The Voice Season 3 “Top 12 Performances” Recap 11/12/12

The Voice Season 3 “Top 12 Performances” Recap 11/12/12

Tonight on NBC is a whole new episode of THE VOICE and the competition is really heating up.  On tonight’s show the top 12 artists perform live in front of coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton for America’s vote and a chance to move on.  Did you watch last week’s show?  We did and we recapped it for you here!

On tonight’s show the finalists will be singing alone and have to bring their A game.   The 12 finalist are: Team Adam Levine: Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith, Melanie Martinez Team Cee Lo Green: Trevin Hunte, Cody Belew, Nicholas David Team Christina Aguilera: Dez Devon, Adriana Louise, Sylvia Yacoub Team Blake Shelton: Terry McDermott, Michaela Paige, Cassadee Pope

The remaining contestants have survived blind auditions, battle rounds, knockout rounds and playoffs.  After tonight’s performances viewers will make their choices, which two singers will be heading home Tuesday.

On the November 13 episode of “The Voice” Live Results Show, Christina Aguilera will hit the stage with fellow musician coach CeeLo Green to perform “Make the World Move.” The song is from her highly anticipated album, “Lotus” which will be released the same day   The show  will feature stellar guest artists 50 Cent, Jason Aldean and Rascal Flatts in performances.

Tonight’s “Live Top 12 Performances” is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you have thought of Season 3 of The Voice, so far!

Tonight’s episode:

Michaela Page from Blake’s team is first to sing Pink’s “Blow me one last kiss”.

Judges Comments:  Christina, “I always enjoy you, you have become my favourite in this competition, your voice is bright and bold and full of energy”.  Cee Lo, “You are definitely one of my favourites because you have an effortless performance, you work the stage like a professional, you have done a great job”. Adam, “It was really cool how you came close to us on the stage, it was elegant”. Blake, “My heart is pounding now, that performance has left no doubt in my mind that I have never worked with an artist on this show to listen and take advice from me then translate it on the stage”.

Dez Duron from Christina’s team is back and singing Lauren Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”.

Judges Comments: Cee Lo “I thought that was impeccable, you have so much control and natural sexual appeal, and a great voice”. Adam, “I think this was really cool, it’s like you found an avenue, like a style, this is the most decisive and it fit you best”. Blake, “I loved the song choice and the fact that you made it current”. Christina, “How can you guys not love this guy, also he has a heart of gold, he is the real deal, genuine and a sweetheart. You have a natural charisma and true star quality”.

Adrianna Louise Singing Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl”.

Judges Comments: Cee Lo, “You look beautiful and sounded as great as ever, I love that you are committed and connected to what you are singing”. Adam, “I thought you did a great job, you are so good although I found the high spots were tough for you”. Blake, “I have always been a fan of yours, I am so happy you did a country song and I think you made it your own”. Christina, “That was so good, I don’t know if people know how challenging your songs are, the best is yet to come from you”.

Cody Belew is from team Cee Lo and he is singing “You Are Simply The Best”.

Judges Comments: Adam, “I think you are one of the only natural singers in this performance, great job”. Blake, “I agree, you always sound good and you won the stage”. Christina, “I enjoyed it, if you stick around I want to see more up tempo,  I want to see more bopping around”. Cee Lo, “I just enjoy you as a person and as a friend”.

Amanda Brown from Adam’s team is singing “Spectrum”.

Judges Comments: Blake, “I was freaking out over your performance, I did not realize until tonight all the sounds of your voice, there is soul, there is everything in your voice”. Christina, “You are an undeniable singer, you do so much with your voice, I am still waiting to tap into who you are and I don’t get it yet”. Cee lo, “You are my favourite mistake, your performance was a little constricted but your voice reminds me of a human heart”. Adam, “It wasn’t perfect, but I am not perfect, you are what this whole show is about, you only have a small place to sing but what you do, it was probably one of the most ambitious songs, you deserve to be here”.

Bryan Keith from Adam’s team is singing, “Back To Black.”

Judges Comments: Blake, “I think you took the lead for team Adam, you were really good and really solid”. Chrisitna, “You were really good and you are a really nice guy, you were really cool and modern”. Cee Lo, “I knew there was something special about you early on, great job”. Adam, “You deserve everything, the voice gets to the point that it is a collection of moments, you have your moment tonight, it really shower everybody how incredible you are”.

Cassadee Pope from team Blake’s team singing, Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

Judges Comments: Christina, “That was my favourite performance from you so far I got to listen to your heart, I connected with you”. Cee Lo, “You sing sincerely, like someone that wants to win this competition”. Adam, “What is so cool that I finally got a glimpse into the soulfulness that you are”. Blake, “I want to refer back to last week, there is something defined about you and I congratulate you. You have this thing that people love you and I am one of them.”

Trevin Hunte from team Cee Lo is next and he is singing, “When A Man Loves A Woman”.

Judges Comments: Adam, “It’s hard to say much after that, if you were not hear doing what you do, it would be a traversty, you have a magic ability”. Blake, “You did everything we wanted you to do, it was all blood and guts”. Christina, “I love you, thank you for doing that, I loved the raspy tone”. Cee Lo, “The miracle of you is strengthing my fate, you encourage people to be more optimistic, I am humbled by your voice”.

Melanie Martinez from team Adam is singing.

Judges Comments: Blake, “I can’t believe you projected as much as you did, you have a wonderful voice and a unique sound”. Christina, “That was your most emotional performance, I liked it and the fact that it wasn’t over the top”. Adam, “Here is what makes you special, you have something that is all your own, there is only one Melanie. You are spectacular and the only one like you”.

Nicholas David from team Cee Lo is next and he is singing Huey Lewis’ “Power Of Love”.

Judges Comments: Adam, “You are so strange and beautiful, it’s so awesome, I love that song. I just have fun everytime I watch you”. Blake, “I love the way you were catching up there, everytime it is like the first time all over again”. Cee Lo, “There is no greater success than the realization of self, you are genuine and there is no denying it”.

Sylvia Yacoub from Christina’s team is singing a big song from Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On.”

Judges Comments: Cee Lo, “This is so great, you got over the nerves and I am proud of you”. Adam, “That is not even a song, it is a moment and it is so ambitious, I think you did a good job”. Christina, “This is why I am so proud of you, there is such a rich tone to your voice and no doubt about it that you made it your own”.

Terry McDermott from team Blake is singing, “More Than A Feeling”.

Judges Comments: Cee Lo, “That was damn good, you showcased your falsetto and I love your haircut”. Adam, “I don’t even know if people know how good you are, hold crap that was so good”. Blake, “Congratulations, OMG, you really are one of those guys that are special, you stay the course and stay true to who you are, ladies and gentleman say hi to the gift to rock music”.

The end!