Teen Wolf 2012 Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 “Shape Shifted” 6/4/12

Teen Wolf 2012 Recap: Season 2 Episode 2 "Shape Shifted" 6/4/12

After a long wait, Teen Wolf returned last night to MTV with its premiere episode, and we are treated with the second episode tonight called “Shape Shifted.”  Moving forward, Monday nights will be Teen Wolf’s regular time slot.  Thanks goodness the show picked up last night right where it left off at the end of season 1 . . . so it was easy to follow.

On last night’s premiere episode it looks like the truce may be short-lived. After Allison’s aunt died, her grandpa showed up in town, and he called an end to the code the hunters had been living by, emphasizing it by cutting an omega, or lone wolf, in half.  Hence the reason the premiere episode was called Omega.   If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

There were a lot of questions left unanswered last night.  Jackson was bitten and rather than become a werewolf a lot of black crap came out of him — his body was rejecting the bite.  Will Jackson become a werewolf?  What is going on with Lydia?  Can Scott and Allison’s romance make it?  Tune it to tonight’s episode and see if any of these questions are answered.

On tonight’s show, Isaac’s father is murdered the night before a full moon.  Scott, Stiles, and Derek plan a break-out.

We will be live blogging the episode at 10:00pm with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode you can catch a sneak peek of the preview below.

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The episode opens up with the new Lacrosse player, Isaac — the boy who Derek took a particular interest in last episode. He chats with his dad about grades, and the father immediately gets worked up. He says he will have to figure out a punishment. He says, with a mild manner, to clean up the kitchen. The father starts trashing the kitchen. He throws a glass at him. Isaac’s face is cut — he bleeds. But, as  his father stares at him, his wound heals. Both shocked, Isaac bolts out of the house and hops on his bike.

Isacc’s father pursues him in his car; of course, it starts to rain. He turns onto a dark side street where he sees Isaac’s bike overturned. Isaac is nowhere to be found. The father gets out of the car; he’s angered and shouts his son’s name. ISAAC, ISAAC, ISAAC! he shouts. He continues to call for him. His father takes off his glasses and sees a blurry image of a dark creature standing before him. The creature attacks the car, rips off the car door and, in an event we all see coming, kills the father. Blood spatters against the windows. He’s gone.

Next, we see Allison sneak out of her house. She gets into the car.

Allison is walking through a forest and, with the light of a cell phone to guide her way, finds Scott. Scott tells Allison that she wants to ask her about her grandfather — the fanatic werewolf hunter who LITERALLY cut a werewolf in half with a sword. Pretty awful, but pretty badass for an old dude. Allison tells Scott that she knows nothing of her grandfather. Scott and Allison start to kiss.

Next, we see Allison’s father standing in the school parking lot. The principal walks out of the school and Allison’s father tells the principal to get in the car. Is he a werewolf? Allison’s mother asks him “when the last time was that he had a performance review.” She tells him that there has been an alarming drop in student success. “You can’t fire me,” he says. “True,” she replies. “But we can torture you.”

This moment is very interesting. Because, for the first time in two seasons, we see Allison’s mom assert the role of werewolf hunter. She conveys the aura of a leader — one with power, one with confidence. Is she the boss behind all these crazy Argents?

Scott talks with Stiles about the full moon as they walk into the locker room. Scott asks Stiles if he has a better way to lock him up during the full moon. He says yes and as he opens his locker a huge strand of metal chain falls out. Scott smells another werewolf in the locker room — it’s Isaac.

Lydia walks into the school with Allison, and they all look at Lydia as if she’s a serial killer.

They’re at Lacrosse practice. Jackson asks one of his teammates if he has a camera that can record in lowlight. He, obviously, wants to record himself during the full moon to see what happens. Scott, during practice, attempts to find the new werewolf. He plays goalie and as everyone tries to score on him, he completely clobbers them. As he knocks them all to the ground, he sniffs his teammates. He eventually works his way down the line and, eventually, Isaac finds himself in the front. They meet, and they both discover that one each other is a werewolf. Before the commercial break, Stiles’s dad approaches the field with three officers. Are they coming to question Isaac? Do they suspect he murdered him?

We’re back. The cops take Isaac away for questioning. They both wonder how he will do in a jail cell during the full moon.

While in chemistry class, they realize that Jackson isn’t in class. They ask where he is. He’s in the principal’s office. They go there immediately.

Stiles’s dad questions Jackson, but doesn’t get anywhere. As Stiles and Scott wait for the principal, they listen to Jackson’s interrogation with Stiles’s dad. When the principal comes out, you’ll never guess who it is . . . Allison’s grandpa.

