The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Finale ‘The Departed’ 5/10/12

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Finale 'The Departed' 5/10/12

The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW tonight and it is the season finale.  Season 3 just started and it is already ending. Tonight’s episode is called ‘The Departed.’  Stand by as we live blog the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.  On last weeks episode now that Alaric is an original vampire hunter Klaus was determined to leave town and take Elena’s blood with him.

Meanwhile Bonnie plans to desecrate Alaric through magic, just like Bonnie’s mother did with Mikael before. Stefan takes the opportunity and turns the curse onto an unsuspecting Klaus, allowing them to get rid of the thorn in their side.  At the end of the episode Klaus isn’t quite dead, just sleeping, and Alaric’s is on his way to wipe out the entire vampire race. Meanwhile, Elena wasn’t looking too good when we last saw her.  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s episode which is the season finale – determined to protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that will change everything. In the harsh reality of the present situation, Elena longs for simpler times when her parents, Grayson and Miranda, and Aunt Jenna were still alive and her biggest concern was her relationship with Matt.

Stefan and Damon leave Mystic Falls together on a mission, but soon split up when Elena needs one of them. Caroline and Tyler are forced to make a life-changing decision. Finally, Bonnie makes a secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences.    If you want to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode you can see the video HERE!

‘The Departed’ airs at 8PM tonight on Fox and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

Tonight’s show: Tonight show opens with Elena in bed. She’s having a flashback when she was young and her mother and father were still alive.

Present time – Next we see Elena in a hospital bed-Dr. Fell tells Jeremy that Elena is going to be fine she’s just been through a lot. Jeremy calls Damon and Stephan and tells them he took Elena to the hospital because he found her unconscious. They were upset at Jeremy for taking her to the hospital.  After all they are both vampires and they could have helped Elena

Stefan tells Damon that one of them has to keep driving around because Klaus sired them and they have his body in the car and they need to make sure Alaric does not find it.  If Alaric kill Klaus they die.

Alaric shows up at Dr. Fell’s office. He tells her that she is too good Dr. and he knows why – he found her vampire blood and he spills out the blood.  He tells her the Town  Council will get in touch with her regarding suspending her medical license.

Alaric goes to Elena’s hospital room and she is gone.

Elena is at home with Caroline and she assures her that she is fine. Caroline offers to get her some tea with vodka to help her sleep. Elena looks at a pictures of her when she was young in a cheerleader outfit.  There is a picture of her Mom and Dad too.

She starts having a  flashback to when she was younger and when she was dating Matt.  In the flashback Elena and Bonnie are talking and Matt is there and he comes over and gives Elena a kiss and says ‘I love you’ and Elena does not respond. Bonnie notices Elena she did not respond to Matt’s ‘I Love You’ and suggests she should drop him if she is not into him anymore.

Present time – Elena looks up and Matt is there, she apologizes for stringing him along when they were younger.  She tells him she’s doing the same thing to Stefan and Damon and she has to let one of them go. Matt asks which one she doesn’t respond.

Jeremy is at Mystic Grill and Alaric tells Jeremy they have to talk.

Elena tells Matt they are coddling her too much. Elena gets up and goes to the door, she opens the door and Elijah is there.

Alaric tells Jeremy he needs to know where they’re hiding Klaus. Jeremy asks why he should help. Alaric tells Jeremy he should help because the vampires have almost killed his sister Elena many times. He asks Jeremy to help him kill all the vampires.

Jeremy is concerned because when Alaric dies then Elena will die too. Alaric tells Jeremy to get Bonnie to cast a spell to insure Elena won’t die – when he dies. He shows Jeremy a stake and he tells him that all he has to do is kill Klaus and all the vampires will be killed Klaus sired them.

Elijah wants Klaus body back and he promises to help them Elena, Stefan and Damon kill Alaric if they return Klaus to him.

Damon asks if Elena and Stefan have lost their mind even considering Elijah’s request. He tells them once they give Klaus’ body back they will kill Elena. Damon demands they not do it.

Elena asks Elijah why he wants Klaus’ body. Elijah tells Elena it his brother and they should be together.

Elena tells Elijah they have a deal.

Tyler and Caroline come home and their mothers are there. Their Mom’s tell them Alaric outed them to the Town Council.  Their mothers tell them Alaric has the Town Council looking for Klaus and once they find him they are coming after Caroline and Tyler and they will kill them.  Their mothers want them to leave town they are afraid they will be killed.  They have put together some money for them.

Jeremy tells Matt what Alaric proposed to him. Jeremy tells Matt that he has no idea where Klaus body is. Matt tells Jeremy he does!

Jeremy calls Alaric and tells him that Damon has Klaus’ body and he is on his way to town. Alaric thanks Jeremy and tells him he did the right thing for sister.

