The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Episode 21 ‘Before Sunset’ 5/3/12

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Season 3 Episode 21 'Before Sunset' 5/3/12

The Vampire Diaries returns tonight to the CW with a whole new episode and it is called: “Before Sunset.”  Stand by as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute details.  Last time we saw Vamp Diaries Esther and Alaric had teamed up.  Esther convinced Alaric to become an Original Vampire Hunter like her husband Michael was.  Esther put a spell on the dance where everyone was at so Damon and Stefan could not leave and save Alaric.  They had to enlist Bonnie’s help to break the spell so they could go and stop Esther from changing Alaric.

At the end of the episode, just when we thought Alaric was going to die, Bonnie stepped in and donated something and Alaric goes through the transition and we assume he is now an Original Vampire Hunter.  If you missed the exciting episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

On tonight’s episode Klaus acts on his intentions to leave town with Elena, but finds resistance from a surprising new enemy. Bonnie calls on Abby to help her with a difficult spell. As events spiral out of control, Elena is determined to protect Caroline, Damon and Stefan enlist Tyler’s help, while Bonnie and Jeremy  take a terrifying risk to make sure her spell is effective. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future.

From the preview for tonight’s episode it looks like Alaric is on the rampage.  We see Alaric slamming Elena into a locker and he tells her she does not deserve to live.  It looks like to beat Alaric, Damon and Stefan will work with their enemy Klaus.  If you want to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode you can see the video HERE!

The finale of Vampire Diaries is happening soon and Celeb Dirty Laundry has a few spoilers that will definitely get curious fans even more excited than they already are.  Check them out here!

‘Before Sunset’ airs at 8PM tonight on Fox and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

Tonight’s Episode: tonight’s episode opens up with Alaric in his classroom. He has the stake, the white oak stake that Esther made for him.  Tyler calls Caroline and tells her he has to back out of helping her with the dance. He has to go and help Klaus because he is moving.

Caroline comes into the room and sees Rebekah and she tells her Matt has bailed. So it is just Caroline and Rebekah to set up the dance.  Caroline tells Rebekah that she is sorry about her mother Esther.  Rebekah tells her she is sorry for her teacher Alaric he seemed like a nice guy.

Rebekah walks out of the room and she sees Alaric and she says I thought you were supposed to be dead. He says I am Andy slams Rebekah into the locker.  Caroline comes and grabbed the stake and status Alaric with it. They both run out of school.  Alaric walks out of school and his skin is burning.  Rebekah watches.

Stefan comes over to Elena’s house and Elena and Jeremy are painting. The doorbell rings him, Stefan goes to get it. It is Damon, Andy tells Stefan that they have a problem. He has Bonnie and her neck has been bitten.

Rebekah goes to see Klaus and she tells him that Alaric is the super vampire and he’s coming after them. He cannot come now because he does not have a daytime ring. She tells him that Alaric will come after them when the night falls.  Klaus tells Rebekah that he is going after Elena and then he is leaving. She asked him to leave right away. He refuses.

Stefan asks Damon how Alaric turned into a vampire they were supposed to stop that.   Bonnie tells them that the witches made her go to Alaric and give him blood. She lets Damon and Stefan no that there must be a fixed to the spell, because every spell has a fix.

Elena phone rings and it shows it is Alaric.  She picks it up and says she doesn’t appreciate the joke, but it is Alaric and he tells her to come to the school he has Caroline and if Elena does not come he will kill her.

Klaus goes to Elena’s house. Stefan opens the door and asked when he is therefore. Damon comes and asks Klaus what he wants-Klaus wants the Doppelgänger.

Stefan goes in the house to look for a Elena and she is not there.  Bonnie comes in and asks what’s wrong-they tell her Klaus wants Elena but she is not there.  Klaus gets pissed off outside and throws a newspaper through the window, breaking it.

Elena get to school and she hears Caroline.  Alaric has driven a pencil through Caroline’s hand.  Elena asks him to let her go, he tells her to free Caroline herself.  But stops her when she tries.

Alaric goes nuts and says to Elena: “how many times I have to tell you, stop trusting vampires.”

Klaus tells Stefan, Damon and Bonnie they probably want to let a man.  He starts throwing things into the house, a basketball stakes etc.  he finally brings a propane tank and fire,  Stefan comes out. He tells Klaus that Alaric has Elena and Caroline.  Stefan asks him to work with them to find a way to bring Alaric down.

Bonnie tells them that she may have an idea, her mother used a spell on Michael that kept him down for 15 years.  Klaus tells them the sun will set in 15 hours, if they do not succeed Elena will be dead, and he will be gone.

Alaric is torturing Caroline, he tells Elena she can make the pain go away for Caroline by driving the white oak stake into her heart.

They are waiting for Abby to get to the house.  Bonnie tells Damon to relax she is coming.  The door bell rings, it is Abby, Bonnie’s mother.  Bonnie tells her it is urgent.

Stefan and Klaus shows up at the school.  Stefan tells him Abby showed up.  Klaus says maybe the plan will not fail. But if it is successful he is still leaving with Elena. Stefan says he will go with them.

Abby asked why she doesn’t have to be invited in.  Bonnie explains that vampires live in a house. Damon comes and offers Abby blood. She ignores him. Bonnie tells the that they need to create a spell to desecrate Alaric.  She knows that Abby knows how because she desecrated Michael. Abby tells them the spell will make the vampires heart stop. She tells her to stop the vampires heart, you need to find a balance in the living. She explains to stop the vampires heart, you have to stop the human heart.

Damon asks Jeremy to give him the ring he has.  Jeremy refuses, Damon is afraid if Jeremy dies they will have another Alaric on their hands.

