The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 4 Premiere “Growing Pains” 10/11/12

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 1 Premiere Recap 10/11/12

Tonight to the CW my favorite show The Vampire Diaries returns with the season 4 premiere called “Growing Pains.” In the season 3 finale, Elena chose Stefan over Damon and sacrificed her life to save Matt.  She died but awoke in transition to become a vampire. Did you see last week’s season finale?  We did and you can read it here to catch up!

Now Elena’s defining characteristics – her compassion for other and her ability to divide the Salvatore brother – will be heightened. Executive producer Julie Plec said, “Stefan, rightfully, so thinks that if she hurts anyone, she won’t be able to handle it, “ and Damon believes, “That that’s inevitable, we’re vampires, so anything you try to do to prevent it is just deluding yourself.”

A new vampire hunter who has an enigmatic original story that piques the interest of Klaus and figures into the seasons larger mythology, arrives in the second episode to complicate matters. “Elena has to be very aware. Which is difficult when you don’t have control of your impulses,”  It’s going to get her unto a couple of sticky situations.

On tonight’s show  Elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find the thing she dreaded most has come true – she died with vampire blood in her system and now must go through the terrible transition to become a vampire…or face certain death. Stefan promises Elena that he and Bonnie will exhaust every possible way out of the situation, but Damon ( is furious with his brother for letting Elena die in the first place.

Bonnie pays a terrible price for her attempt to change Elena’s fate, while Damon takes out his frustration and rage on Matt . In a rare moment of empathy, Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) is deeply touched by Stefan and Elena’s devotion to one another. Finally, Pastor Young  and the Town Council members begin rounding up the vampires and their supporters, leading to an unexpected tragedy.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere ‘Growing Pains’ airs at 8PM tonight on the CW and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens the morning Elena wakes up and Stefan is with her.  He tells her she has been in and out for house and she has been in an accident.  Damon is there too and he tells her that Matt is alive. Elena wants to know how Stefan saved her and Damon tells her that Stefan did not.

It seems that when Elena went off the road she had vampire blood in her system, Elena is really upset.  Stefan tells Elena maybe Bonnie can help.  Damon tells Elena there is not door number 3 she must feed.  Elena does not want a door number 3 she says she cannot be a vampire.  Damon tells her it is her choice as always.

Damon leaves and Stefan follows and Damon gives Stefan hell for giving Elena hope where there is none.  Damon is pissed at Stefan because he saved Matt before Elena.

Elena is distraught and searches in the mirror to see if she can find fangs.  Jeremy comes in to visit her to see if she is okay.  Jeremy watched Vicky go through the transition and he knows she needs help.  Elena wants to know if he talked to Bonnie.  Jeremy tells Elena he needs his sister and not a way out of this.  Elena assures him all will be okay.

In a coffin Bonnie is looking at a coffin of a burned out vampire and Tyler comes but it is not Tyler it is Klaus and he wants to go back to his body.  Bonnie tells him she cannot and Tyler/Klaus tells him the same rules apply no one can do.

A priest comes in to see Dr. Feller he is there to protect the blood in the hospital.  Alaric told the council everything.

Caroline comes to see Matt at the hospital and she is upset, Tyler is dead and everything is different.  Someone comes to the door and walks in to see if all is okay.

The mayor is arrested and then they are taking Liz’s badge they tell her she is not fit to be in charge.  The council members have taken all her deputies too.

They also have the cities supply of Vervain.  The city council is in charge now.

Liz calls Caroline and tells her to get away quickly as Caroline leaves her house members of the city council grab her and stick a syringe in her neck.

Elena cannot stop thinking of blood.  Stefan wishes he had saved her first, but Elena is glad he did not.  Elena is happy that Stefan did what she wanted.

Stefan is upset because if Bonnie cannot help her than Elena is going to have to make a choice.  Stefan assures her no matter what happens he is there for her.

Elena heads up stairs and Damon is there and she sees another Elena talking to Damon she is hallucinating or so she thinks.  She is remembering when Damon told her he loved her and he did not deserve her but Stefan did.  Then she realizes Damon made her forget the memory.  She sobs.

Rebekah is at her house and she is upset and Damon walks in.  Damon goes to attack Rebekah with a stake and she fights him.  As they are fighting a stake flies through the window and stakes her.

Back with Elena she hears something downstairs and the council members and Pastor Young are there and they have guns on Stefan.

Tyler’s mother calls him and tells him that Pastor Young called her and she is afraid he was with Caroline.  She lets Tyler/Klaus know the council took Caroline.

Caroline and Rebekah are traveling in a car and they are tied with vervain rope.  The car has an accident ad it is Tyler he caused the accident and he is saving Caroline, he leaves Rebekah in the care tried up as the police arrive.  He whispers too Rebekah keep them busy ‘little sister’

Liz tells Damon that the council has taken Rebekah and they took Caroline, but she got away.

Pastor Young has Elena and he tells her he has her somewhere no vampires can come because they have not be invited.  Elena wants to know where Stefan is and the Pastor tells you where he cannot hurt you.  The Pastor is keeping Stefan until Damon comes to save him.  They are keeping Rebekah until her siblings come for her and when they all come they expect Elena to give them the white oak stake to kill all the vampires.