Jackson continues to be a dick to Lydia, and he basically tells her that he doesn’t want to get back together with her.

Scott steps out onto the front of the school and watches as Isaac is taken away in a cop car. Derek pulls up. “This is YOUR fault,” Scott shouts. Dereks agrees. He knows this, and he then asks for Scott’s help. He says that whatever is in Isaac’s house is really bad and, basically, if they want to free Isaac, they’ll need to get there before the cops do. What went on in that house?

Allison’s father chats with Allison’s grandfather about the current werewolf problem.

Jackson gets the special camera from one of the lacrosse players. The guy is still unsure why he wants it. Obviously, the kid thinks Jackson wants to make a sex tape. LOL. “Documenting history,” he says. “I’m going to document my history.”

Scott and Derek snoop around Isaac’s house. Meanwhile, Allison’s father and grandfather want to chat with her about Lydia. . . .

Derek tells Scott to follow his senses as they examine Isaac’s basement. They’re looking for clues. Derek doesn’t think Isaac killed his father and tells Scott to use his senses — all of his senses — to gain a sense of control. Scott notices a claw mark on the cement wall. A mysterious ice chest sits against one wall. He opens it and sees claw marks inside the chest. The plot thickens!

Stiles is let out of detention and calls Allison. Allison tells him that her father and grandfather were asking her all these questions about Lydia — about how she was bitten by Peter, about what really happened to her. Allison tells Stiles that a man left her house immediately after . . . holding a box with an image of wolfsbane — the one thing that can easily kill a werewolf — on the front.

Scott and Derek find out that Isaac was being abused, and Derek tells him that he agreed to become a werewolf. Derek gave him a choice. Scott continues to say that he’s not part of his pack, that he won’t join him because because that means he will lose Allison. “You will lose her either way,” Derek says. We learn that Derek is trying to turn as many people into werewolves as possible, so they can all grow stronger — hopefully strong enough to effectively fend off the werewolf hunters.

Meanwhile, Jackson gets his camera all set up and, half naked, falls into bed smiling.

Badass Allison, with her bow, stops the werewolf hunter that left her house, choosing to shoot out the SUV’s tires and him in the legs.

Allison goes to Scott, who is still in Isaac’s house. She brings metal chains, and asks where she should lock him up. He looks over at the ice chest . . . .

Meanwhile, Isaac is locked in a jail cell. Before long, he will be fully turned. Will Derek get there in time?

Next we see Allison lock Scott up in the ice chest to prepare for the excruciating change that will be sparked by the full moon. They share a kiss before she shuts the lid.

Stiles, with Derek in the passenger’s seat, arrives at the police station. They’re trying to free Isaac. Derek goes in and distracts the lady cop at the front desk with his charming ways, and Stiles slips in to steal the cell key. The werewolf hunter Allison shot is actually a cop. He prepares the shot with wolfsbane and attempts to inject Isaac. Stiles runs into him, and the man attacks Stiles. Isaac is already free of the cell when they arrive and, in werewolf form, attacks the cop. Derek scares Isaac out of his werewolf form.

After Allison locked up Scott, she walks back upstairs. She hears breathing. Someone is in the house. She screams. Scott, still in the ice chest, hears her scream. He won’t let anything happen to her, so he breaks free and runs up to save her. As he arrives, the thing in the house — what we all think is a werewolf — is actually some humanoid lizard thing. Ohmagosh. It crawls up the wall, onto the ceiling, and darts out of the house.

I was wondering how long it was going to take this showto introduce more supernatural creatures. Allison and Scott have now idea what this new thing is — or, perhaps worse, who it is. Is it Lydia perhaps? That’s where I’m placing my bet.

Jackson wakes up the next morning. He looks at the footage he took the previous night only to find that he didn’t change. He’s disappointed that nothing happened. His body rejected the bite. And he survived? What will become of Jackson. Does he have some form of supernatural immunity?

The episode ends there.


Wow, what an intense episode! Some questions were definitely answered, and many news elements were introduced to prepare us for the upcoming season. The Argents continue to grow powerful and, with the grandfather in town dead set on completely exterminating the werewolf population, their methods continue to stray away from “The Code” and quickly become homicidal. The thing that has me most interested is this new creature introduced . . . I consider myself to be fairly “in the know” where supernatural creatures and magic and fantastic elements are concerned, but I have no freakin’ idea what this new beast is. What are your guesses?

Did you all enjoy this episode? We did. Make sure to come back next week. Until then, be wary of those things that go bump in the night. Especially those weird lizard-human things . . . because I don’t have any idea how you’re supposed to defend yourselves against them. I have a feeling wolfsbane-infused bullets won’t do much :(

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