Bonnie has a pile of her blood she gives it to Stefan, Damon, Klaus, this will tie them together.  Bonnie tells them that they have to open the blood line on Alaric.  She will stop Jeremy’s heart and then of course because he has the ring they can bring it back to life.

Alaric tells Elena that her parents were on the Council at it was their mission to keep the town safe. He asked her if she really thinks her parents would be proud of her?  she tells her if she does not side with the humans she is just as bad as the vampires.

He tells Elena to kill Caroline -and if she doesn’t do it he will do it and make sure it hurts. He gives Elena the stake and tries to stake Alaric and then throw something into his eyes. She lets Caroline go and runs away.  Alaric catches Elena. Carolyn runs out and Klaus catches her and tells her to go home and not come out.

Alaric slams Elena into the lockers and tells her she does not deserve to live. She tells him that if that is the case that he should kill her.  He does not kill her. Damon and Stefan jump on Alaric and he starts a fight with them.  Klaus jumps Alaric and puts his hand in his body and he is bleeding.

Meanwhile Bonnie starts the spell, it is working.  She has Jeremy on the ground and she is chanting.  Then the spell is broken because Alaric broke away from Klaus.  Alaric is killing Klaus.  Elena comes up and she has a knife to her neck and she tells Alaric if he does not stop she will kill her self.  Elena has figured out why Alaric did not kill her.

Esther did not want Alaric to be immortal, so he tied his life to Elena’s.  If Elena dies, so does Alaric.  Alaric releases Klaus.

He grabs Elena and they take off.

Elena wakes up.  There is a nurse and they have a syringe in her arm and they are removing the blood from her body. Tyler comes in and Klaus tells him no-he tells them to going get more blood bags. Tyler tries to resist but he leaves to get the bags.  Klaus intends to drain Elena dry.

Damon is coming to and Klaus tells them to get up.  Alaric tells them that Klaus is going to kill Elena.  Alaric tells them that Klaus figured out that his life is tied to Elena’s. He intends to kill Elena.  Alaric tells Stefan and Damon to go save Elena.

Klaus tells Elena that Stefan blames him for tearing his brother from him. But Klaus tells her it is her who split the brothers up. Because she will not choose between the brothers.  Klaus asked her who she would choose and she tells him to rot in hell.

As Elena starts to die he tells says, “sweet dreams Elena, it’s been fun.”

Elena is starting to fade as the last of her blood drops into the bag, Tyler comes then and undoes the ropes. She asked what he is doing he tells her to be quiet. Tyler turns around and Klaus has come into the room. He tells Klaus he is not is bitch anymore.  Klaus wants to know how he broke the sire bond.   Klaus goes after Tyler when he grabs him Elena falls to the ground and her head hit the wall.

Stefan and Damon come in the room and Stefan sticks his hand into Klaus heart and hold on it as Bonnie chants her spell.  this spell is successful or appears to be and Klaus appears to be dying.  Bonnie is successful and she has desecrated Klaus.

Damon goes and picks up Elena and asks if she is okay.

Bonnie starts hitting Jeremy because it looks like he’s dead-after a couple minutes he comes back.

Klaus falls to the floor. Stefan tells Damon together out of here before the sun sets.

Damon and Stefan walk Elena to the door. She tells them she does not have to worry about Alaric but they do.  They tell her he won’t be able to get to them where they are going.  Elena and lets the boys know that they may think she’s selfish but she does not know what to do. If she chooses one of them she loses the other and she cannot bear the thought of losing one of them.

They ignore what she said and tell her they will call her from the road. She tells him to be careful.she goes in the house and Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt and Tyler are there. They tell Elena they are having a victory celebration.  They have been trying to get rid of Klaus for a long time.  Caroline gives Elena a drink.

Tyler asked him to hang on, and he says ‘you they hear that?’ They asks what? and Tyler says ‘a Klaus free world.’

The sheriff comes to see Carol the Mayor. The sheriff asks Carol why she called a meeting of the Town Council so late. The Mayor responds she did not call the meeting Alaric did.  Alaric tells the Council that the sheriff has a vampire as a daughter and the mayor has a son who is a half vampire, half werewolf.  Alaric tells the town coucil that they have been covering up murders caused by their son and daughter. The sheriff says she’s leaving.  Alaric stands in front of her and says sit down we are not finished with this

Damon and Stefan are driving out of town. Damon is in a good mood because he says they won. He makes Stefan say they won and thanks Damon. He tells Damon they made a pretty good team, it only took a century and a half.

Stefan asked Damon what happens when Elena makes a decision. Damon says , ‘she will probably make a list of pros and cons and dump both their asses.’  Stefan responds, ‘what if she doesn’t.’

Damon says that she will pick one of us.

Stefan says ‘Well if she chooses you I will leave town and let the two of you be happy and not bother you.’ Damon says, ‘six years later we will go back to being brothers and none of this will matter.’

Damon says, ‘Fine! If she choose you I will leave town too. ‘All this over one girl!’

Stefan says she’s pretty special girl. Damon agrees!

Jeremy is painting and Elena comes in. Everyone’s gone.  Elena says maybe Alaric is right and they should kill all the vampires but then she loses Caroline and she loses Stefan and Damon and Bonnie loses her mother. If that makes her a bad guy by wanting them alive she doesn’t care.

Jeremy tells her that once Alaric wants to die he will try to kill Elena and then he will lose her and  is not to let that happen.

Elena starts painting Jeremy leaves the room.

All of a sudden she starts pain in her neck and she falls to the ground and blood starts to drain out of her nose.


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