The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Episode 19 ‘Heart of Darkness’ 4/19/12

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Episode 19 'Heart of Darkness' 4/19/12

After a long hiatus The Vampire Diaries finally returns tonight to the CW with a whole new episode and it is called: “Heart of Darkness.”  Stand by as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute details.  Last time we saw Vamp Diaries Damon and Stefan focused on a new project that they felt would bring them closer to destroying Klaus, and they quickly brought Elena, Caroline and Matt in on the plan.

After Klaus threatened Jeremy, Bonnie, had no choice but to work on the spell he needed. Meanwhile, Klaus and Rebekah find the perfect motivator to convince Finn to cooperate with them, but Rebekah is more interested in her own brutal plan to take revenge on Damon.  If you missed the show or want to get caught up you can read our full and detailed recap here!

On tonight’s episode and the countdown to the final Tyler finally returns to Mystic Falls. Elena and Damon set off together to make sure Jeremy is safe in Denver, and to see if his special abilities can help reveal the information they need about ancient vampire bloodlines. It doesn’t take them long to learn that Jeremy has been hanging with the wrong people.

Stefan and Klaus both go to brutal extremes in their search for the missing weapon. Caroline is thrilled when Tyler returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus. Matt has his hands full trying to keep Rebecca busy organizing the school’s upcoming 1920s Decade Dance.

The show airs at 8PM tonight on Fox and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update! While you wait for the recap check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode HERE

Tonight’s Episode: Tonight Show open up with Elena going to visit Alaric they have them locked up.  Alaric tells Elena that locked up is the place for him to be until they can convince his alter ego where he has the white oak stake.

Elena tells Alaric that they are going to Denver to pick up Jeremy. Elena is going they with Damon because Stefan thinks that Elena has unresolved feelings for him.  Damon asked Stephan if he has heard from Klaus, Stephan says he expects he will soon because Klaus expects him to deliver two stakes. Stefan expects to find out where Alaric our hid the stakes soon.  Stefan tells Elena to be safe on their trip.

At the high school Caroline walks in and asks Matt what he is doing – she tells him is the Decade dance. She hears a voice and looks around it is Rebekka. Carolyn tells Rebekka that the theme of the dance is the 70s. Rebecca tells Carolyn she doesn’t see what her brother sees in Carolyn.

Matt agrees with Rebekka that the 20s is cooler than the 70s and would be a better theme for the dance. Carolyn get mad and tells them whatever have fun in your stupid dad said storms out.

Matt runs after Caroline-Carolyn tells him he was impressive and Matt tells her he just bought herself a day. So it seems that Matt was acting when he was agreeing with Rebekka.

Stefan goes to visit Alaric and he tells that but it’s really hard to fall asleep what you are supposed to. Stefan has brought up a bottle of alcohol to help him get to sleep.  Alaric tells Stefan he feels less pathetic if he didn’t have to drink alone.

Alaric asks Stefan why he stayed with him and why Damon went with Elena.  Stefan tells Alaric that Elena had to go on the road trip with Damon.  Stefan tells Alaric it does not matter what he does fights is blood loss or anything none of that matters if Alayna has feelings for someone else.

Damon and Elena arrive to see Jeremy and he is playing baseball. They tell Jeremy that they traveled across the country so that he could speak to a dead vampire.  Jeremy can speak to ghosts.

Jeremy tells them that he will go with them later his friend is here. Elena looks up and it is Cole, Klaus’ brother and Cole slams a baseball bat over Damon’s head. Jeremy asks them what the hell and Elena explains his friend is Coals is an original.  Damon knocks Cole out.  Jeremy wants to know if Cole is dead but they tell him he is not.

They had to go to a hotel and Damon tells them it somewhere that Cole will not be able to find them.  Jeremy is going to contact Rose-Rose’s ghost finally shows up.

Carolyn is in the forest and Tyler shows up. He tells Carolyn she has no idea how much he missed her.  They kiss and then head to the caves to make out

Matt is in the car with Rebekka and she asks why he is being nice to her.  Rebekka does not bye it, after everything his family has done to him she just does not get it.  Matt tells her is that she cannot just accept a ride home for what it is.

Rebekka walks into her house and her mother is there. She grabs her mother by the neck and slammed through the wall and says to her give me one good reason why I don’t kill you now. Her mother tells her she is dying.

Jeremy is talking to Rose’s ghost – Rose says she will look for information for of them to help them with the originals and tells him to sit tight.

Stefan is talking to Alaric and Klaus walks in and he is found one of the stakes. He knows that Alaric has the other stake. Klaus wants to kill all Alaric.  But Stefan stops him and tells him they found out when they killed the Finn that when you kill a vampire it kills everyone they sired.  So Stefan is waiting for Alaric to pass out.  Klaus tells Stefan he will help him with that and knocks Alaric out.

Stefan called Damon and tells them that Klaus knocked Alaric out. Damon told Stefan that Cole probably called Klaus to let him know that Alaric has the stake. Meanwhile back in the hotel room Jeremy asks Elena what is up with her and Damon. He tells Elena even Rose asked about them and their relationship.

Rebekkah asks her mother how she is dying. Her mother tells her that when Abby was turned into a vampire the connection with her was severed and she is weakened. Her mother tells her she’s been looking over her for a lifetime and saw her crying, crying over her brother. She tells Rebecca that she shouldn’t have lived 1000 years – no one should live that long. Rebekkah tells her mother she hasn’t lived at all. Her mother takes her hands and apologizes.

