The Vampire Diaires Season 3 Episode 16 ’1912′ Recap 3/15/12

The Vampire Diaires Season 3 Episode 16 ’1912? Recap 3/15/12

Get ready Vamp Diary fans after another long hiatus The Vampire Diaries finally returns with a new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called ‘1912’ and we will meet Samantha Gilbert who was one of the town’s founding family members.  When last we saw Vamp Diaries the show was all about Klaus and Elijah’s mother Esther who with the help of Bonnie and Abby trying was trying to kill her sons and daughters.  At the same time Stefan and Damon were trying to stop it from happening.

We found out some interesting information on the last episode Rebekah reveals to Klaus that when Elena was in the cave she noticed a message in the paintings: There’s a white oak tree out there somewhere, a tree that has the power to kill Original vampires. This should be interesting  !If you missed the episode you can read our full recap here!

On tonight’s show the present-day murders in Mystic Falls remind Damon of a similar crime spree a century earlier. In flashbacks to 1912, Damon recalls a beautiful vampire, Sage (guest star Cassidy Freeman), who showed him a whole new way to exist. Sheriff Forbes warns Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s going after the wrong suspect.

Elena and Matt resort to breaking and entering in their search for evidence to prove Dr. Fell (guest star Torrey Devitto) is a murderer. For reasons known only to her, Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), becomes interested in locating one of the town’s oldest landmarks. Finally, Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken, and Damon makes an emotional confession to Stefan. John Behring directed the episode written by Julie Plec & Elisabeth R. Finch.

We will be live blogging the show tonight at 8PM EST with all the exciting happens. So don’t miss the recap, come and spend the evening with us! While you wait for the recap, you can read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video here!

Tonight’s Recap:  Tonight’s show opens up with a flashback and a relative of Damon and Stefan Zacharia Salvatore man gets stabbed.

We are then taking back to present time.   Sheriff Forbes is being hassled by Mayor Lockwood about the murders in Mystic Falls.   Alaric comes back alive after being shot by Meredith and finds himself in a jail cell.

Damon is pissed off at Sheriff Forbes because she has Alaric locked up.   Dr. Meredith Fell told the Sheriff that Alaric tried to kill her.  Alaric tells Sheriff Forbes that Dr. Fell shot him. Damon argues with the sheriff but she tells Damon to back off or he is going in the cell too.

Elena is jogging with Matt – Matt tells Elena that he talked to Bonnie and her mom Abby has decided to go through the transition to a Vampire.  Caroline is going to help her through.  Matt tells Elena Bonnie does not blame her – Elena tells Matt it was her fault Damon turned Abby to save her.

Sheriff Forbes calls Elena and Elena comes to jail to see him she meets Damon and Damon tells her that Sheriff Forbes told him to stay out of it but Elena knows Damon is not going to do it.

Elena is pissed because Damon turned Abby into a vampire and Damon tells her he did it to save her. He is trying to act like a big bad.

Stefan is at home and Damon walks in – Damon wants to know what he wants – Damon asks if they can hang. Damon asks if they can join forces and activate their forces. Damon tells Stefan most of the originals are gone but now they have the who done it – in the murders. Damon said he vaguely remembers something like this happening it was 1912. It was the last time Mystic Falls had a serial killer on its hands.

Flashback to 1912 – Stefan is coming back home for a funeral. It is his cousin Zacharia Salvatore. Stefan asks the details of Zacharia’s death. He asks Samantha Gilbert and she tells him it is not the first death – the founders are being targeted. Stefan meets Damon and it seems they have not seen each other in 50 years. Stefan asks Damon if he is still mad at him. Damon says well you turned me into a vampire why would I be mad at you sarcastically.  Stefan wants to know if Damon killed Zacharia. Stefan asks him to go for a drink and lets him know he misses him. Damon agrees to go for the drink.

Presents time Damon asks Stefan to go get drunk. He tells Stefan he was hoping he could help him solve a murder.

Rebekah is talking to Mayor Lockwood and she is asking about a tree. I guess it is the tree that can kill an Original. She wants to know who owned the logging Mills and Mayor Lockwood tells her The Salvatores.

Damon and Stefan are at the bar talking and Rebekah comes up to them. She asks them a lot of questions. Damon is suspicious and asks why she is quizzing them. Stefan asks if she wants more sex. Rebekah wants to know if they found the killer. Rebekah says perhaps it was a vampire. Damon says no because the vampires are all here. Stefan tells him there was one other vampire – remember Sage?

Sheriff Forbes is talking to Alarci at the jail and she is accusing Alaric of the murders. She asks Alaric if he has an alibi for the night Brian was killed. Alaric guesses he was home sleeping.

Flasback to 1912 – Damon is at a fight and Sage and a man are fighting.   She wins the fight and then lets the crowd know she will pay 100 dollars for any man who can beat her. Stefan tells Damon he can teach him to live his life.  Sage comes up to Damon and asks what is happening – Damon tells her not interested and she says too bad.

Current time Rebekah says she knew Sage and she was trash. Damon asks if Stefan thinks it is Sage who is doing the killings.

Elena comes up to Dr. Fells and tells him Alaric did not kill anyone. Dr. Fells tells her she does not know Alarci.  Dr. Fells says Elena dates vampires it should not come as a shock her guardian is a murderer.

