The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 4 Wrap-Up

The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 4 Wrap-Up

Last night  a whole new episode of The Biggest Loser aired and the show was cut from 2 hours to 1 hour and we recapped the episode.  We have a wrap-up and some observations of the show and some questions.

The show opened with Alison telling the red team that Buddy had left the ranch.  His wife was in labour and Buddy was going to see the birth of his son.  She also informed the red team that Buddy would be back for the weigh-in and his weight WOULD count this week.  Buddy came back and lost an amazing 10 lbs.

The aqua team is just one week away from weighing in at the ranch and Dolvett goes to visit them.  Do you think they have a chance of getting back on the ranch?

There is a lot of drama this year with the coaches and the team.  Dolvett and Conda had a lot of drama this week.  Dolvett is not happy with Conda’s behaviour – she constantly rolls her eyes at him.  It got so bad that Dolvett threw her out of the gym.  Dolvett tells her he cannot help someone who does not want to be helped.  She finally comes back and apologizes to Dolvett.  Did you feel she was sincere?

Bob has been having problems with Gail for the past couple of week and I was thinking it might just be the editing.  However, again this week Bob was hard on Gail and a few times the camera’s caught him giving her dirty looks.  I really think he does not like her.  She got voted out this week and I don’t think that Bob is sad to see the end of her.  Do you think Bob was excessively hard on Gail.

The Biggest Loser is trying to convince us that there is a big competition between Bob and Dolvett.  I don’t buy it.  What they need is Gillian back.  Do you miss Gillian as much as I do?

Chris locked herself in the bathroom and would not let the cameras around – she said she wanted to go home.  Bob had to come to convince her to stay.  Conda was convinced that Chris was looking for attention.  Bob thought that the reason Chris was upset is because she has led a sheltered life.  This seems to be the season of people wanting to quit.  What do you think, was Chris looking for attention?

What did you think of the show tonight?  Sound out in the comments and let us know!

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