Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Assault: Gary Head Admitted ‘He Put His Hands On Me’

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Assault: Gary Head Admitted 'He Put His Hands On Me'

A few days ago, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans took to her blog to set the record straight regarding her and her ex-fiancee, Gary Head’s, numerous court dates stemming from their June 24 arrest, where both were charged with assault and drug possession. Jenelle claims that Gary admitted to assaulting her, which many found shocking since Gary Head has always maintained his innocence and vehemently denied ever laying a hand on Jenelle.

On July 30, Jenelle and Gary went to court for a second time, and Jenelle said they offered her a plea bargain, which she rejected. Here, she goes into detail with her version of events. “What orginally happened on the second courtdate [was] they offered myself to take the simple assault charge, when I punched Gary in the back for self defense, and Gary take the assault on a female charge and then both of our drug charges would be dropped and dismissed,” writes the 20 year old Teen Mom star. “I thought this plea offer was ridiculous! I called the police for HELP and then they want to charge me with simple assault?! I immediately told my lawyer I refuse to take that plea bargain.”

However, in an interesting twist, Jenelle said that when the two appeared in court a short time later for a no-contact she wanted to place against Gary, which was granted. “Gary admitted in court that he put his hands on me,” Jenelle writes of the day the no-contact order was granted to her, which forbids Gary from contacting her in any way, shape or form for a full year.

According to Jenelle, that is the reason the District Attorney decided to drop all charges filed against her and the reason why Gary opted for a plea deal. “Gary admitted to being guilty in that situation so he took the offer to get a Prayer for Judgement where he cannot get in trouble for 2 years or else the assault on a female will not be dismissed and he will be charged and put behind bars,” writes Jenelle, adding that Gary is currently on unsupervised probation.

Jenelle also says that Gary hit her multiple times and contrary to what some have said, she did not intend to ruin Gary’s life when she pressed charges.  “I didn’t do this to ruin his life. I gave Gary MULTIPLE chances to keep his hands off of me, even had to call the police in some altercations we had,” she writes. “The cops always asked me why I never pressed charges and I always responded ‘I want him to see the wrong he is doing, rather then ruin his life and career.’ But this time he just went way too far and he had to deal with the consequences of his actions.”

As for Gary? He has yet to comment on Jenelle’s blog post, but then again, he can’t legally mention Jenelle so because of the no-contact order she placed against him. Celeb Dirty Laundry asked him anyway, and will let you know if he does.