The Biggest Loser Recap: Season 13 Episode 8 – 2/21/12

The Biggest Loser Recap: Season 13 Episode 8 – 2/21/12

The Biggest Loser is back tonight with its 8th episode of the 13th season and we will be covering the show live for you.  On last week’s episode the Red Team eliminated Santa (Roy Pickler), 63.  The reason the red team said they eliminated Roy was they felt he  distanced himself from the group, he was distracted and he did not work out enough.

Roy said he was tired because: “he was doing workouts off-camera and when the groups weren’t together and often before the [trainer] workouts started in a day.”   What every the reason I think it was a big mistake to send Roy home.  Duh, have any of these people seen the show before? This team keeps voting of players that lose huge amounts of weight, don’t you think it’s only a matter of time before they all go home?  If you missed last week’s show you can read our official recap here!

On this week episode, the contestants are faced with a temptation involving their favorite foods, with the winner gaining game-changing power to arrange the two teams however they like -and remain anonymous. After an unpopular decision is made to switch up the teams, tensions rise and suspicion grows about the real identity of the temptation winner.

Then the red and black teams race against time and each other to assemble a giant puzzle on top of eight-foot tall blocks, with the winning team getting a very special prize. Later, after a drama-fueled weigh-in and elimination, another contestant is sent home.   I am hoping it is Condra and am crossing my fingers!

The Biggest Loser airs at 8PM and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details, weigh-ins and elimination. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s show here!

TONIGHT’S SHOW: The show starts with Alison coming in and bringing a birthday cake for Alison.   Alison tells the contestants that tonight’s excuse is ‘I Lack Self Control.’ So Buddy figures he is not getting any birthday cake.

Alison tells the contestants it is time for their next challenge.  They follow Alison to a room that is filled with desserts and everyone’s favorite foods – rotating on a table.  The person who eats the most can change the teams as much as they want.  The best part is no one will know who wins.  Each person gets 3 minutes in the room.  Mark comes in first and decides to eat two venison steaks for a total of 312 calories.  Chris is next and she is chowing down – she eats a total of 1,039 calories.  Kimmie eats 210 calories.  Cassandra ate 619 calories.  The next to talk in the room is Daphne what will she do?

Daphne starts eating tons of peanut butter cups – she eats 9 plates of peanut butter cups.  She eats 1,890 calories.  5 people ate – the winner ate 1,890 calories and it is Daphne.

Alison tells them the person decided to change things up.

Red Team – gets Jeremy and the black team gets Conda and everyone is confused as why the change was made.  Jeremy and Conda try to get everyone to admit who made the changes.  Jeremy directly asks Daphne if she ate and Daphne denies it.    Everyone is attacking Daphne.  Bob comes in and Conda tells Bob that someone ate 1,800 calories.  Bob pulls Jeremy aside – he does not understand – Jeremy tells Bob it was probably Daphne.  I love seeing Condra so worried and pissed off… Someone please drop a house on her LOL

Yuck, the black team is working out and Conda is upset and complaining – nothing new…  All of a sudden she loves Dolvett and now that she is with Bob she misses boo hoo Dolvett.

Dolvett is happy he has Jeremy.  But Jeremy is not happy he just keeps complaining he is so upset.  Someone has to drop a house on him – what a whiny bitch!!

All the black and red team are talking about who change the teams.  They are still trying to find out who did it.  Daphne keeps denying it.

The contestants head to their next challenge and they cannot figure out what they are going to have to do.  Alison tells them they have a chance to take control of the game.  Each team has a puzzle – each puzzle piece is 200 lbs and they have to solve the puzzle.  One person from each team will be able to see the puzzle and direct their team.  The team leader for the Black team is Chism and the team leader for the Red team is Mark.  Father against son.

Every member of the team that wins gets 2 weeks at the biggest loser resort and a chance to work out with top contestants.  The red team wins – the black team loses.  The black team had no chance Chism had no idea what he was doing or how to direct the black team.

Bob goes to visit Cassandra because she is a writer and asks her to read her journal to him.

Bob goes to talk to Daphne – he tells her the situation will get rectified if she tells the truth.  She tells him it is not going to happen.  Daphne is upset she tells Bob that the challenge was suppose to be anonymous.   Bob tells Daphne if she owns up people may forgive her and move on.  Bob tells her to take the power.  Daphne goes to see the other team members and tells them that it was her.  Of course they could care less because they all say they knew.  She apologizes that she weakened the black team.  Bob tells them regardless of what happened they have to move on.  Daphne says she is prepared for whatever happens.  I don’t blame her no one has been very nice to her at all.

Bob is trying to get the black team back together – but I think he is wasting his time – the black team is not going to let it slide.

Dolvett decides to take the red team into a long walk.  They are walking miles for their lunch, almost 7 miles.  Lunch is at Subway and Dolvett shows them what they can eat.

There is a lot of heart to hearts this week Kimmie and Dolvet – Daphne and Bob etc etc.  Lots of tears and drama.  The show is getting really sappy.

Daphne has found it a hard week and the black team is alienating her – the black team is ignoring her.  Daphne is taking every opportunity she can to work out.  The black team is planning to sabotage the weigh-in and lose it – then they plan to send Daphne home.


Red Team

Jeremy now weighs 309 he lost 11 lbs.
Kim now weights 193 she lost 7 lbs
Mark now weighs 226 he lost 8 lbs
Kimmie now weights 179 she lost 5 lbs
Buddy now weights 317 he lost 12 lbs

Red team lost 43 for a total % weight loss 3.39 %

Black Team

Chris now weighs 196 she lost 5 lbs.
Megan now weighs 217 she lost 2 lbs.
Chism now weighs 293 he lost 5  lbs.
Cassandra now weighs 188 she lost 1 lbs.
Emily now weighs 216 she lost 2 lbs.
Conda now weighs 246 she put on 1 lb.
Daphne now weighs 226 she put on 2 lbs.

Black team lost 12 of a total weight loss of .75 %

The weigh room goes insane because Bob is very upset he know the black team did something because they are not losing weight.  Daphne suspects that they have blown the weigh-in to send her home.  Emily is pissed at herself because she let Conda influence her into throw the weigh in.  Conda put on one weight and she makes the excuse that it is the toxic atmosphere.  No one is buying it.

Daphne knows she is going to be sent home, she wants to go home because she is not happy in the toxic atmosphere.  Bob tells her if she goes home he is going to help her as much as he can.  He feels she can succeed at home.

The Red Team has won the weight-in.  Bob tells the black team to be kind.  The black team is headed to the elimination room in one hour.


Chris votes for Chism

Cassandra votes for Daphne

Emily votes for Daphne

Megan votes for Daphne

Daphne votes for Conda

Conda votes for Daphne

Daphne says that she is not shocked the black team formed bonds before she got there.  Daphne says she has not regrets for what she did – she did it for her brother and for revenge – she has to be honest.  Conda cuts her off and  and says she does not make excuses and she does not get revenge and she is a role model for her daughter – what a bitch!  Daphne basically tells her to shut up, she did not want any drama and if Conda does not shut up she is going to say a few things too.  All I could think of is PLEASE DAPHNE tell her off!!!!

Conda just does not shut up.  Cassandra starts to attack Daphne and Conda keeps it up.  Alison finally tells the black team that this is the end of it – they need to stop.  Alison tells Daphne she is not the biggest loser and it is time for her to leave.  Daphne gets up and leaves.

They showed Daphne since she went home she came to the ranch at 271 and now she is 200 lbs.