The Vampire Diaries Recap Season 3 Episode 12 ‘The Ties That Bind’ 1/19/12

The Vampire Diaries Recap Season 3 Episode 12 'The Ties That Bind' 1/19/12

Tonight is an all new episode of my favorite television show the CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and I am really excited for it to air, only a few more hours, YAY!  The show is called ‘The Ties That Bind’ and tonight Bonnie (Kat Graham) figures out who can open Klaus’ families coffins.  On last week’s show Bonnie and Stefan (Paul Wesley) tried everything to open one of the coffins which they believe hold the answer to how to get rid/kill Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  Meanwhile Klaus is totally pissed off he wants his family back but Stefan is totally not cooperating.  Stefan has convinced himself he has nothing left in his life except destroying Klaus.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our recap here!

On this week’s episode because Bonnie believes her recurring dreams about Klaus’ coffins will tell her how he can be killed. The dreams also lead Bonnie to a reunion with her mother, Abby, whom Bonnie hasn’t seen for 15 years. At Abby’s remote farmhouse, Bonnie and Elena meet Jamie, the young man Abby took in years earlier. Bonnie’s sudden appearance catches Abby off-guard, but she does her best to explain the past. Tyler (Michael Trevino)  turns to an unexpected ally in his quest to regain his free will. Damon(Ian Somerhalder) is intrigued by Alaric’s new friend, Dr. Fell(guest star Torrey Devitto), and Klaus continues his bitter negotiations with Stefan over control of the coffins containing his family members.

Meanwhile we have heard a rumor that there is a new couple alert, Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) may hook up.  The two have great chemistry together and some new pics released for the Feb 9th episode seem to imply a romance.  What do you think of Caroline and Klaus as a couple?  Can you just imagine how happy Tyler will be, not!  Sound out in the comments below!

Will you be tuning in tonight?  We will!  Stay tuned as we will be covering the show with all the up-to-the-minute details tonight at 8PM EST, so don’t forget to bookmark this spot and watch ‘The Ties That Bind Us’ with us.   Refresh often to get the newest updates.

Tonight’s Episode: Bonnie is dreaming she is in a graveyard and she goes up to one of Klaus’ family coffins and he comes behind her and bites her.

Bonnie screams and then she is a closed coffin and she is screaming for someone to let her out. She is chanting spells and nothing is happening – she is having a really bad dream.

Someone opens the coffin and there is a women there we don’t recognize.

Bonnie is awake and with Elena and she tell she she has been having bad dreams for days and she thinks the witches want to help her. She tells Elena that there is one coffin they cannot open. Stefan comes up and gets pissed at Bonnie for telling Elena but Bonnie tells him that he needs Elena to help her find someone who she thinks can help her open the coffin. She gives Stefan a picture and tells him that it is her mother!

Bonnie and Elena are working together, Elena is helping her to find her mother. Bonnie tells Elena that the coffin is witch-sealed so it is her problem. Damon walks in he has compelled someone and he has gotten the info that they need to locate Bonnie’s mom. He has found Bonnie’s mother and he wants to go with them. Elena tells him no they do no need his snarky commentary. Bonnie asks what is going on with them, Damon tells her, ‘we kissed and it is weird not?’

Tyler comes to see Caroline and tells her he has come to apologize. She is not buying it. Tyler tells her that when Klaus told him to bite Caroline he said not but he could not resist. Tyler tells Caroline that he called her father to help him resist Klaus and the sire thing.

Dr. Fell and Alaric are meeting for lunch, he asks her if they can have dinner next time and she agrees.

Damon comes in and asks who she is and Alaric tells him it is his daughter. Damon asks what is wrong with her and Alaric says nothing yet. Alaric tells Damon that Dr. Fell’s ex was the medical examiner. Damon tells Alaric medical examiner is dead someone staked him.

Stefan comes home and Klaus is there. Stefan asks Klaus what he wants. Klaus tells him the hybrids are gone so what else does Stefan want. Stefan tells him he is not negotiating. Stefan tells him leave Mystic Falls, call him in a couple of years and they can make a deal. Klaus laughs….

