The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Season 16 Episode 3 Preview & Spoilers

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Season 16 Episode 3 Preview & Spoilers

This week on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik will be taking eleven girls on a ‘fake’ group date, well the snow will be fake and the girls pretending to like each other will be as well. Basically the girls, clad in their bikinis and Ben in his swim trunks, go skiing down a street in San Francisco.

Now, Emily gets a one-on-one and the other women resort to being peep and tom’s on her and Ben. Talk about desperate!

One girl is going to up and leave the show, who do you think it will be? Certainly not Blakeley, she is practically throwing herself at poor Ben. Do you remember who Brittney is? She is the girl that arrived with her adorable grandma, well she ups and leaves. Was it because she didn’t have a connection with Ben or were the girls being too conniving and bitchy for her to handle?

Now, not only do we see departures in this episode, but we also see someone join the show. Shawntel from Brad’s season shows up, she has a crush on Ben and crashes the Rose Ceremony. Will he give her a chance with the other girls or send her packing back to the morgue? She is a mortician ya know.

You must be wondering if there is going to be another one-on-one date, yes there is, but you will have to come back on Monday night for the full official recap to find out who it is. Also, we will have all the scoop on who faints at the Rose Ceremony. Does she faint because Ben is sending her home? One thing is for sure, someone will be leaving with Jaclyn.

The next episode will be one of the most talked about, you don’t want to miss it, so don’t forget to come back on Monday night when we will be live blogging the show.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

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