Damon tells Rebekah it is boys night and she was not invited.  Matt and Elena break into Dr. Fell’s house.  She knows Alaric is innocent.  Elena goes into the closet in Dr. Fell’s house and starts searching – because she knows she is a Fell she knows there may be something in the closet.  They find a false back and behind the wall is a banker’s box.  The box has files with Bill Forbes, Brian Walker and Alaric’s names.

Stefan asks who he thinks did it.  Damon tells him not Dr. Fell she is a women – Rebekah says women are capable of killing.  Stefan lets Rebekah know he is not interested in slaughtering people anymore and is not drinking human blood anymore.  Damon grabs Stefan’s diary and starts reading it.

Flashback 1912 Damon is biting someone and Sage comes behind him and tells him he is doing it all wrong.  Sage tells Damon that a women is not just for eating she is for pleasure.  She tells Damon to come along and she will show him.

Sage and Damon are at a boxing match – Sage tells Damon to look at the women who are buttoned up and modest they are the women to target.  Sage picks out a women for him.

Present time Rebekah tells Damon that his story of Sage sounds just like Sage – Damon ask how does she know Sage – and she says Sage was obsessed with her brother Finn.

Meanwhile Matt and Elena are going through the files in Dr. Fell’s closet.  They hear someone come in and they hide in the closet.  It is Dr. Fell returning – she changes and heads back out and they breathe a sign of relief.  They open the closet and Dr. Fell is there.

Elena and Matt are at the Sheriff’s office and Sheriff Forbes asks Matt and Elena what were they thinking.  Elena tells the Sheriff they have proof Alaric is innocent.   Sheriff Forbes knows because Dr. Fell gave them a letter showing that the time of death of one of the murders was wrong and Alarci could not have been there.  She tells Matt and Elena to leave.

Damon is with Rebekah and he sees a women and he starts biting her and Stefan comes to save her and Damon asks him if he wants a drink.  Stefan says NO – Damon tells Stefan he needs to save her and bite her or Damon will let Rebekah kill the women.  Damon is not happy that Stefan is not drinking human blood anymore.  Rebekah gets impatient and goes to bite the women.  Stefan is trying to stop himself but cannot and he bites the girl.

Damon tells Rebekah to go away and she calls Damon an ass.  Damon pulls Stefan off of the women and tells him he is going to kill her.

Elena and Matt walk up and see Stefan with his mouth full of blood.  She ask what the two are doing?  Damon tells her to relax it is just an experiment and no need to make it more than it is.  Matt pulls Elena away.  Damon tells Stefan it is going to take a little time.  Stefan walks away.

Matt and Elena are together and Matt tells Elena it just does not make sense.  She lets Matt know that there was a time she felt safe with Stefan.  Matt says that it does not make sense that Stefan is a vampire.  Elena felt Stefan would never die so he could protect her and would she not die like her parents.  She felt Damon on the other hand just snuck up on her.

Matt says once you fall in love with someone he really does not know if you can ever shake it.  Elena asks Matt if it is weird talking about Stefan and Damon with her.

Matt got Elena something – a journal.  Matt lets Elena know that sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in town so no one notices him.  Alaric walks in and he says he is okay.

Stefan is at home and Damon walks in and tells Stefan that Rick is out.  Damon tells Stefan he did really well tonight.  He lets Stefan know that before he knows it he will be the king of moderation.  Damon tells him there is a road to recovery and they are on it.  Stefan asks why does he care?  Stefan tells him to go back to hating him.  Stefan tells him he does not need him – Damon reminds him of 1912…

Flashback to 1912 – Damon is telling Stefan about choosing the perfect person to bite – not the trashy but the modest – it is more interesting – Damon asks Stefan to have a drink with him.  The next scene we see Stefan biting a women… but he is killing her and Damon is trying to stop him.  Stefan goes overboard nonetheless and kills her – he cannot control himself.  He tries to bring her back to life – he blames Damon.  Damon tells Stefan he needs to learn to control himself.

Present time – Damon says he let Stefan go away and become a ripper – Stefan responds that he could not have stopped him – but Damon insists that he could have but he just did not want him around.  Damon tells him this time it will be different, he will help his brother be there every second for him.  Stefan asks why, and Damon says it is because right now you’re all I have!

Elena is reading the journal Matt took for her.  Alaric tells Elena he appreciates what she did for him but he does not want her putting herself in danger.  Elena asks if they can agree to take care of each other.

Alaric asks what she is reading and Elena tells him an old family journal.   It is Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter who apparently was just as crazy as he was.

Damon is playing the piano and Stefan has dug into the family archives.  Stefan tells Damon he found nothing in 1912 about the murders or who did it.  But 10 years laterThey did get a confession 10 years – from Jonathon Gilbert’s niece!!

Damon says could not have been her because he killed her before that!  Too weird!

Meredith comes to Alaric and says that what she did, she did for him.  She tells Rick he has to truth her and if he lets her in, is honest then she will explain all.

Elena is reading the diary of Samantha – Damon is saying to Elena you think Samantha is still alive killing people.

Damon tells Stefan there are only 2 special rings Alaric has one and Jeremy the other.

Meredith accuses Alaric of doing the killings – she tells Alaric that he may be insane – she tells him he wears a ring that keeps him alive and this craziness might be a consequence.  How many times can he come back from the dead – back alive before it changes him?

Elena walks in and tells Rick she thinks he is right and she is carrying the diary of Samantha.

1912 flash back – Samantha – WEARING THE RING… and she stabs violently!!!