Celebrity Wife Swap Season 1 Episode 2 Recap Gary Busey and Ted Haggard 1/3/12

Celebrity Wife Swap Season 1 Episode 2 Recap Gary Busey and Ted Haggard 1/3/12

Last night Celebrity Wife Swap started off with a bang.  We saw Carnie Wilson and Tracy Gold switch houses for a week.  If you missed the premiere episode we have the official recap here for your enjoyment.  I am really excited about tonight’s show, Gary Busey has such an explosive personality it should be interesting.

In tonight’s second episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap”, the pious wife, Gayle Haggard of pastor Ted Haggard goes to a home that rejects organized religion when she swaps with the spiritually open fiance, Steffanie Samson of controversial academy award nominated actor Gary Busey.  The Haggards are a sad, repressed, but perfectly nice-seeming lot. Busey is Busey and Samson is a big-hearted à la carte assortment of spiritual beliefs.

The wives are not told who they are swapping with before they arrive at their respective temporary homes; which leads to some pretty cute moments as they familiarize themselves around the houses. Stephanie finds a Ten Commandments on the wall and a Bible study schedule on the fridge, she guessed the family is Christian, then when she finds the hot tub she says, “Maybe they’re groovy Christians.”

Meanwhile, Gayle sits in on a spiritual cleansing with “Indian Bob,” Busey’s guru or shaman or something, and is a total sport about it despite some reservations.  Stephanie has to take Gayle’s place leading a women’s Bible study group, but the biggest disaster is that she doesn’t know how to read verse citations and mispronounces the word “disciple,” which gives everyone a good laugh.

Our sister site Fit Fab Celeb has the full recap for you and you can read it here, enjoy!

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