The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 7, 2/13/12

The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 7 Recap 2/13/12

We are already in episode 7 of the 16th season of The Bachelor –  and things are getting spicy in the land of Bachelor Ben and his luscious remaining ladies!!!. Tonight Ben Flajnik and the ladies head to Belize.  Stay tuned with us as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute details!

So after last week’s dramatic episode where Ben said goodbye to Casey, Blakely, and Jamie (I’m still cringing and feeling deeply uncomfortable while remembering her ‘kissing’ lesson…she’s NEVER going to live that one down) in Panama – we were given a little insight into next week’s epic shenanigan’s. Yes, I sure did say epic.

Only one rose will be available tonight and that will be on the group date. However, that woman will be guaranteed a hometown visit.  And the three women on the group date dive with sharks and must conquer their fears if they are to have a chance at a rose. Ben has a real surprise for the women, too, when he cancels the cocktail party.  He pulls Courtney aside to confront her before he makes his decisions, and at the rose ceremony he narrows the field to the four lucky bachelorettes who will take him to their hometowns to meet their families.

The Bachelor airs at 8PM EST tonight and we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minutes details, so come by and spend the evening with us. Make sure to refresh often to get the most current updates! While you wait for the recap you can read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video here!

TONIGHT’S RECAP: Tonight Ben is at the Cocoa Beach resort in Belize with six women and he has feelings of love. Whoever Ben gives roses to tonight, he will be meeting their families next week, a huge step in any relationship.

Lindzi gets the first one-on-one date and Ben picks her up in his favorite mode of transportation, helicopter. Ben has a surprise for her, he is going to try to conquer her fear of heights by jumping out of the helicopter into the water. After today, Lindzi knows that she is falling in love with Ben. It’s night time and the two are heading to dinner on the dock with Lindzi have some misgivings about his feelings for her.  She lays it all out on the line and tells him that she is falling for him and would love if he would meet her family. Ben has another surprise, he has a bottle, pen and paper; he wants them to put a message in a bottle and put it in the water.

Meanwhile, the next one-on-one date arrives and this one is for Emily and Courtney is reduced to tears from her intense feelings of jealousy.

On their date, Emily and Ben head out on bikes through a small village, they enjoy coconuts, play basketball with some kids and walk around barefoot. The two head out on boat to go diving for their supper, lobster.

Courtney confides in Lindzi that she is really upset that Emily is on the date with Ben and it’s hard that she hasn’t had alone time with him in a long time, she has only been included in the last three group dates.

Courtney is having a break down, she is hoping that Ben sends Emily home. Meanwhile, Emily and Ben are having a blast, it’s an awesome date, Ben finds her witty and easy to get along with. At dinner, Ben asks Emily if she feels confident that she wants him to go home to his family. Emily tells him that she is not happy that Courtney got in the way and they missed time together.

But today, Emily feels that they had an amazing date and would love if Ben would go home with her and meet her family. Ben proposes a toast to Emily, he tells her that she is incredibly beautiful and he enjoyed his date with her, he seals it with a kiss. Emily finds that she is falling in love with him.

Courtney gets the next one-on-one date and can finally stop whining, she heads on a plane over to see Ben. Courtney feels that the spark has fizzled a little. Ben takes her to a Mayan temple, they climb up and have picnic lunch.

Courtney tells Ben that he had a tough day yesterday because he was on a date with Emily who said nasty things to her, furthermore, she doesn’t even know if she wants him to go home with her and visit her family.

Meanwhile, the other girls are talking about Courtney and call her a “Black Widow”.

Ben is really taken back that Courtney doesn’t feel the same with him anymore. He opens up to Courtney, he tells her that she is unique, he really likes her and wants to meet her family. After lunch, the two head on up higher up the Mayan temple to the very top.

Ben and Courtney bonded during their date, at dinner, Ben tells Courtney that he is happy they reconnected and she tells him that she wants him to visit her family afterall.

On the group date, Ben takes Rachel, Kacie and Nicki on a group date swimming with sharks. He also takes the time out to spend some alone time with each girl and Kacie surprises him by admitting that she is falling in love with him. Nicki gets jealous when Ben actually spends a little more time with Rachel on the date and Rachel gets the rose. The three women confide in Ben, Nicki tells him to be careful about Courtney, that she is not there for the right reasons.

At the cocktail party, the tension is building and Courtney gives advice to the women, she tells him that he’s not the only guy in the world.

Chris walks in and tells the ladies that there will in fact be no cocktail party because Ben’s mind is made up and knows exactly what he wants to do tonight.

Kacie already has a rose, there are three more to hand out. Ben takes Courtney to the side and asks her if she is in this for him. Courtney defends herself and tells him that she believes that they can be really happy together and she has been nothing but honest and open.

Nicki gets the second rose, Lindzi gets the third rose and Coutrney gets the final rose.

Emily and Rachel are sent home.

As Ben is hugging Emily goodbye, Courtney says “see ya, don’t want to be ya”, what a bitch!

The END!


6 responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 7, 2/13/12”

  1. Wendysticht says:

    Kacie and Emily are the only totally sane adults (no guy could do any better) but my money is on the slut. Easy to win the bachelor – just seduce him first like Vienna and Courtney did.

    • Rosanna says:

      You are so right, Courtney is a slut and it just so happens that Ben is playing for who he lusts over and that would be her. What I don’t understand in all of this, is that he’s not really that attractive, other than his money, what the hell do they see in him?

  2. n3s says:

    Ben, What are you thinking,Courtney Got to go.We no she is a BITCH. and she is only there to play the game,she do not love you .Ben you will get hurt again if you keep courtney .Kick her of and out on her ass.Kacie B is the one you want to be already let go the second one that I like that was Emily. Emily is a sweetheart and so I s Kacie B.

    • Rosanna says:

      Courtney just gets under my skin but Ben is worse. He is not attractive, he’s an idiot and any guy that would skinny dip and so obviously make out with a slut like Courtney while some amazing girls are waiting for him, is a completely LOSER!

  3. Guest says:

    Ben is such an idiot…honestly, if she keeps telling you that she’s not feeling it, do you really think it will work long term? If she is only ‘feeling it’ when you are taking her on these crazy trips and journeys, does he really think she’ll be happy at a vineyard? Um… I’m boycotting this show now because I can’t stand her, and I very much dislike Ben now for throwing away these great women for this immature wench.

  4. Jrockareed says:

    I would of knocked Courtney out if I was Emily. Why not? Courtney is so fake and a baby. Ben is a blind man, she plays him every chance she gets and he falls for her pitty party every time, retard! I have lost all respect for him. Kacie B. I think has it locked up. Courtney is being kept for ratings show would be pretty unentertaining otherwise.