The Walking Dead Recap: Season 2 Episode 9 ‘Triggerfinger’ 2/19/12

The Walking Dead Recap: Season 2 Episode 9 'Triggerfinger' 2/19/12

Tonight The Walking Dead returns with a whole new episode called ‘Triggerfinger.’  Stay tuned as we live blog the show with all the up-to-the-minute results. The show is in the tail-end of the second 1/2 of the season and things are heating up!  On last week’s show we were introduced to two new characters.  So enter these 2 new fella’s after Rick is trying to talk some sense into Hershel – who appears to be drowning his sorrows in booze.  If you missed the episode you can read our official recap here!

On tonight’s show – trapped, Rick, Hershel and Glenn fight to survive against new foes, both dead and alive. Shane finds Lori in danger on the road and makes it his mission to bring her back to the farm.  Andrea steps up to the plate and confronts Shane about his “presentation leaving something to be desired.” She tells him he needs a “lighter touch” to get his points across; not necessarily disagreeing with his decisions, but in how he handles executing them within the dynamic of a group.

Also on tonight’s show Bioware will invade The Walking Dead with a 90-second CG promo for Mass Effect 3.  This is Bioware’s third game in the franchise and if you are interested in the game we have a game review of Mass Effect 3 here!

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 9PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.  Refresh often to get the most up-to-date results!

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RECAP: Lori is trapped in the car after the crash and a Walker is trying to get to her. Meanwhile, at the bar, Hershel, Rick and Glenn are shocked after their ordeal and Hershel tells them it is time to head back, but they hear a car. Dave and Tony, who Rick shot, have friends at the just arrived to look for them. The Walker is getting closer and closer to Lori in the car, he’s actually got a hold of her hair and is pulling it, when she finds something to use as a weapon and hits the Walker right between the eyes. She’s out of the car, the same Walker is on foot and tries to attack her again, she struggles, gets back to the car, finds her gun and shoots him.

Everyone else is having dinner at Hershel’s house when they discover that Lori is not there.

Dave and Tony’s friends hear a noise inside the bar, Rick shouts out that they were drawn on and they are dead. The guys outside the bar start shooting the place down and Hershel, Rick and Glenn make a run for it.

Carol tells Darryl that they can’t find Lori and he tells her that the “dumb bitch” probably went into town. Shane gets in the car, he takes off to search for Lori.

Rick is still trying to talk their way out of the bar. Shane arrives at Lori’s car crash, but he doesn’t find her.

Rick is trying to come up with a plan, to get them out of the bar; Glenn is going to try and make it to the car and Hershel is going to cover him. Glenn is really nervous and Hershel tells him he is going to succeed. One of the guys takes a shot and Glenn, Hershel shoots him in the leg. Glenn didn’t get shot, Rick goes to see him and encourages him to continue on to the car. A truck pulls up and guy calls to other telling them they have to leave because the place is crawling with Walkers. They leave the guy who got was shot in the leg behind and the Walkers eat him alive.

Hershel and Glenn are ready to leave, Rick finds one of the guys. he’s just a kid, he jumped for the truck when they were leaving and landed on a fence with his leg stuck. Hershel tells Rick they are going to have to cut the leg off or they will leave him there. Walkers are coming from everywhere, Hershel is trying to cut the leg off himself, but there are just to many Walkers. Rick goes over to the kid and just rips and yanks the leg up.

Shane found Lori, he wants to head back and she tells him no because they have to find Rick. He lies to her and tells her that they are all back.

Darryl verbally attacks Carol, he blames her for Sophia’s death saying she should have kept an eye on her.

Shane is back with Lori and finds out that Rick, Hershel and Glen are not back. She calls Shane an asshole and he tells her that he wanted to make sure the baby was alright first. Carl overhears and asks Lori why she didn’t tell him that she was having a baby.

In the house, Lori tells Carl that she is sorry she left without telling him. Carol wants to know if the baby is a girl, can they call it Sophia. Shane and Lori are alone, he tells her that he loves her and Carl. Lori tells Shane that she told Rick it was over between them and it was never real. Shane is upset, with everything going on around him, he thought they were the only real thing.

It’s a new day, Beth is still in bed and not responsive. Maggie is sitting with Beth, she tells Andrea about a happy memory about Beth. Andrea tells Beth that Rick and Glenn will get her dad back.  Meanwhile, Rick, Glenn and Hershel are back. Maggie runs out the house and Hershel thinks she is coming to him for a hug, she runs past him to Glenn. Everyone asks who is in the back of the truck, it is Randall. Glenn and Hershel explain why they took him, Rick wants to set him back on the road once he has recovered. Shane is upset that they brought this kid to the farm and Hershel tells him that they still haven’t dealt with him shooting everyone in the barn, so he should stay out of it and keep his mouth shut.

Maggie is alone with Glenn, he tells her that he froze while Hershel and Rick saved his life.

Laurie goes to take watch, she talks to Shane and tells him that he is pushing everyone away.  He tells her that they are both treated the same way and Rick and Hershel are going to get them all killed.

Rick and Lori are alone, getting undressed and she tells him that Shane thinks the baby is his, but no matter what it’s Rick’s baby. She goes on to tell him that Shane is a loose cannon, she thinks he killed Otis and she is afraid of him. Rick tells her that the gunman left that kid behind today and he killed two people because of her, Carl and the baby that is on the way. She continues to tell Rick that Shane is dangerous and he is not going to stop. Lori is really being such a manipulative bitch, what they heck is going on with her? Well, we will just have to wait till next week because that is it for tonight.