Emily Maynard Could Lose Daughter Ricki Hendrick In Coming Custody Battle

Emily Maynard Could Lose Daughter Ricki Hendrick In Custody Battle

We previously reported that star of The Bachelorette and recently single Emily Maynard is eyeing a move to Los Angeles, where she hopes to turn her 15-minutes of fame into a lifelong career as well-paid professional whatchamacallit. She will be starring on DWTS this spring, a continuation of the D-list circuit for which she is so well qualified.

Her 7-year-old daughter Ricki, the one that Emily so sincerely called “not baggage” during a group date last season, is holding the bottle blonde back. So what changed? Apparently Emily has been receiving a massive weekly allowance from Ricki’s grandparents Linda and Rick Hendrick, who aren’t thrilled about the self-obsessed mom’s thirst for fame. A source reports, “Emily is terrified they are going to stop giving her money though due to all their issues with her and the fights they’ve had. She is desperate to repair the relationship and is trying to win back Linda and Rick’s goodwill.”

Grandparents Linda and Rick have practically raised Ricki, “paying a tidy sum each month” to Emily to ensure the best life possible for their granddaughter. But a feud began when Emily insisted on letting Ricki be part of filming for her season of The Bachelorette. Since she and fiancé Jef Holm split, Emily has been dying to get out of Charlotte, despite her self-proclaimed simple-country-girl status. But her plans are up in the air: “Emily is terrified that they will cut her off if she doesn’t bend to their demands. There’s only one thing Emily likes more than fame . . . and that’s money!” Unfortunately, Ricki is paying the price for her mother’s selfish lifestyle. The young girl is already in therapy and may lose contact with her grandparents—the only real family she has—if Emily tries to make it without their allowance.

The source explained that since “Ricki isn’t able to have her father in her life it is even more important to send her to be surrounded by close family. That obviously wouldn’t be the case if she was moved from North Carolina to California.” We hope that the grandparents can fight this, in court if necessary. Emily has proved that her moral values are nonexistent, and we can’t think of a worse person to raise a child. But aren’t there laws that allow family members to get visitation rights if they have a  pre-existing relationship? I say they should let Emily follow the yellow brick road to Lala land and keep Ricki safe from the self-absorbed sex-driven reality TV world Emily is so desperate to belong to!

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