Bonnie and Elena are headed toward her mother. Bonnie does not care for her mother she left and never called when she was young. Bonnie asks if they can talk about Damon and Elena says he kissed me, what is there to say.

Stefan calls and asks Elena where she is. Elena tells Stefan they are spending the night at the Lake House. Stefan tells them they need to move fast Klaus is getting antsy. Meanwhile, Stefan has the info on where Abby is – he knows they are lying to him.

One of Klaus hybrids calls and Klaus has sent him to see Bonnie’s mother – before Bonnie and Elena get there.

Elena and Bonnie arrived at her mother’s house. They ring the bell and as they wait a man shows up and tells Bonnie Abby is not home. The boy tells Bonnie she looks familiar and he tells them his name is Jamie and invites them inside. He offers them something to drink.

Bonnie asks Jamie if they are related and he tells her no, she (Bonnie’s mom) dated his father and took him in when his deadbeat father left.

Abby, Bonnie’s mother comes in and Bonnie introduces herself to her.

Tyler, Caroline’s Dad Bill and Caroline are in the cave and they have Tyler tied up. He tells Tyler the way to break the sire bond is to turn to a werewolf. Tyler tells Bill he does not know how to turn, but he does not buy it. Tyler forced himself to start to turn with gruesome results… all his bones are breaking.

Abby is making Bonnie and Elena food. Abby tells Elena she knew her mother and she tells Elena the reason she left town was for her mother. She tells Elena 15 years ago a vampire, Michael came to town looking for the Doppelganger so she lured him out of town and used all her magic to stop him.

Abby tells them that her powers have never come back. Bonnie wants to leave – she does not feel her mother can help.

Elena leaves them alone and goes outside and turns around and Stefan is there ‘nice lake house he says.,

Damon goes to the hospital and introduces himself to Dr. Fell. He tells her he is sorry about her boyfriend. She tells him ex boyfriend an he tells her he realizes that she knows her boyfriend was not killed by an animal but by a stake in the heart. Damon tells her he is worried about Alaric. He turns around to go and she sticks a syringe in his neck.

Damon is passed out and she is removing some of his blood. She leaves the room with Damon still passed out.

Tyler is trying to turn into a werewolf and tells Bill he cannot do it. Tyler tells him to try harder. They ask Caroline to leave.

Once Caroline leaves Bill starts hitting Tyler – and he tells Tyler his bond to Klaus puts his daughter in danger – he tells Tyler either he turns or he kills him right here, right now.

Abby tells Bonnie she has turned into a beautiful women. Bonnie tells her to stop she wants to know why she did not come home. She tells Bonnie she was in a new city and she had no magic and she had a chance to be Abby and not Abby the witch. She tells Bonnie she had her father and her grandmother. Bonnie says, ‘ you don’t know’ and Bonnie realizes that her mom does not know her grandmother is dead. Bonnie tells her it happened during a spell.

Abby tells her now she know her whole story, she wants to know what brought Bonnie to her. Bonnie tells her if she has no magic she cannot help her. She begs Bonnie to let her help.

Stefan asks Elena if she thought he would not find out. He kicks a chair over and Jamie comes out and asks if he can help. Stefan grabs Jamie by the throat and compels him to leave. Jamie leaves and then comes back with a shotgun and shoots Stefan. Elena says what are you doing and then he says, ‘what I was told too.’ We then flash to Abby and she is putting her hand over Bonnie’s mouth. Guess Klaus’ hybrid did a good job of compelling the folks before Bonnie and Elena arrived.

Damon comes in and Alaric is working out. Damon tells Alaric that Dr. Fell vervained him and then took his blood. Alaric gets pissed at Damon and Damon asks why he is mad at him.

Jamie is tying Elena up and Elena asks why he is doing it. Abby calls and Jamie goes over to help Abby put Bonnie in her car.

Tyler is turning into a werewolf and he is pulling the chains out of the wall. He tells Bill to run that the chains aren’t strong enough.

