The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Episode 13 ‘And Then There Were Two’ 5/13/12

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: FINALE 'And Then There Were Two' 5/13/12

The Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight to NBC with a whole new episode called ‘And Then There Were Two.’  Stand by as we live blog the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.

On last week’s episode the remaining five celebrities embark on their penultimate task, to create a print ad campaign for the new “CHI Touch” Digital Touchscreen Hair Dryer. With nothing left to lose, both teams go all out, but in completely different directions. The executives picked their winner, and Donald Trump fired Teresa.

Their victory is short lived, when the final four are summoned back to the Boardroom and after an interview with John Rich and Marlee Matlin, Lisa Lampanelli was fired.  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s episode the two finalists must embark on the biggest task yet. They must create, host, and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event, featuring a charity awareness ad and a variety show, starring none other than… themselves. With eight celebrities returning to help them, the two finalists must rely on everything they’ve learned all season to win the ultimate prize: $250,000 for their charity, and the title of The Celebrity Apprentice.

With time running out, one finalist finds they don’t have the footage needed to edit their charity awareness ad, while the other finalist goes head to head with a returning celebrity. Boardroom advisors: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

We will be live blogging the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details at 9PM EST.  Don’t forget to come back to this spot and refresh often to get the most current updates!

RECAP: One more celebrity will be fired and then we will be down to final two, who will it be? Well, the three finalist are in the boardroom with Trump and he tells them that there are no losers. Clay pleads his case and tells Trump that he has always been the strongest member on every team. Then Trump asks Aubrey why he should keep her instead of the men, she says that she has performed every task to the fullest – then Trump tells her that she has one fine “mouth piece”. Trump then talks to Arsenio about his language and Arsenio says that he is not running for office and he apologized.  Trump then goes on the attack to Aubrey, he tells her that she is transparent and she is fired. Aubrey leaves the boardroom and says, “anyone that calls me transparent, then f*uck them”. Wow, leaving Trump and then giving him a big F*ck You, what a bitch!

Clay and Arsenio are thrilled, the bitch is gone and there is no feeling like this. Clay says that he sees a little “Deja Vu”, you know being in the top two like he was on American Idol, but he tells Arsenio there is no way is is losing this time.

Time for Arsenio and Clay to meet with Trump at the Lincoln Center and get their final task, they started with 18 celebrities, 16 were fired and they are now down to two. Ivanka tells them that in this task they will sell tickets to a celebrity charity event, plus a 30 second charity awarness ad and vairty show that they will star in to entertain guests.

To take off a little pressure, Trump is going to give them a little help from some of the fired celebrities. Arsenio gets the first pick, he chooses Adam Carolla, Clay chooses Penn Jillette, Arsenio chooses Lisa Lampanelli, Clay chooses Debbie Gibson. Four more left to go, Arsenio chooses Paul Teutul Sr., Clay chooses Dee Snider. Two left, Aubrey O’Day and Theresa, Arsenio chooses Teresa Giudice and Clay chooses Aubrey, well not really, the bitch was the last one left.

The winner of this task will earn $250,000 for their charity in addition to ticket sales. Clay meets with his team first and tells them about his charity, The National Inclusion Foundation, that he helped to start, it helps to include kids with disabilities to go to camp or on other outings.

Arsenio then takes the time to explain his charity, The Magic Johnson foundation, to his team. He is going with a comedy event but everyone is not agreeing with him, Lisa and Adam think it won’t be kid friendly.

Clay has got everyone delegated to assigned tasks, but they have to find a theme. Aubrey came up with the theme, a “carnival” and she is really giving 100% because she wants Clay to win, she thinks Arsenio is dirt.

Meanwhile, Arsenio and his team are coming up with their theme and Adam suggests they do an ’80’s theme. Arsenio’s idea is to include Magic Johnson and have him talk about the charity for the charity awareness ad. At first Lisa was a little insecure about Adam, but after he comes up with an idea of Magic Johnson and Arsenio throwing a basketball to each other, she’s changing her mind.

Clay wants to include a disabled child in their charity awareness ad, but Penn finds it offensive and thinks they should think more symbolically, outside the disability. Clay is getting annoyed, he doesn’t like that Penn is being negative.

Adam and Teresa head to a costume shop to get some 80’s costumes for the 30-second charity awarness ad and Teresa was having the best time of her life because Adam was hilarious especially when they went to go into one of the rooms and there was a gigantic penis inside, Adam nicknamed the room, the “penis cave”. Meanwhile, Penn finally came through with an idea for the ad and Clay is thrilled.

