Teen Mom’s Kieffer Delp Vows To Flash His Junk For The Truth!

Teen Mom's Kieffer Delp Vows To Flash His Junk For The Truth! 0911

Just hours after calling it quits for the hundredth time, Teen Mom’s Kieffer Delp is protesting his innocence against cheating allegations and trying to win Jenelle Evans back! The nasty, free-loading reality star tweeted he needed the help of his followers. He launched a campaign to vindicate himself of the rumors and asked any girls who had any proof of his indiscretion to come forward. He even offered an amazing reward. Lucky for us, if it turns out Kieffer cheated on Jenelle he will tweet a picture of his private parts! What a lovely gift!

Kieffer Delp tweeted, “me n jenelle got together the 25th so after that i shouldnt have been texting any girls SO PLEASE IF YU GOT THE INFO POST IT POST IT POST IT” and added “please if yur a girl and can prove i talk to yu as if we are in a relationship or more than friends i will tweet a pic my c**k word on 117.”

Thank God for celebs.gather.com. If the website hadn’t explained that he meant to flash his peen for the truth, I’d never have figured it out by what he wrote.

I hate the fact that people read about these pieces of sh-t. However, they are entertaining if nothing else. The saga that is Jenelle and Kieffer will keep going strong despite the road block over the weekend. However, by the viscious tweets they fired back and forth yesterday, it didn’t seem like cheating was the issue especially since Delp sweetly said, “Jenelle is the biggest c-nt I’ve ever met in my life. I hope she never gets Jace back.” Those aren’t the words of a dude fixated on exonerating himself, right? But it’s Kieffer. I have a hard time thinking he can actually follow along on conversations.

Anyway, thems the facts. I’m not even going to bother asking you if you think this train wreck of a white trash couple will get back together. You know they will! My question is why would anyone want to see Kieffer’s junk on twitter?

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