Taylor Swift Fights Conor Kennedy’s Dad, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr

Taylor Swift Fights Conor Kennedy’s Dad, Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. wants his son, Conor Kennedy, to at least put on a show of getting an education but Taylor Swift is proving to be a pesty distraction.  Conor, 18, is a mere schoolboy having just began his junior year of high school at the exclusive Deerfield Academy. Founded in 1797 the Ivy League prep school “is an independent, co-educational boarding school located in Western Massachusetts,” where the goal is simple – to prepare its privileged student body to move on to an Ivy League education.  Problem is that Taylor’s infatuation with Conor is distracting the lad from his studies.

RFK Jr. and the rest of the Kennedy clan have no patience for Taylor and her obsession with Conor.  They feel that Conor needs to be focusing on being a young man and getting a top quality education, not jet setting about with love struck Taylor.  Bad enough that Taylor is trying to morph into a version of Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis and insinuate herself in the Kennedy clan but now she’s dragging Conor away from his schoolwork!

Mike Walker in the October 15th print edition of The National Enquirer tells us the inside scoop on this trouble Taylor is making.  According to a close friend of Taylor’s, ‘Trouble started when Conor went back to school in Deerfield, Mass., a few weeks ago – and Taylor not only visited him for a romantic weekend, she started texting, phoning, and e-mailing love notes 24/7. They’re totally infatuated, and Robert went nuts when he heard Taylor will send her private plane to pick Conor up and bring him to wherever she is over the next six weeks.   This constant togetherness has infuriated RFK, who says his son should be focusing on school work as he preps for admittance to an Ivy League college – and he’s warned Conor he won’t allow Taylor to be a distraction!’       

Here’s our take on the situation – Taylor is lunatic whose behaviour makes no sense to any sane person and Conor will get into an Ivy League college even if he never opens another book – he’s the grandson of RFK and the Ivy League couldn’t care less about his academic ability or standing.  The fix is in…

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  • dee910

    Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., not Fitzgerald.

  • It is amazing that National Enquirer can fabricate anything out of thin air and the blog sites
    will try to pass it off……print something real and you might have some credibility!

  • lillybet

    at 18 he should be in college by now.Does he have a learning disability?

    • He is behind because of health problems, allergies, as a child.

  • rachel

    This article is so [expletive] fucking stupid. Connor is not a junior and taylor has been promoting her new album this whole time in london and nashville. Also, please tell me what “close friend” of taylors would go out of their way to say untrue things about her to a magazine…. None! Bc you completely made that source and quote up. The writer of this is an idiot and has no facts or proof of any if his ridiculous claims.