Meanwhile, Jeremy did not betray his friends they know he called Alaric  – Stefan, Matt and Elena were listening when Jeremy called Alaric.

Caroline tells Tyler that they cannot just leave town. Their friends need them. Tyler tells Caroline Elena has Stefan and Damon to protect her.

Caroline tells Tyler she will run with him but first she has to protect her friends. Tyler is going to get their things together and they will meet in 2 hrs to leave town.

Caroline says she hasn’t called Bonnie and Tyler tells her he will call Bonnie for her and meet them her in two hours. He leaves!

Damon is with Bonnie and he tells her ‘he’s not out of town for two hours and Elena sold their soul.’

Bonnie and Damon go to the storage locker where he has Klaus’ body hidden. Bonnie wants a minute to appreciate Klaus the way he is looking now, chained up and desecrated. She tells him he should burn in hell. But then realizes if he dies so does her friends and her mother. She doesn’t know what she’s suppose to do about that.

Elena tells Stefan to make sure that Alaric does not lay a hand on Jeremy. Elena is upset she tells Stefan that each time someone walks out of her house, she feels like they may not make it back home. Stefan promises her he will do everything in his power to make sure that they all come back alive.

Elena wants to say something to Stefan but she tells him they can talk later. He walks away and then he turns and comes back and he takes her face in his hands and he kisses her. And he says, “ just in case there is no later.”

Back at the locker Damon calls Stefan and tells him Bonnie just left and Rebekah should be there soon to pick up Klaus’ body.

Damon hears a noise and tells Stefan that ‘the original sister is there.’ He walks over and Alaric puts his arm around Damon’s neck and demands to know where Klaus’ body is. Damon tells him in a locker, but there are 100’s. Alaric breaks Damon’s neck.

Matt brings Elena tea and says ‘Stefan?’ Elena tells him that Stefan saved her life. She tells him you should love the person makes you feel happy be alive. Matt asks her what the problem is and Elena says the problem is Damon. When she is with Damon he confuses her. She knows that she cannot choose. She knows that if she chooses one, she loses the other and she cannot lose someone right now.

She tells Matt she wishes her mother was there so she could get her advice.

Elena is having another flashback. Elena is calling home and her Aunt Jenna picks up and she asks speak to her mother. Elena tells her mom that Matt and her had a fight and she doesn’t know what to do. She tells her mother she is afraid to lose him. Her mouth tells her she is not going to lose him but she is going to set him free.

Present time – Elena wakes up and she is in Matt’s truck-she realizes that Matt drugged her. He tells her he is taking her out of town it is the only way to save her.

Alaric is in the storage area looking through the different storage areas and is trying to find Klaus’ body. Rebekah comes in and she’s calling for Damon and when Damon doesn’t answer she yells and says – he it isn’t being funny hiding from her.

Alaric hears her and gets the stake out. Yikes! Damon comes behind Rebekah and puts his hand over her mouth and pulls her aside and tells her to be quiet.

Alaric goes to locker 1020 where Klaus was and it is now empty. Meanwhile Elena and Rebekah are rolling his coffin out. Alaric comes behind them and knocks Rebekah out and then knocks Damon out. He opens the coffin up he takes the stake and he stakes Klaus as Rebekah looks on with Damon. Rebekah screams and Damon tries to stop Alaric but he could not. Klaus’ body goes up in flames. Alaric looks at Rebekah and says you next. Damon pushes her and tells her to run. Alaric gives Damon a totally pissed off look.

Damon calls Stefan and tells him he has bad news, Alaric staked Klaus. He asks Damon how he is feeling and Damon says he’s feeling okay. Stefan says there is no time for him to get back, because if Klaus sired them they will be dead in an hour. Stefan tells Damon he won’t have time to say goodbye to Elena. Damon asks Stefan to say goodbye for both of them.

Jeremy tells Stefan that Elena is not there, Matt took her out of town to keep her safe. Caroline and Elijah show up and they ask what happened.

Meanwhile, Elena is in the car with Matt and she explains to him that Klaus is dead. Matt realizes what that means. Damon and Stefan will die. He tells her that Damon is not with Stefan. He tells her she has to make a choice she could either go to Stefan before he dies or Damon.

Elena calls Damon and tells him she’s going home. Damon comments- you’re going back to Stefan. She responds no, I am going back to Stefan, Caroline and Tyler.

Damon asks her if he can ask one last question. She says yes, and Damon asks if she had to make a straight choice between him and Stefan who would she choose.

She tells Damon she loves Stefan, he came into her life when she needed someone. She tells Damon what she feels for him she will never feel with Stefan.

Damon says that it is always Stefan first. She tells Damon that she cares about him but that is the reason she has let him go.

