The Secrets Of Kate Middleton’s Diet And Exercise Plan

The Secrets Of Kate Middleton's Diet And Exercise Plan

Kate Middleton is the most popular royal to emerge since her late mother-in-law, Lady Diana, and as such is photographed and filmed as intensively as any Hollywood star. Of course the Duchess of Cambridge, turning 30 on Monday, January 9, wants to look her best so you’d expect she’d have personal trainers and nutritionists like so many of the vain celebs out there. But not Kate – she does not use the services of a personal trainer and follows her own simple eating plan. In fact the 5’10” slender beauty hates dieting and prefers to just stick to healthy natural foods for the most part.

Kate’s exercise regimen is 3 workouts per week, each lasting for 40 minutes. When she is in London Kate frequents Clarence House’s small private gym for rowing, running and weight training – and she can’t go wrong with that. When at home in Anglesey, Wales, Kate takes to the outdoors for her exercise.

A royal aide says: “She never works out indoors, regardless of how rough the weather is. She likes to go on hikes, carrying small weights for her arms. She says it kills two birds with one stone – and William joins her on weekends.”

“For as long as I’ve known her, she’s never had a trainer.” says the aide.  Kate’s dietary tricks are as simple as could be – she has none!

A friend reveals: “She hates dieting – she sticks to healthy picks like oatmeal, dried fruit and almonds. Kate’s not much into sweets, but she does love Kettle chips!”

We see what is often the case for young people applies to Kate as well. By sticking to a diet based on natural foods, avoiding excessive alcohol and snack-food consumption, and keeping an active healthy life style with regular exercise allows her to maintain the glow of fitness and health. No crazy diets – no steroids or human growth hormone treatments – no insane exercise regimen – and Kate is a model for all to follow.

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