Ivanka visits Arsenio’s team, Lisa tells her that she got $50,o00 donated already, Teresa $5000; they have a head start with collecting money. Arsenio tells her that the plan is to do a comedy show, he also tells her that Magic Johnson was included. Ivanka is impressed that Magic will be included into the show. Arsenio has a stretegy that comedy and fun is more universal and thinks he will win.

Clay puts Debbie in charge of song selection, Dee is helping out but you can really see that he is out of place with songs like “Baby Love”. Dee feels the variety show is going boldly where he has never gone before.  Don Jr. arrives for a visit and Clay tells him that he has the stronger team that is music heavy. Penn will also perform in the variety show and he is bringing Teller along to help him. Don Jr. finds they do have a strong team, but is surprised that there is no focus on raising money.

Arsenio is busy on the phone trying to fund raise and most of the people he has called are wanting to help. Clay and his team finally get to the task of raising money and he is worried that he is not going to come anywhere near what Arsenio can bring in.

Both teams arrive at a warehouse and they have to have their parties, basically side by side in this gigantic room. Arsenio is not worried about decor, he is leaving it up to Lisa. Teresa is working on the menu with the caterer, she picks pork and a tartar; things that not everyone likes and this may cause trouble for Arsenio.Aubrey is organizing all the decorating for Clay’s task, she shares all her ideas with him before they get implemented. Aubrey is going 100 miles an hour with her ideas, she wants everyone to dress in clown costumes, but Clay is against it. Aubrey wants to paint the room blue and Clay turns it down because he thinks it will just be a mess and she is upset that he is not allowing her to implement her vision. Debbie steps in and tells Clay that she has a mural artist in the family that call her crew and get the painting job done.

Clay and Penn are heading down to the park to film the ad and Debbie calls him to say that there was a problem with the painting of the wall. The park that they were supposed to shoot in smells like somebody died in it they are overwhelmed with it

Arsenio arrives at his location for the shoot and just loves it.

Penn, Clay and Dee take a walk to find another area to film the ad. The director of photography shows up and tries to help scout locations for Clay’s shoot.

Arsenio’s team has them all dressing up like they were all back in the 80’s and shooting spots for the ad. Lisa loves the way the shoot is going and thinks Arsenio may just have a chance at winning.

Meanwhile, Clay’s team is still trying to find a location and are really running out of options. Clay finds a baseball field and asks the coach if they can use the field and once they find out that they are celebrities, they are happy but still don’t let them use the field. Clay tells everyone that they are down to plan “F”, they are f*cked.

Penn finds a spot, a small grassy area beneath a housing authority project, the kids arrive and they begin filming.

Arsenio is still filming his ad and all is going well, they are trying to include Magic in the ad – Adam and Arsenio are heading to editing, he delegates the rest of the team to get back to the phones and fundraise.

On Clay’s team, Debbie is organizing the music and is getting under Aubrey’s skin when she repeatedly sings “shake your love”.

Arsenio is in the editing room, he and Adam are working on editing the ad while as and Arsenio is multi-tasking, raising money at the same time.

Clay is in the editing room with Dee and Penn when Clay finally gets his focus on raising money. Clay disagrees with Debbie on the music and she is not too happy. Lisa calls Clay and tells him that she is bringing him a cheque and she will be at his gala. Clay is shocked, he can’t believe that she would be working for Arsenio and actually make a donation for his charity.

Adam and Arsenio are still in the editing studio, they are waiting for the Magic Johnson stuff because they file has not arrived. Adam is a little worried, because his guys that did the filming are not professionals.

Clay is trying to get the music down pat and Penn is worried about his mood. Debbie is frustrated because she was delegated and doesn’t like that Clay is making her feel pushed aside

Clay and Debbie are talking about the mural, he is adamant that if he doesn’t see a sketch first, then it’s not happening. Debbie tells him that she asked a family member to do her a favour and she is a professional, so she feels uncomfortable asking for a sketch and his maybe turning her down because he doesn’t like it, Aubrey thinks Clay is overreacting. Debbie is upset because of how Clay is acting, but he is not going to budge, he is not going to have a wall painted if he doesn’t see it first because he is the one being judged on it.

Arsenio and Adam are still in the editing room waiting for the Magic Johnson footage when it finally arrives it is unusable.

Adam is concerned that his guys let down Arsenio, Arsenio is scared to death because there is no way he can use this.
That’s it for tonight, next Sunday, the finale is finally here and everyone is pushed to the limit. The final boardroom is brutal and you don’t want to miss when Dayana and Lisa have to share the same stage!

Don’t forget to come back next week, we will be live blogging the finale with all the up-to-the-minute details. Who are you rooting for? Hit the comments and let us know!