Taylor Swift Now Dating Mark Foster

Taylor Swift Now Dating Mark Foster

Taylor Swift is now dating Mark Foster.  Here’s a shock – Taylor is dating a musician!  Okay, maybe it’s not a shock since she seems to really favor musicians.  The newest guy is Mark Foster, front man of Foster the People.  The duo was seen sharing a romantic lunch at Kings Road Café on May 17th.  Swift tried to lay low with an over-sized hat.  She also left the lunch before Foster left the table.

Foster was most recently linked to Michelle Trachtenberg and all signs point to them still seeing each other.  I’m going to hope that Foster put his cards on the table about Michelle and Taylor knew about her up front.  If not, well, we all know what happens to Taylor’s failed romances.  Those unlucky guys become doubly unlucky when they find themselves popping up in her hit songs.

What do you think about the idea of these two?  Both young musicians in Hollywood, could work I guess.  Do you see Taylor actually settling down for a long-term relationship with anyone, anytime soon?  I’m kind of thinking maybe she really doesn’t want the hassle of that yet and that is the real reason why she seems to burn through guys.  Everything seems to implode on her when it comes to men and maybe it’s because she just isn’t ready for the real thing.  Can’t blame her if she needs to keep things lighter, her plate is already overflowing with work!

Do you Mark is the guy for Taylor?  Will they keep seeing each other or in this case, was lunch just, lunch?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  • Alex Turner

    I think you should shut the f*!* obviously they were only having lunch and with all the other headlines :” Are Taylor Swift &
     Jake Gyllenhaal Dating?” or ”
    Are Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Hooking Up?” it’s obvious you guys just assume she is dating everyone she talks to.

  • Will400

    honestly! Just because Taylor has lunch with a guy does NOT mean that she is dating him.  They may be friends, or could be collaborating on a song.  She is working on a new album right now and has been working with several different musicians on songs.  Taylor likes to “change up” her sound and try out new partnerships…just like with B.O.B.. Give the girl a break…if they are trying out the dating relationship, privacy is a definate concern.  I’m sure that when she does have news on that realm, her fans will be told by her.

  • Jeez

    lol taylor is single. they are not dating. they are writing songs together like she did with ed sheeran. not every guy she’s seen with automatically dating them.