The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Episode 20 ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ 4/26/12

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Episode 20 'Do Not Go Gentle' 4/26/12

The Vampire Diaries returns tonight to the CW with a whole new episode and it is called: “Do Not Go Gentle.”  Stand by as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute details.  Last time we saw Vamp Diaries Tyler had returned to Mystic Falls and Caroline was very happy.  However, Tyler soon learned that Klaus had a thing for Caroline and he was not pleased about it.  Meanwhile Damon and Elena headed out of town to visit Jeremy.

They wanted to use his special abilities to help them reveal information they needed about ancient vampire bloodlines.  What they learn instead is that Klaus was one step ahead of them.  Klaus’ brother Cole was with Jeremy.  For most of the episode Cole was one step ahead of Damon and Elena.  The best part of last week was we got a huge Elena and Damon kiss!  At the end of the episode we got a surprise return of a character that has not been around for a while.  Esther showed up and in an interesting way.  If you missed the episode, and want to find out more about Esther and her return and a lot more,  you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s episode Alaric finds an unexpected ally to guide him on his dangerous new path, while Damon and Meredith try to figure out what their next move should be. At the school’s 1920s Decade Dance, Bonnie asks Jamie to go with her and, at Caroline’s suggestion, Elena asks Stefan to be her date. Caroline is pleasantly surprised when Tyler shows up at the dance determined to sweep her off her feet, but Klaus does his best to come between them.

The dance takes a deadly turn when Damon and Stefan realize they need the help of Matt, Jeremy, and especially Bonnie to undo a spell that could prove devastating for everyone.

The show airs at 8PM tonight on Fox and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update! While you wait for the recap check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode HERE

Tonight’s Recap:  The show opens with Rebekah going to the Klaus he asks her where she was. She tells him that she got the stake they needs from Alaric. He tells the pack their bags they’re leaving.

She begs him to stay so they can go to the dance tonight because she is on the committee – and has been planning it.  Damon calls Alaric who tells him that he has been blacking out  a lot but he has been taking the herbs that Bonnie made him-so all is okay.

Rebekah comes in and tells Alaric that he is a good liar. He says it’s easily when you lie to your friends they believe you.  Alaric asks Rebecca/Esther how she will return to her true form she tells him with a little help from a vampire Hunter. She has a knife he takes it and stabs her. She falls to the ground They are in a room with a bunch of coffins and Esther is one of the coffins. After he stabs Rebekah’s body Esther comes back to life.

Elena is helping Caroline with preparations for the dance – she is ordering around Jeremy and Matt as they had the decorations. She tells Caroline she’s happy because Matt found Jeremy a job the grill. She tells Caroline that Jeremyy’s stress lately.

Caroline  says maybe he is stressed because he saw Elena and Damon kissing.

Caroline  tells Elena that she should invite Stefan to the dance-she tells her she can’t invite Stefan she just kissed his brother.

Caroline  tells Elena that Stefan is her epic love.

Elena calls Stefan.  She tells him she’s going to the dance and she would like to go him. He tells her he would love that. Elena’s happy.

Damon walks in and he overheard the conversation and he tells the Stefan to buy a her gardenia corsage.

At the hospital with Dr. Fell Damon walks up behind her-Damon wants medical advice for Alaric.  Damon tells Dr. Fell that Alaric has not taken the herbs Bonnie gave him.

Alaric and Esther are at the crypt  where her son took his heart.  Esther asks for Alaric’s ring. She tells Alaric if he is to kill her children she must bind the ring to this to the stake that he will use to kill her children.

Esther chants the spell on the ring.  Esther gives Alaric a stake she tells them the ultimate weapon for the ultimate vampire Hunter.

Stefan pics Elena up at her house and tells her she looks beautiful. He brings her corsage. He asks her considering their dangerous dance karma – is she up to this?

Caroline tells Matt that she is awesome. Then she tells Matt that she is looking out for him that he has to remember Elena is Stefans. Tyler shows up at the dance – Caroline freaks out because she thinks if Klaus sees him he will realize that Tyler is not under his spell anymore. Tyler does not care and takes her hand to dance.

Elena and Stefan are dancing a slow dance. Stefan comments that Bonnie looks happy. She has come to the dance with Jamie.

Elena tells Stefan they need to talk about Damon – he responds she does not have to tell him – after everything he put her through he is honored to be her date tonight.

Damon shows up and tells Elena and Stefan that they have to talk.

Jeremy comes over to Bonnie and she asks why he is wearing his ring?  He knows what happened to Alaric/Rick!

Damon tells Elena and Stefan that a Alaric is not taking the herbs. Damon wants to put Alaric out of his misery. Jeremy comes up behind him and says no way.

Esther walks up to Elena and tells her if she wants to help Alaric she will come with her. She tells Jeremy to go get Damon and Stefan.

Stefan and Damon walkout to go after Elena and they stop-they can’t go any further-there is a binding spell and it has been trapped.

Bonnie tells Jamie that he had all kinds of moves on the dance floor. Jamie tells her that her friends are cool and fBonnie tells him that her friends mean everything to her.

Bonnie reaches over and kisses Jamie and Damon walks in. He tells her story for spoiling your 7 min. in heaven we have a problem.

