radiology because of her. He just moved out on his own, but he can’t cook. Only two women are still interested. On a video, Mikey’s friend reveals that it takes him too long to do his hair, he just lost the final two women, it’s another blackout.

Update: Paul and Courtney went on their date, they head out to make sushi together, then eat it. Courtney likes the chemistry and Paul surprised her with a birthday cake.

Evin is next and he arrives all sexy and grooving to “OMG” by Usher. Twenty nine lights are still on.  Evin works in the construction business, he is also into music and photography. He is really close to his mother; she lives next door to him. He claims to have the “it” factor and wants his women to have it too. Ok, there are only ten women left now. Evin loves to roller skate and wants his woman to love it as much as he does. Now there are only three lights on.  It is between Leslie and Anna. Evin wants to know what happened in their past, Leslie tells him that she is a workaholic. Anna says she just hasn’t been able to find someone to keep up with her.  It’s time for Evan to choose one girl, who is it going to be? Leslie.

The end!