The Voice Season 3 “Live Play-offs, Part 1” Recap 11/05/12

The Voice Season 3 “Live Play-offs, Part 1” Recap 11/05/12

Tonight on NBC THE VOICE returns with the “Live Play-Offs, Part 1” it is the beginning of a three-night event. After last week’s Knockout round we are down to 20 contestants.  Tonight on the voice coaches’ teams lay it all on the line, live for your votes and a trip to the next round.  Did you watch last week’s knockout rounds?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show during the Knockout Rounds, the battle winners and coach steals had to prove themselves worthy to get to the live Playoffs. They competed head-to-head in a sudden death vocal matchup. At the start of the Knockouts, each coach had 10 artists left — eight battle winners and two steals.  After the knockout rounds the teams stand as follows:

Team Adam Levine – Joselyn Rivera, Bryan Keith, Amanda Brown, Loren Allred, Melanie Martinez Team Cee Lo Green – Cody Belew, Mackenzie Bourg, Trevin Hunte. Nicholas David, Diego Val  Team Christina Aguilera – Devyn Deloera, Adriana Louise, Dez Duron, De’Borah Garner, Sylvia Yacoub  Team Blake Shelton – Liz Davis, Terry McDermott
Michaela Paige, Julio Cesar Castillo, Cassadee Pope

This week, the new leader of the free world will be chosen, but this is not the only vote you’ll be privy to. The show has moved to the Live Playoff’s round of the competition, which means your vote will could make a difference to the lives of a merciless menagerie of contestants. The Voice will air on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – Monday and Tuesday will be the Live Playoff’s, and on Thursday the top 12 will be chosen.

This Live Playoff’s twist announcement was made by Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Late Night Programming, “As ‘The Voice’ enters the crucial Presidential Election week, our audiences will see yet another twist for this cycle as they get a democratic opportunity to determine the top two singers from each team that will be safe. In addition, the coaches get to choose one artist of their own from their teams to continue into the next week as we compile our Top 12 singers.

Tonight’s Live Play-offs, Part 1 is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

Tonight’s episode: Tonight is the night we have been waiting for where viewers will be deciding who will be staying on the show. We start tonight with the live playoffs with Team Adam and Team Blake will perform with only two from each team making it through with America’s votes and the judges will choose one person from each team.

Adam says he is excited and is looking to be blown away tonight, but it really is up to the artists. CMT’s country royalty, Blake thinks it is really going to be tough tonight.

The first performance tonight is both teams singing together and now on to the individual performances.

Joselyn Rivera singing “Give Your Heart A Break”.

Judges Comments: Blake: “Damn it I knew I wanted you on my team, you always deliver when you are on stage but tonight you wore it well, you look like a star.” Christina: “I loved it, you were working the stage, you did it and your smile lit up the whole room, I would love to see you sing a ballad.” Cee Lo: “I like your attitude, it’s my favourite part about you, you did wonderful.”  Adam: “You did an incredible job, you killed it and you really thrived in this environment.”

Terry McDermott singing “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Judges Comments: Christina: “You know you are good, it so easy on the ears and the preciseness of your tone is effortless is easy and nice, you are always dead on, I am a fan.” Cee Lo: “I have been a fan of yours since the beginning of the season, you are my favourite, you are genuine rock n’roll.” Blake: “I was watching the playback and you are making classic rock cool again, I want America to know that when God was passing out the ability to rock, he gave Terry just a little bit more.”

Melanie Martinez singing “Hit The Road Jack”.

Judges Comments: Blake: “I’ve been a fan from the beginning, I admire the way you always make a song your own, my favourite thing about you is that you are not interested in fitting in.” Christina: “That’s a tough song, it started pitchy, I appreciate your artistic vision.” Adam: “Everyone gives value criticism, what was great is that I wasn’t comparing your version to the original; as far as artistry is concerned it was amazing and I am proud of you.”

Liz Davis singing “Outlaw Woman”.

Judges Comments: Christina: “You have a perfect voice and it was a perfect time for it.” Cee Lo: “You looked lovely and it made me proud to be an American where at least I know I am free.” Blake: “There is a lot on the line tonight because I am the country guy here and you are the only country act, thank you for proving me right, for bringing you to the live rounds.”

Cassadee Pope singing  “My Happy Ending”.

Judges Comments: Christina “You always have a pretty voice and you hit the high notes, you surprised me so trust yourself and do your thing.” Cee Lo: “I love what you did, your bravado made the song come alive, I thought you did a wonderful performance.” Adam: “I think you are great, I still want to know who you are and sometimes it is difficult to see that although you did an excellent job.” Blake: “Adam is going to have lots of time to figure that out because you are going to be here for a long time, you are the pop rock chic and you are really good at it, a fan favourite.”

Bryan Keith singing “Iris”.

Judges Comments: Blake: “You sounded like Niel Diamond in that lower register, you were great.” Christina: “I always enjoyed your singing voice and what gets us excited is when the song builds, you really own it and loving it, that is important and the most passion I have ever seen.” Adam: “I am so proud of you Brian, you have comforting way about you, it is so inviting. “

Michaela Paige singing “Everybody Talks”

Judges Comments: Cee Lo: “That was the best performance of the night, you are a sight to see and you worked the audience, I think you would have been good on my team.” Adam: “I always thought you were a great but tonight you made me a fan, it was your best performance.” Blake: “I am so excited to hear what the other judges have said because was seriously the best performance of the night, you nailed everything and your hairdo rivals Cee Lo’s hair.”

Julio Cesar Castillo singing a classic Spanish song.

Judges Comments: Christina: “The first standing ovation of the night and I know you made all the Latino people out their proud, it was so passionate and had heart, it was rich and I loved your bravado.” Blake: “You had to find a way for everyone to understand emotionally what was going on and you did really good.”

Loren Allred singing “All Around The World”.

Judges Comments: Cee Lo: “You have always been one of my favourite songs, you capped it off with those high notes and you did a good job.” Adam: “I love this choice, the only thing I can say is that at the end when you did what you did, the upper register, I want to hear more. I want to see a next time and I want to hear more of that because it is so good.”

Amanda Brown singing “Dream On”.

Judges Comments: Christina: “Get it girl, this is all for you, you were going for it and good for you for bringing it home tonight.” Adam: “Wasn’t a great steal from Cee Lo who looks like the love child of Rick James and Prince, this is by far the best performance of the night. Tonight you were a rock star, unbelievable.”.

The end!