Teen Mom Train Wreck – An Amber Portwood Jail Update

Teen Mom Train Wreck - An Amber Portwood Jail Update

Amber Portwood is one of the sorriest cases to emerge from MTV’s Teen Mom series.  She ultimately signed her parental rights to young daughter, Leah, away because it would allow her to spend more time with the child. Confusing, yes so let me back up. Amber and baby daddy, Gary Shirley, have had a volatile relationship (I’m being nice here) and a judge ordered them apart. That cut into her time with Leah and believe it or not, the best way around the system was for her to give up her motherly rights to Leah.

It looked like the young mom was finally starting to get herself together after numerous brushes with the law (and let’s not forget that career in porn that she contemplated), when the bottom fell out. She decided that jail was the very best place for her. Being somebody’s new girlfriend behind bars for YEARS was better than trusting herself to stay clean, sober and healthy on the outside, so the judge obliged.

She recently was rumored to be sick with some sort of oral infection that was compounded by the prison making her wait for six weeks for treatment. Her family complained loudly to the press saying that her health was suffering and her safety was now put at risk as well.  It is still prison right?  I mean, she believed it was a better option than freedom and so with that option comes hanging with the lowest members of society and not getting what you need, when you need it most. Didn’t anyone tell her this before she asked the judge to lock her up?  Was she thinking three hots and a cot with television all day and it would be cool?  Isn’t prison supposed to be that scary place that you don’t want to visit even for a minute?

Gary Shirley took to his Twitter to thank Amber’s fans on her behalf saying,

“Amber says thanks 4 all the letter they help her more than u know. She apologizes 4 not being able 2 write back every 1 They really help her.”

I have to wonder if being on Teen Mom did more harm than good in this case. Amber was already on track to be a total screw up, but did the popularity make it worse? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Teen Mom Train Wreck – An Amber Portwood Jail Update”

  1. Amber’s problems have been magnified, not created by MTV. These girls are representative of the majority of the teen moms out there, some do well and some just keep making horrible mistakes which sadly impact the lives of their poor kids. Because of MTV, Amber also had access to better treatment than most girls in her position and she still continued on her downward spiral. I think she would have ended up in jail regardless of whether or not she was on the show.

  2. Ifelicious says:

    being on tv definitely spiraled her life further out of control than it would have if she didn’t have to contend with the pressures of fame. it also gave her access to top notch counseling and care with the help of dr. drew and presumably other people in the production team. i still hold out hope that things will turn around for her before it’s too late. there’s not much more of a bottom than having to be in jail.

  3. Tasha Pork says:

    While I don’t think being on TV caused her problems, it did lead directly to her involvement with law enforcement and child protective services. He may have threatened, but Gary never pressed charges or called authorities. There would have been no proof of her hitting him, had it not been filmed. She wouldn’t have been on probation to violate it by using drugs. I am not saying she wouldn’t have eventually gotten into trouble on her own, or that maybe in the long run its better that she got caught when she did before something worse happened, but the sentence she is serving and the needing to give Gary legal custody is a direct result of her filming..