She tells Damon maybe if they had met first. She tells Damon he is going to be fine, he’s going to be okay and she is going to see him soon. Meanwhile, Damon doesn’t tell her that Alaric is there with him and pissed and wants to kill him.

Caroline runs to the caves and meets Tyler she is sobbing. She tells Tyler Klaus has died. Tyler realizes that because Klaus sired him that means he will die. Tyler tells her she’s going to be fine. He tells Caroline she is strong, and she will make it through this and she should tell his mother that he left town like they planned.

Tyler starts to bend over in pain. He asks Carolyn if she feels anything and she tells him she feels fine. He starts screaming in agony, he tells her he doesn’t want her to watch him die. He is turning into a werewolf. He screams at her to leave and she runs away.

Elena is crying she tells Matt Tyler is dead. Matt tells her this is not what their live was suppose to be like.

Rebekah comes and tells Elijah that Klaus is gone and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Elijah tells her that Tyler Lockwood is dead but he does not understand why Damon and Stefan are still alive.

Bonnie walks into the cave where Tyler was and she screams, ‘I know you are there.’ Tyler comes out and we find out that Bonnie swamped Klaus’ body with Tylers and it is actually Klaus and not Tyler in the cave.  Klaus/Tyler thanks Bonnie and she says she did it because she wanted to, not because Klaus asked her.  So we now know the reason Stefan and Damon are not dead, Klaus is still alive.

Rebekah sees Stefan and she tells him she is not leaving, she is tired of running. Stefan is pissed because her and Elijah promised they would leave.

Rebekah tells Stefan Klaus died so the promise is off. Rebekah, Cole and the rest of her family are coming and they are going want Alaric dead.  Stefan knows what Rebekah is going to do, she is going to kill Elena.

Matt and Elena are driving and talking and Matt looks down for a second. When he looks up he sees someone in the middle of the road, it is Rebekah. He pulls the wheel and swerves and goes over the Wickery Bridge and crashes in the water.

Meanwhile, Alaric is beating the crap out of  Damon.  Damon is lying on the ground all bloodied. Alaric is enjoying torturing him.

Elena is having a flashback.

We see Damon lying on the road.

Elena is on the phone talking to Bonnie and she sees Damon. Damon thinks she is Katherine. Elena tells him she is Elena and asks who he is. He introduces himself.

Elena is remembering when she and Damon first met. She tells him she had a fight with her boyfriend who had their future all mapped out. She tells Damon she does not know what she wants. Damon tells her that she is not telling the truth she wants what everyone else wants.

He tells her he’s been around long time he has learned a few things. Elena asks him, “what do I want?” Damon responds, “You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure and even little danger.”

She hears a car horn and she tells him it’s her parents. He tells her he wants her to have everything that she wants. Then he compels her and tells her to forget this happened and that they met. He doesn’t want people to know he’s in town just yet.

Back to the present time, Damon is lying on the ground in the storage company and is bleeding and hurt. He taunts Alaric and says ‘Is that all you have?’ Alaric takes the stake and tries to stake Damon but Damon pushes Alaric off and fights with him the best he can.

Elena wakes up in the car under the water and she tries to wake Matt up but it looks like he has drowned. She punches the doors and the windows but they are jammed and she cannot get out. She starts to have flashbacks to when she was stuck with her parents in the car drowning. She mouths ‘I love you.’

Stephan is outside the car and he is trying to get them out and save them. He goes for her she shakes her head and he pulls Matt out of the car.

Damon and Alaric are fighting. Alaric falls to the ground and he dies. Damon is upset because he realizes if Alaric is dead then Elena is dead because their lives were tied together by Esther.

Jeremy is at home and comes down the stairs and Alaric is there and Jeremy asks him what he is doing there. He tells Jeremy he wanted to come and say goodbye and he wanted Jeremy to know he would always be there for him. Jeremy realizes he is a ghost.

Jeremy then realizes that if Alaric/Rick is dead then his sister Elena is dead too.  Alaric/Rick confirms that Elena is dead.

Stefan is holding Elena’s dead body and he is looking at her.

Damon comes into the hospital and and he sees Dr. Fell and he asks where Elena is. Dr. Fell tells Damon that when Elena came in the hospital earlier that day she was in bad shape. She had a cerebral hemorrhage and Dr. Fell gave her something and helped her. Damon says ‘you what?’

Next scene we see Elena lying on a gurney and she starts coughing and she sits up.


So many questions!  Is Tyler dead?  When Bonnie switched Tyler and Klaus’ body does that mean Alaric stabbed Tyler?

Will Klaus remain in Tyler’s body and pretend he is Tyler?

What does it mean that Elena came back alive she was dead for a long time.

Is Alaric really dead?

What will Caroline think of Bonnie’s decision to sacrifice Tyler?

Is Matt dead?

I guess we will have to wait till season 4 to find out the answers.  Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the finale!