Elena gets up and runs out of the house to escape because she is feeling like feeding on the Pastor as she runs a man comes up to her and catches her.

Caroline and Tyler are in the woods and she is kissing him and they are making out.  Caroline tells him she did not know he was love.  Tyler/Klaus tries to get her to stop and then he calls her love.  She figures out it is not Caroline it is Klaus.  She tells him he is disgusting.

He tells her he did not have to risk exposure because he saved her.  She demands he put Tyler back.

Bonnie is chanting as Jeremy watches.  Bonnie tells Jeremy the spirits are not listening but there is something else she can try.  She tells Jeremy maybe she can go back to the other side and pull Elena back.

She wants to stop her heart and bring Elena back but Jeremy does not want her to.  Bonnie tells Jeremy she is strong enough.

Damon is trying to get everyone to think where the Pastor has everyone locked up.  Matt comes up with the idea that maybe the Pastor has them on his Cattle Ranch.

Elena is coming too from being knocked out.  She is locked up with Rebekah and Stefan.  Elena tells Stefan she has no fed.  Rebekah is happy she calculates Elena has three hours to live if she does not feed.

Bonnie is still chanting as Jeremy watches.  Blood is pouring out of Bonnie’s nose.  Jeremy is trying to stop it because he cannot watch Bonnie died.  Bonnie falls over as the blood pours from her nose.

Bonnie is with Elena in the cell and she asks Elena to come back.  Elena tells Stefan something is happening.  Bonnie tells her they are going home.  All of a sudden we hear a voice and someone says NO and Bonnie’s grandmother appears and tells Bonnie to go back before they try to keep Bonnie there.  Bonnie’s grandmother tells her to stay away and she screams go.

Jeremy keeps calling for Bonnie to come back and Bonnie wakes up and tells Jeremy she could not do it and it did not work.

Elena tells Stefan she needs blood, she is going to die.  Stefan starts screaming for the guards Stefan tells he man Elena is going to die if they don’t let her out.  The man shoots Stefan and he falls to the floor.

Klaus/Tyler comes to see Bonnie and demands she let him out.  Bonnie tells him she is not strong enough.  Klaus start to pull Tyler’s heart out and tells Bonnie he will kill Tyler if she does not get him out of his body.

Stefan’s leg has been damaged and he pulls the wooden bullet out.  Elena is fading fast.  Stefan tells Elena Damon was right she should have fed this morning.  Elena tells him not to be sorry because he had hope.

Stefan declares his love for her.  Elena asks Stefan if he knows why she was on the bridge.  Elena tells Stefan she was on the bridge because she was coming back to him because she chose him because she loves him.

Damon and Matt pull up to Pastor Young’s house.  Matt says so we just walk up to the house with no weapons and Damon tells him no we use bait and he bites Matt.

Damon walks in front the house and starts taunting them saying “Big Bad Vampire Out here”  The Pastor tells Damon to let Matt go because he is innocent.  Damon wants Elena and Stefan back and he will give them Matt.  The Pastor tells Damon he is not invited and someone shoots Damon.

Over with Bonnie she is chanting and Tyler comes back but Bonnie’s grandmother appears and tells her she warned her.  Bonnie’s grandmother appears and tells them they are taking it out on her.  Bonnie starts screaming what did she do.

On the ranch the man comes in and Rebekkah offers them money and he backs up and tells her he rather watch her die and as he backs up near Stefan’s cell Stefan kills him and his blood leaks on the floor.  Stefan calls for Elena.

Elena is in really, really bad shape but she reaches for the blood and gets some in her mouth.

The men come toward Damon on the ground with guns, Damon was faking being hurt and he knock them out.  He comes over and puts his foot on Matt’s throat and Matt tells him he cannot hate him as much as he hates himself.  Damon tells him oh yes he does.  Damon pushes his foot down to crush Matt’s throat.

Elena shows up fangs out and screams leave him alone!  The are all out of the cell and Stefan helps Matt up.  Matt asks Stefan to stop saving him.  Matt is pissed Stefan saved him.  Stefan tells Matt he better appreciate each day he lives because they saved him.

Elena is pissed at Damon because he was trying to kill Matt.  Elena tells Damon she remembers everything, from the first day she met him and she knows Damon compelled her to forget everything.  Elena asks Damon if he had been at the bridge would he have done what Stefan did.  Damon tells her NO because he wanted her to live and he wanted her to grow up and YES he is that selfish.  Damon tells her he knows the first night they met is not the only thing she remembers.

Rebekkah comes to see Klaus that she cannot believe he saved Caroline over her.  Caroline is pissed she already loved him over everyone.  Klaus agrees going forward she is nothing to him.

Elena tells Stefan that the whole council now knows everything.  Stefan tells Elena he wishes he could tell her everything will be okay that she won’t crave blood.  But it will be the worse thing she ever lived with.  Elena tells him she will live and she will be with him forever,they will get through it, they always do.  Stefan gives Elena a daylight ring that Bonnie made for her.

Stefan tells her one day at a time.

At Pastor Young’ ranch he is talking to the other members of the council he is telling them that the vampires have escaped but fear not he has been chosen to lead them in a new movement.  As he is talking he is unscrewing the gas line.

He says friends this is the beginning and he lights a lighter and the house blows up with them in it.