Esther apologizes to Elena for disturbing her but her blood is powerful because she is the Doppelgänger. Elena sees Alaric and asked what is wrong with him-Esther tells Elena that he is going to make Alaric into an ultimate vampire Hunter.

Vampires took everything from him now he will get his vengeance.

Back at the dance Caroline is dancing with Tyler and Klaus walks in. Klaus asks Tyler where he’s been. He cut thin on Caroline and Tyler’s dance. She doesn’t want to dance with him but he insists.

She tells her she should be nicer to him because he is leaving town tomorrow. Tells her he knows she is not ready to come with him yet. But hopes one day she will show up at his door. She tells him small town boy, small town life it won’t be enough for her.

He walks out and he can’t get out there’s a binding spell-he asked what’s this? Stefan tells him his mother is back.

Elena, Klaus, Stefan and Jeremy are with Bonnie -she is trying to break the binding spell. Klaus takes Jamie by the neck and threatens to kill him if she doesn’t hurry up.

Elena tells Rick that this isn’t what he wants-Alaric/Rick tells her she doesn’t know the real him – she knows the week him.

Elena tells Esther she won’t give her her blood they will have to kill her. Esther says that is not necessary and only starts to yell and cut opens on her hand. Esther drops her blood into the bowl.

Alaric/Rick takes the bowl and drink for blood-he asked Esther if the spell is finished and she says not quite yet. She kills him!

Bonnie is still mad at Damon because he turned her mother into a vampire. He tells her he did not have a choice, they would have killer Elena. He gives her some of Jeremy’s blood so she can do a locator spell.

Bonnie cannot get the spell working-she tells them there’s a lot of power behind this. Klaus tells them he knows were Esther is in the old cemetery.

Tyler is upset about Klaus but Caroline tells him no matter how may times she dances with Klaus she still loves Tyler.

Alaric is dead and Esther tells Elena she will have a chance to say goodbye to Rick/Alaric before he changes. Esther tells her when it is all over there will be no more vampires.

Elena is upset because she says there are good vampires who will die.  Esther does not care.

Jeremy walks in – he has a bow and arrow and tells her not to move. Matt has a gun. Esther is making Matt point a gun at Jeremy  and Jeremy point the bow at Matt and Elena screams. They are going to kill each other.

Elena screams for Esther to stop it.

All of a sudden Esther drops to the ground Alaric has stabbed her with the stake.

He asks Elena where his ring is and what happened?

Klaus tells Stefan it is his fault-he release his mother.  Klaus tells Stefan and Damon he wonders what will happen to them when Elena makes her choice.  Bonnie walks in and tells them it is done Esther is not fighting her anymore. The boundary spell is broken  Stefan . Thanks her for doing it-she says she did not do it for her

Elena, Alaric and Jeremy are together and Klaus has taken Esther’s body away.  Alaric tells Jeremy he is not going to do the transition that Esther started-he tells him after all that happened maybe he had it coming. Jeremy does not want Alaric/Rick to die.  Alaric/Rick asks them to leave.  Damon is there to help him through it.  He hugs Elena and she says that is all her fault-she forced him to say to take care of them.  Alaric tells her taking care of her and Jeremy was closest he ever came to having the life he wanted. He tells her to go.

Alaric and Elena go outside and all her friends are there to say goodbye to Rick/Alaric.  Dr. Fell is there to they are saying honoring Alaric/Rick before he dies by being there.

Klaus takes the stake out of Rebekah’s chest. He walks over to his mother tells her that her plan failed. He tells her his survival will haunt her through paternity-she will never destroy him.

Jamie drives Bonnie. He tells her there was nothing she could have done. He thanks for protecting. He asked her if she’s going to be okay alone and she says no – he embraces.

At the Grill Matt and Jeremy are toasting Alaric/Rick. Jeremy is crying.

Elena is cleaning out Alaric’s locker at school – she is upset. She cannot think about the fact that her and Jeremy did not have anyone to take care of them anymore.

Stefan asked her to come with him. She tells him she’s not done. He takes her hand and brings her to the gym.

He tells her this is where Klaus compelled him to bit her. He tells her someone told him that it was okay to feel – emotions are what makes people feel hum – good or bad.

She tells Stefan she doesn’t have anyone anymore-he tells her she has him.

She cries and he holds her.

Dr.Fell Is with Damon and she tells Damon that she gave Alaric a sedative. Dr. Fell tells Damon he should not let Alaric alone in the crypt.

Damon goes in to sit with Alaric/Jeremy – they drink together. Alaric is crying and he tells Damon he has been thinking of cutting back on the drinking and Damon says this stuff will kill you.

Bonnie is sleeping with Jamie and she wakes up – Esther is there and she tells Bonnie her sisters need her to finish what Esther started.

Damon is drinking Whisky and watching Alaric and Alaric’s head falls over – Damon thinks he is dead. He walks out of the crypt and Bonnie is there but she is not talking to him. Damon asked what is going on. She puts a spell on him and he falls to the ground. She takes some blood and runs to the crypt.  She puts the blood to Alaric/Rick’s mouth and he wakes up and transitions and bites her.

Alaric is now an Original Vampire and a Vampire Hunter.  YIKES!!