The End Of Probation Just 48 Hours Away For Lindsay Lohan – But Can She Make It?

The End Of Probation Just 48 Hours Away For Lindsay Lohan - But Can She Make It?

Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of freedom. In 48 hours  she’ll be off formal probation for the first time in four years. But the big question is – can she make it through another two days without a run-in with the law? I’m taking bets!

According to TMZ…if LiLo can keep her nose clean for just a little bit longer she’ll have a clean record as well. The LA County District Attorney is actually happy with Lindsay. All the terms and conditions of her probation have been completed. That means all the necessary paperwork will be processed and come Thursday’s appearance before Judge Stephanie Sautner the troubled actress will be home free (well almost).

Providing the Mean Girls star gets to Thursday with a gold star her probation will be downgraded from formal to informal. That means no reporting to the Authorities or undertaking court ordered community service. She just has to stay out of trouble for two and a half years. Two days is a long time in the Lohan universe so two and a half years is a lifetime!

Linds has been a nervous wreck the past couple of weeks. After that incident with her Porsche – Celeb Dirty Laundry covered it here –  LiLo Blackmailed Over Hit And Run …she decided to bunker down and keep away from any temptations. She’s come too far and been through too much to risk getting formal probation revoked. But she’s a free spirit. Just when you think she’s got it all worked out she can surprise you – so fingers crossed for the LAPD’s sake that she’s on the straight and narrow for good this time.

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