The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: Season 20 Episode 8 ‘Let Them Drink Their Haterade’ 4/16/12

The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: Season 20 Episode 8 'Let Them Drink Their Haterade’ 4/16/12

Emmy award winning The Amazing Race 2012 returns tonight to CBS with a new episode titled ‘Let Them Drink Their Haterade.’   Last week’s episode of the race saw the six remaining teams set off for Africa on the seventh leg of the race. The disagreement that has been building up all season culminates in this episode.  Tears are shed as the claws come out in Tanzania and racers stand in amazement as they train alongside the Masai warriors.

On last week’s show Vanessa & Ralph were the fifth team to arrive with Nary & Jamie arriving last, but it was a non-elimination race and no one was eliminated!  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s show there is a double U-turn ahead!  Also the Race takes an unexpected turn when an early alliance is betrayed, and an unforgiving team savors the opportunity to exact their revenge in a game twist  It’s a foot race to the pit stop!

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.   Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!  While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show HERE!

Tonight’s recap:  Rachel and Dave won the last leg of the race and they will depart first. Teams will now go on a Safari and descend 6000 feet where they emerge into a crater.  They will go to Safari Junction and find Hillary Clinton Shop where their first clue will be stored.

Bopper injured his leg on the last leg of the race but that’s not going to  stop them.  The teams are told that there is a double U-turn ahead.

Brandon and Rachel know that the teams don’t like them but as they say the more the haters hate them stronger they will get.  Bopper and Mark are loving the scenery. Mark and Bob love seeing the animals as they get down into the crater.  There are several different types of animals  on the sides of the car. Art & JJ think the lions are amazing and realize that they can speed it up and they can win the race and come back and see the animals again.

Driving through the crater is making the contestants forgot that they are racing. Vanessa has always wanted to go to Africa and go on safari and today she is seeing elephants and monkeys so she is really happy.   They are in Karutu, Tanzania.  Bopper and Mark stopped to see if anyone knows where Hillary Clinton Shop is.  They are at the first clue and there is a detour – water supply or air supply they have to participate in one or two choices that are a part of living in Tanzania.  In Water supply – many homes lack plumbing and they have to wait at a  communal wells to get their water. The first challenge requires teams to help the locals fill the water. Once the homeowner has the water they get their next clue.

Air supply requires teams to repair the most popular form of transportation in Africa bicycle. They will have to work with the local mechanic to fix a tire puncture. When the local kids give them the thumbs up they will be handed their next clue.

Bopper and David decide to do air supply – they have been fixing bikes their whole life. Art and JJ get to Hillary Clinton and decide do the water supply. Rachel & Mark decide to do the bike. When Art and JJ get to the water challenge the lineup is a really long. They calculate that this could take 30 to 40 min. to get to the beginning of the line and fill their buckets. They’re already there so the decides not to move.

Brendan & Rachel are getting instructions on how to get to Hillary Clinton.. Brendan & Rachel find the shop and they decide to do air supply. Vanessa and Ralph are still looking for the shop they stop and ask for instructions.

Bopper and Mark are the first to finish the challenge they are making their way to Jack Stelzer’s pub and they get a message cautious caution U turn. They asked for directions and find it is 3 km away.

Rachel and Dave are the second to finish and they’re on their way. Nary &  Jamie are just leaving there some time behind the rest of the teams. They know they’re going to have to fight for their willing to do it. Bopper and Mark arrive at the U-turn and find out it’s a double U-turn. They decide not to U-turn anyone and they are off to search for the next clue. Racial and Dave decide not to U-turn anyone and they’re on their way for the next clue.

Vanessa keeps looking for the Hillary Clinton Shop but they can’t find it. They keep walking past the Hillary Clinton shop.

Vanessa Mark finally find it and they decide to do air.

Art & JJ get their water filled up and everyone is trying to help them they finally get it all filled up and get a deliver the water and get a clue they are heading to Jack Stelzer Pub.  They find the pub and they think no one has been there because no one has been U-turn they decides to U-turn Brandon and Rachel.

Bopper and Mark are in first place.  Brendan and who gets to the U-turn and find out that they have been you turned. Brendan M Rachel decide to U-turn Vanessa and Ralph.

Bopper Mark get to the next clue and is roadblock – they have to get in protective uniform and collect 500 g of honey from the African bees.  Once they finish the beekeeper will give them their next clue. Mark does the roadblocks. Yikes are hundreds of bees swarming around them in the roadblocks.

JJ is hoping that Dave & Rachel kept their word because they made a deal with them that whoever made it to the U-turn first would U turn Brandon and Rachel.

Nary and Jamie are working on the air challenge. Meanwhile Vanessa and Ralph have just showed up at the lineup for the water.Mark is the first to finish the roadblocks and he gets his clue they are making their way on foot the next pit stop. To Lake Manyara – the lake bed is the next pit stop.

Art & JJ arrived at the roadblock. Dave finishes the honey roadblock and he and he and Rachel are heading to the pit stop. Meanwhile Art and JJ are pissed off at them because they made a deal to use the U-turn and Dave and Rachel didn’t do it.

The first to arrive at the Pit Stop is Bopper and Mark.  They have won a trip for two to Hawaii.

Rachel and Dave are team number two.

Art and JJ are the third team to arrive.

Brenden and Rachel are team number four to arrive.

Vanessa and Ralph are team number five.

Nary and Jamie are the last team to arrive and this time they both have been eliminated from the race!