‘The Voice’ Recap: Season 3 Premiere ‘Blind Auditions, Part 2’ 9/11/12

'The Voice' Recap: Season 3 Premiere 'Blind Auditions, Part 2' 9/11/12

The Voice season 3 premiere week continues tonight with Part 2 of the Blind Auditions.  The coaches continue their quest to find the best singers for their teams.  If you missed last night’s Part 1 of the Blind Auditions you can read our full and detailed recap here!

On last night’s show the premiere ratings were down substantially from the season 2 premiere but up from the season 1 premiere.  But it still opened with a respectable number 4.1 rating/11 share in adults 18-49.  The show opened last night with an ecstatic rendition of a Rolling Stones classic by the judges.  The new season has allowed the producers to bring in a brand new twist called the “Steal”, where one judge is able to steal two contestants from a rival judge.

There were great singers, there were good singers and there were some average singers, but as per usual, the chairs swung around and the fates of a few were in the hands of Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

My favorites from last night were Scottish Rocker Terry McDermott who sang The Who’s  “Baba ‘O Riley”.   After last night the number of contestants each judge picked up is as follows: Christina Aguilera – 2, Adam Levine – 2, Cee Lo Green – 2, Blake Shelton – 2.

On tonight’s show premiere week continues on the voice with Part 2 of the Blind Auditions.  The coaches continue their quest to find the best singers for their teams.

Tonight’s premiere is going to be and exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Voice.

Tonight’s recap:  The blind auditions continue tonight with part 2 of the premiere as the judges continue to look for the best singers.  First up tonight is:

Adrianna Louise  is a waitress and bartender from NYC and she is singing Domino.  The first judge to turn their chair is Adam Levine, then Cee Lo, Christina and lastly Blake.  The judges give her a standing ovation.  Christina tells her they belong together they are a match made in heaven.  Cee Lo thinks she sings and moves like a professional.  Adam tells her she has a voice like people want to have on records and she has it.  Adam begs her to be on his team.  Blake says her vocals makes him smile.  Adianna chooses Christina Aguilera.

Casey Muessicman a 22 year old who has two passions wrestling and singing.  Casey singing ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’  Blake turned his chair first and then Cee Lo did.  Adam tells him he might as well just go to Blake and save them time.  Cee Lo thinks he gave the song a country kind of swagger and he interests him.  Blake thinks his voice is strong and he has the southern quality.  Casey chooses Blake.  Casey says this moment is life altering for me.

Aquile who grew up in Wyoming singing ‘Your Song.’  First to turn his chair is Adam and Christina and lastly Cee Lo.  Adam tells him they have to calm down the screaming ladies.  Adam says the minute he started singing it was so good from the first note. Christina was drawn to his voice from the second she heard him and she wants a private concert.  Cee Lo said he got an instant gratification from his voice.  Aquile chooses Christina.

Ryan Fogarty works with LeAnn Rimes on her tour and she recommends him.  He is singing ‘Tomorrow.’    None of the judges turn their chairs.   The judges felt he had  a good voice, but nothing special.  The judges thank him.

Mackenzie Bourg singing Pump Up The Kicks.  Cee Lo turns his chair.  Christina tells him she enjoyed him but she did not turn her chair.  Blake tells him he loves the Harry Potter vibe.  Cee Lo tells him he liked him and he is surprised he was the only one who turned his chair around.  Mackenzie has Cee Lo as a coach.

Julio Cesar Castillo and he sings La Bamba totally in Spanish.  Blake immediately turns his chair immediately and at the last moment Cee Lo turns.  Christina tells him it was so much fun.  Blake tells him he turned around immediately and his voice was strong and great.  The crowd goes crazy, they love him. Cee Lo tells him it was so special so many people stood up.  Julio chooses Blake as his judge.

Night two of the Blind Auditions ends and we will be back tomorrow with more music fun!