The Bachelor Recap: ‘Women Tell All’ 3/5/12

The Bachelor Recap: 'Women Tell All'  3/5/12

On tonight’s The Bachelor Ben Flajnik we won’t be treated to a new episode but we will see a special episode “Women Tell All Special.”  There promises to be drama, tears, and a lingering scent of desperation in tonight’s show.  Stand by as we cover the show live with all the up-to-the-minute details.   Did you watch last week’s episode we did and we have the recap here for you.

Some of the big drama tonight surrounds Courtney Robertson“Women Tell All” and it includes some serious Courtney bashing  to her face! “Courtney was complaining and moaning ‘Can we stop this now?’ because she was annoyed that the women were picking on her and that the process was taking so long.

A producer had to remind her ‘You’re doing this for you and Ben.’ She agreed but was rolling her eyes the whole time; basically she just couldn’t wait to get out of there.”  Hey Court, if you’re going to dish it out so often, you better learn to take it! ‘Nuff said.

Tonight’s Recap:  The show begins with a supposed reunion set at the Mirage Hotel in Vegas – but all the UNchosen from the past are there… it is pretty heavy! Blakeley came to the show to meet Ben not to buddy up and be palsy-walsy with the other chicks. Nicki was hoping that Ashely didn’t pick Ben so that he would be around to be their bachelor – guess she was lucky.

Blakeley claimed that she too was there to meet Ben – not to win – ya right! Samantha is one tough girl and went right at Blakeley- no holds barred. Brittney left because she felt nothing for Ben and her time is too valuable to waste on lost causes.

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Refresh often to get the most up-to-date results!

Now for a shocker! Brittney says that Samantha is the chihuahua of the house. Why? It is because Sam just won’t shut her mouth and won’t stop yakking!! At least Brittney didn’t call Sam a hound dog… .

Guess who’s back – Shawntel Newton is back – back again! Saying that she only got to have 2 minutes with Ben but was stuck for 2 HOURS with the women made her rivals CRAZY! The ugly insults and remarks against her were fast and furious. Emily said Shawntel is stunning and even if she wasn’t the women would have told Ben to give her the rose. But Elyse was clearly taken aback by Shawntel’s return and tried to make up with her.

Next comes Emily who immediately casts suspicion upon evil Courtney. Emily is thinking that Courtney was poisoning Ben’s mind against her and telling him to give her the boot. How to know for sure. Then came the sour grapes moment as Emily says that she was saved since anyone who would listen to someone like Courtney was not worth it. Emily was duly disgusted by Courtney’s slutty ways – skinny dipping in PR for example. But making it clear why she was dumped she says that if Ben picks Court then he deserves what he gets. Yes… but Ben LIKES what he gets from Courtney!!

Nicki comes along next and says she fell in love with Ben. Can you imagine such a thing? She loved being in love with him – why I have no idea but she says that given a few months she’ll settle down and be back to normal.

On the spot next we see Kacie. Kacie was made to feel ‘less than’ and wants to know why? She felt that getting tossed from the show was a surprise to her. Why? Why? Why? – Kacie is looking for an explanation.

Now the women are going at the talk talk talk and sure enough Courtney is one they hate – no surprise there. Blakley accuses Courtney of being a fake – totally phony and she hates that. Sam wanted to win and so naturally she can’t be too pleased. As far as Kacie goes well she is simply wrong – she says Courtney is like a person with two personalities.

Nicki comes right out and calls Courtney a liar for telling Ben that she tried to befriend the other women and get along nicely with them. Casey stands out in her defense of Courtney – good for her – its a game and – it’s a competent – and meant to be won!! Sex sells – face it ladies!!

One thing all the contestants agree on and of course they are right on is this: Courtney did not come to find love on the show. But seriously folks – if you are coming to a reality show to find love then you truly are pathetic.

Time for Courtney to defend herself. Like why should she? In retrospect Courtney feels that she could have behaved a little differently and then she wouldn’t have regrets. But of course who wouldn’t say that? Courtney claims that she was forced to defend herself but that she really intended to be nice and friendly. Sure… says the crocodile as she munches down the last monkey – ‘ I really wanted to friends… .’

Blakeleybitches her out about calling her a stripper. Chris asks her why she rejected Emily’s apology. Courtney admits that she ought to have accepted the apology. She also apologizes to Kacie for things she said earlier on in the show – but Courtney justifies her behavior by saying that the other women picked on her verbally and that was why she reacted.

Emily doesn’t buy it. She let’s Courtney have it as she doesn’t buy her story. Everyone was uncomfortable and so that is no excuse for Courtney.

Blakeley demands Courtney take back the insults!  Predictably Courtney breaks down in tears and says she is sorry for all her bad behavior. Boo hoo – too bad, so sad.

Now it is Ben’s turn to face the music and he says that all the women were incredible – as he was told to. All the ladies are blasting him and want to know why he dumped them. Of course he couldn’t marry them all – we are not in Saudi Arabia!

Pathetic Jamie offers herself to Ben just in case he needs her – what a desperado.

So next week he makes the final choice between Courtney and Lindzi – and if rumors are correct it is Courtney who wins the ‘prize.’

Who do you think Ben will choose? Lindzi or Courtney? Would you want Ben? Let us know in the comments below.