Rebekkah’s mother falls to the floor and passes out. Klaus walks in and asks what’s going on. Rebekkah tells Klaus their mother is dead.

Tyler tells Caroline that he really missed her. Caroline asked Tyler if the next time they can do this in the bed and Tyler tells her when he figures out how to deal with Klaus. Tyler feels different but he is not sure his bond with Klaus is broken.

Caroline tells Tyler Klaus may not be their only problem. She let Tyler know that Matt killed an original vampire, Finn, and once he died every original he sired died. Caroline tells Tyler that Stefan and Damon are trying to find out if Klaus sired them and if he didn’t they’re going to kill him. Tyler realizes that Klaus sired him and if they kill him he will die. Carolyn tells Tyler- Damon doesn’t care.

Elena asked Damon why she doesn’t let people see the good and him. He said because when people see good they expect you to act good and he does not want to live up to anyone’s expectations.

Damon lies down in bed with her and holds her hand. Elena gets up and she looks upset. Damon follows her and she says don’t! and he says ‘why not.’ She turns around jumps on him and kisses him passionately.

They continue the kiss and Jeremy walks them. Jeremy tells them that Rose (the Ghost) found Mary – she lives in Kansas. Damon walks away from Elena and says: “let’s go.”

Alaric wakes up and Stefan welcomes him back. Alaric tells Stefan that this is stupid the evil one is not coming out. Alaric takes his ring off – he hopes his evil side has a sense of self preservation. Alaric tells Stefan if they have any chance of finding the stake he is going to have to try to kill him and see if his evil side comes out.

Damon, Jeremy and Elena show up at Mary’s house. Elena asked Jeremy to wait outside. He asked them if they don’t want them there so they can make out. Damon tells Jeremy not to be a Dick.

Damon and Elena go into the house and Damon tells her it is Scary Mary’s house.  They hear a noise inside is merit with the stake in her heart.  Cole is there an Damon says Mary and Cole says ‘Quite contrary.’

Stefan is beating the crap out of Alaric and he tells Stefan that he has to really mean it that he has to try to kill him.  Stefan is afraid he won’t be able to stop if he does that.  He throws Alaric into the wall and Alaric is hurt.  All of a sudden a Alaric’s evil side comes out he taunts Stefan that he is so weak, one of nature’s most evil creatures.

Cole tells Damon ‘Shame about Mary she was a blast.’  Elena asks if Cole turned her and he said maybe I did but maybe I didn’t.  Cole tells Damon that he spoke to his brother and knows that Damon and Stefan are trying to find out who sired them.

Cole has a baseball bat and he is beating the crap out of Damon.

Stefan asks Alaric where the stake is.  Alaric tells Stefan he is worse than him he is pathetic.   Alaric tells Stefan he’s going to turn into dust.  Stefan continues to beat the crap out of all Alaric and starts to strangle him. Finally Alaric tells him it is in the cave where no vampire can go.

Stefan walks out of the room and Klaus and Rebekkah are there.  Klaus says “that wasn’t too hard was it.”

Cole is gone and Elena helps Damon up she asked them if he is okay. He puts his hand on her face and she takes it off. He asked her what she is doing. You kiss me!  Elena tells Damon that Stefan says that she has feelings for Damon. Damon asks if she does and she tells him she does not know.  Elena tells Damon that he keeps sabotaging things every time there’s a bump in the road he does something.  Damon tells Elena this time he is not going to make it so easy for her she’s going to have to figure it out herself.

Rebekkah brings a bleeding Alaric out of the basement and tells him she is bringing him to the caves to fetch the stake.

Klaus tells Stefan he knows about Damon’s trip to Denver. He tells Stefan Damon failed.

Stefan asks Klaus if he is going to kill him and then Stefan tells Klaus he knows he doesn’t want to kill him because if he did he would be dead by now.  Klaus tells Stefan he is waiting for his friend to come out and play.

Stefan tells him is never coming out again and tells Klaus to get out of his house.

Jeremy, Damon and Elena are driving back to Mystic Fall.  Rose shows up and she tells Jeremy not to tell anyone that she is there.  She tells Jeremy that Elena and Damon had a fight.  She tells Jeremy that Elena makes Damon a better person and Damon challenges Elena.  She also tells Jeremy Stefan’s love for Elena is pure.  She says Damon’s love is either the best or the worst thing for Elena.

Caroline tells Tyler that her mother said that he could stay at her house for as long as he wants but he cannot sleep in her bed.

Carolyn tells Tyler he can stay until they find out what Damon and Stefan are up to. She tells Tyler she just got him back and she is not losing them again.

Tyler picks up the picture and asks Caroline if Klaus drew the picture for her.  Caroline responds to Tyler that Klaus is pretty creepy. Tyler asks Caroline if Klaus has a thing for her. He is upset and asks what happened when he was away and she says nothing. Tyler asks her why she kept the picture. Tyler walks away and says he’s going to find somewhere else to stay.

Alaric and Rebekkah are in the caves she tells him to go get the stake because she can’t go in.  Alaric picks up the stake and asks why he would give her the one thing that requires everyone to keep him alive.

She asked him what his offer is.  Alaric says: “there is only one stake left and only one original has to die.”

She tells him she does not want one original to die she wants them all to die. She walks into the cave and Alaric asked her how she did that.

She tells him she’s surprised he hasn’t figured it out she is not Rebecca, she is Esther.  Esther tells Alaric they have a lot to talk about.