Abby gets out of her car – she goes to see the hybrid and tells him Bonnie did not tell her where the coffins are. Bonnie is awake and she asks Abby what she did to her. Abby tells Bonnie that she took her powers with herbs and she needs to know where the coffins are. If Bonnie does not tells her the hybrid has compelled Jamie to kill himself. Abby secretly gives her a phone and it says, ‘warn your friends.’

Jamie tells Elena he does not know why he is doing what he is doing but he know a man came by and told him he had to shoot anyone who stood in their way with wooden bullet. Jamie tells Elena if they don’t find where the coffins are then he has to shoot himself. Elena asks if he is suppose to kill her he says no he is not allowed to hurt her. She then tells him the ropes are cutting her and he comes over and she kicks him and knocks him out.

She goes to see Stefan and he tells her the wood bullet is splintering and rubbing against his heart and they need to get it out.

Klaus comes into the witch house and meets Damon and the witches are doing something to Klaus and he is in great pain. He tells the witches he will kill every last witch if he does not get his way. Then he tells the witches he will have the Bennett line ended by his hybrid if he does not get his way.

He tells them to show him the coffins and they appear. Klaus asks Damon where the fourth is. He screams show me… and Damon tells Klaus that they cannot – because Bonnie gave him the heads up and he did not have time to remove all but he did get rid of one.

Klaus tells Damon he will rip him from limb to limb and tear him apart. Damon tells him he does not think he will, leverage and all that – because he knows Klaus wants the other coffin.

Alaric comes over to see Dr. Fell and asks her why she vervained Damon. Just then Bill Forbes comes in by ambulence and he has been attacked by Tyler as a werewolf.

Stefan is squirming and tells Elena she has to take the word shard out – she yanks it out and Stefan tells her she has changed, she is stronger. She tells him she has to tell him something – she kissed Damon.

There is a lot of quiet and Stefan does not say a thing – he gets up and walks away and leaves Elena.

Dr. Fell tells Alaric that Bill has been bitten by an animal and has lost 3 litres of blood and has bites all over his body. Alaric asks if he’ll make it and Doc Fell says ‘no, not on his own.’ She takes a syringe with Damon’s blood and injects it into Bill to save him because he was going to die. Now we know why she stored some of Damon’s blood… how did she know she would need it?

Stefan tells Elena he should not have kidnapped her but also that Elena should not have lied to him with Klaus running around.

Elena tells Stefan she did not plan on kissing Damon. Stefan tells Elena she is better than Damon, she is better than both of them.

Bonnie tells Abby she is surprised how far she went to help Jamie when he is not her family. Abby tells Bonnie that Jamie is her family but that she also wants to help her. Bonnie tells her she has no magic and she does not trust her. Abby tells Bonnie maybe she can help her get her magic back. She does not want it back but would do it for Bonnie.

Tyler comes to the hospital to visit Ben Forbes, he apologizes, he tells Ben he did not mean to hurt him. Ben tells Tyler that he knew the risks. Ben tells Tyler they will do it again tomorrow. Tyler does not want to and Ben tells him he better because he is not going to see his daughter until he has everything under control. He tells Tyler that he needs to get to the point were changing no longer hurts!

Alaric takes Dr. Fell to his house and shows him his secret – he is a vampire hunter . She asks how he survived his injuries when he was hurt, he tells her about the ring. They kiss and Elena walks in.

Alaric apologizes because it is her house. Elena tells him Jenna is gone and he is allowed to move on and that it is his house too.

Stefan comes him and says to Damon you are still alive. Stefan asks if Klaus got the coffins, Damon tells him he saved one. Damon tells him Bonnie’s mother wont be able to help getting the remaining coffin open. Damon asks how Elena is and Stefan punches him.

Damon says that Stefan and Elena must have had a heart to heart. Then Damon asks if he can tell him about a dagger he is holding.

Klaus is with the coffins talking to his hybrid and all of a sudden the hybrid drops and Klaus’ brother Elijah is standing there with the hybrid’s heart saying ‘What did I miss’

Damon pulled the dagger out of Elijah before he gave him the coffins.

That’s a wrap for tonight,  did you like it?  WOW, fantastic!!!!!