The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Season 16 Episode 2 Live Recap 1/9/12

 The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Season 16 Episode 2 Live Recap 1/9/12

Tonight is the second episode of The Bachelor and it is the 16th season.  Stand by for 8PM when we will be live blogging the show with up-to-the-minute results tonight.  28 year old vineyard owner Ben Flajnik from Sonoma, CA, started his quest last week to find a soul mate.  The show started with 25 beauties vying for his affection.   By the end of the show only 18 contestants remained. The contestants eliminated last week were: Amber Bacon, Amber Tierney, Anna Snowball, Shira Scott, Dianna Martinez, Lyndsie James, and Holly. If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here.

On this week’s episode Bachelor Ben takes the ladies to his hometown of Sonoma, CA. In the preview Ben’s one-on-one date pick is revealed, and the ladies aren’t happy about who Ben chose to spend a romantic evening with and the claws come out.  After the show they will be down to 16 ladies.  The group date will give 12 bachelorettes an opportunity to show Ben another side of their personalities as they audition and perform roles for a community theater production.   Celeb Dirty Laundry posted  some Bachelor secrets and some spoilers on the weekend and you can read them here!

We will be covering the show live tonight with up-to-the-minutes results when it airs.  So make sure to come back and refresh often to get all the most current updates!  Are you excited about the show so far?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know!

RECAP: Ben is really excited that the 18 remaining bachelorettes travel to the lush vineyards of Ben’s hometown of Sonomo, California. Ben announces right from the start that he has a date a card, it goes to Kacie B. and she feels like the luckiest woman alive. Courtney is bumped out about Kacie B. getting the date card and hopes that she doesn’t come home from the date.

Ben whisks his first bachelorette off to the center of Sonoma to show her the sights and recount memeories of his childhood. The go shopping to a small town store and Kacie.B. goes back in by herself and buys a baton to show Ben what she used to do when she was little. Ben jumps right it and lets her teach him how to use it, they have their own little parade in his home town.

Over an emotional dinner, Ben talks of his father’s passing and the role it played in making him the man he is now. Kacie B. reveals to Ben that she is a hopeless romantic and loves his small town that reminds her of Mayberry. It is time for the rose, Ben is eager to give it to Kacie B. and seals it with a kiss. Ben has one more surprise, a cinematic trip down memory lane. Highlights of their respective home movies are screend especially for them. Although it is bittersweet for Ben to watch his father on screen, the experience brings Kacie and Ben closer together when both are reduced to tears (including me).

Meanwhile, another date card arrives at the door and this one is for twelve of the girls. While some girls are happy about it, Blakely is unhappy, she wanted a one-on-one date with Ben. The girls meet Ben at a local park for the first group date of the season and the women will audition to perform in a community play and this dramatic showcase was written by children. They wrote a fairytale and they are going to be the judges today.

The women are called upon individually to perform a series of embarrassing impersonations for Ben and the children. After the casting the women in roles ranging from a princess to a weasel.  The children thought some were a little goofy and some were better than others. Blakely gets to jog in live action, in a tight jumper that showed way too much cleavage for the children.

Back at the house Courtney thinks that she should have gotten the first impression rose and doesn’t think Lindzi deserve it because she has a connection with Ben.

Ben drops another bombshell, the performance will take place that night in front of a live audience, it’s a packed house and many of Ben’s friends are in the audience.

When the 12 ladies join Ben at a posh poolside after party at a hotel, Blakely lures him into a steamy make out session, much to the horror of the other women. Samantha is so disturbed at this shamelss ploy for Ben’s attention that she escapes to the bathroom in tears. Will Ben figure out the behind-the-scenes drama among the women before he needs to hand out the roses?

Courtney gets the lat one-on-one card, “Let’s Spin The Bottle” and she tells the girls that she is going to make out, Erika gets really upset about it because Courtney is doing it to get under their skin and it’s working.

 It is time for the group rose, Ben gives it to Blakely, this is shocking, she gets a rose for sluttin it up in the pool with Ben.  The other women are furious and the claws are out.

Then Ben takes a picnic basket for two, Courtney and his beloved dog, Scotch; this is his final date for the week. Scotch is so cute, he gets cold and Ben wraps him up in a blanket; how can you not love Ben?
The two have an immediate attraction and it doesn’t hurt that Courtney has her hand on Ben’s knee the whole time they picnic together.

Courtney tells Ben that he has a ‘winning’ personality and begs him to tell her more about himself. The two reveal details about each other and find out they have a lot in common. Later in the evening they meet at a local winery for a moonlit tractor ride and an intimate dinner under the stars.

They kiss at dinner and the date leaves Ben wondering if she is too good to be true, although, he gives in and gives her the rose. Courtney comes off as a little creepy over her excitement at getting the rose.

Finally the claws come out at a really tense cocktail party. Ben asks Samantha to spend some alone time with him when Blakely comes in steals Ben from her which really makes Samantha upset and is reduced to tears.

Virtually every time Ben tries to spend alone time with a girl, this time Nicki, Blakely cuts in again. The other girls are so bothered by it all and call Blakely, a.k.a. Jugs (the other girls nicknamed her) a bitch. Ben starts to notice the mood in the house and wants to get to the bottom of it. Blakely breaks down when she feels ganged up by the girls, but she deserves what she gets in my opinion.

Ben does his best to play peacemeaker, but will the women recover from their emotional tailspins, I doubt it, I think we are going to see a real catfight soon.

At the Rose Ceremony, two women are eliminated, Jenna Burke and Shawn Reynolds.