Teresa Guidice Horrified By Joe Giudice’s Cheating On The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion Part 2

Teresa Guidice Horrified By Joe Giudice’s Cheating On The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 'Reunion Part 2'

If you tuned into part two of The Real Housewive’s of New Jersey’s season four reunion last night then I’m sure you were already expecting an hour long cat fight– and that’s exactly what these ladies delivered. It was another hour spent watching these women systematically try to fully assassinate Teresa Giudice’s character. We already know that she’s a liar, a manipulator and that she’s absolutely ruthless when it comes to hurting her family. We also know that her pattern is to try and knock people down when they accomplish something that matters to them, while elevating herself.

Teresa’s slimeball husband, Joe Giudice took the stage, sitting beside his wife and while she always defends him, the body language spoke volumes. Most of the time she was turned away from him while insisting that her marriage is great. Teresa made the mistake of accusing Jacqueline Laurita of cheating on her and that just seemed to open up the biggest Pandora’s Box of New Jersey.  Teresa learned a lesson here: Never take the first shot at a friend who has kept all your secrets safe and sound because she might spill her guts. Once Jacqueline got mad, the dirty details came tumbling out. We learned about Joe screwing everything from his secretary to the babysitter and how Teresa has walked in on him and went to Jacqueline for advice. She said the name calling between them is familiar but it also leads to punching. With each bombshell accusation Teresa’s voice screeched more as she responded. Have you noticed that when she’s caught and trying to lie her way out of something her voice completely changes? Her reaction alone told me that Jacqueline was absolutely telling the truth!

Joe was also confronted about that infamous Napa phone call that was caught by Bravo’s producers. He kind of apologized for calling his wife a bitch and stupid c*nt. Okay it wasn’t actually an apology more like he agreed that it was wrong to do it. He also claimed the call was to an old friend and that the friend really did put a Spanish speaking worker on the phone. Yeah Joe – no one is buying that story except maybe Teresa. In Andy Cohen’s chaser show, Watch What Happens Live they did a poll asking how many viewers’s believed Joe Giudice’s BS and under 5% of the viewers thought he wasn’t cheating on Teresa. I’m guessing that small percentage that supported him was probably Teresa and Joe themselves texting their fingers off to try and look better!

How is Teresa still with her scumbag husband? He bought her forgiveness! No really, he lambasted Bravo producer’s for airing that footage because it cost him a lot of money, three days worth of gifts to get Teresa to forget about it! I’m sure he buys her silence often, but I don’t understand how. Teresa makes her own money and doesn’t need his. I still say she will divorce him as soon as he is sentenced to jail time for fraud later this month. Teresa is counting the minutes until she can cut him loose- and sell her “real” story to all the magazines!  Did you believe Joe’s excuses? Tell us your thoughts below!

  • Lisa

    My thoughts are the following:
    It is you Cate Meighan who is the slimeball, scumbag for writing that garbage. You can spin their story anyway you want, but the fact remains…Teresa and her husband love one another and are happy. I saw two supportive people sitting side by side holding hands throughout the first half of part 3, having do defend themselves against so called family and friends. How very sad is that? People who supposedly love them, taking one hate filled swipe after another at them. Joe Gorga is a pathetic excuse for a brother, and Melissa his golddigging stripper of a wife is disgusting to do this not just to Teresa, but to him (her own HUSBAND) as well. Who can blame Teresa for wanting her out of her brother’s life? I certainly don’t. I’d want my brother’s wife gone too if she did that to me…And to him. She even manipulating her kids lives so they don’t have a relationship with their cousins. Melissa needs help.

  • ValpoMom

    Thank you for stating what I have been seeing an no one else has commented on….Teresa’s body language and that screech!!!! I am not an expert, however, she sat very straight, on the edge of the sofa with her ankles crossed, as if coached by someone who coaches Miss America contestants. Then the screech; this was definitely a guttoral reaction to deflect lies and put things back on others. She is a dog backed in a corner. Sad, but true. And, to quote her scum bag husband “who cares…” really, honestly, who cares if they stay married or get divorced or how they treat each other. Their own behavior is reflecting on to their daughters behaviors. They are growing up to be rude, mean girls and that is the part where people should care.