The X Factor 2012 Season 2 “Top 16 Perform Live” Recap 10/31/12

The X Factor 2012 Season 2 "Top 16 Perform Live" Recap 10/31/12

Tonight on FOX is  whole new episode of THE X FACTOR USA.  On tonight’s show it is the first of the live shows and the Top 16 acts will perform live for the first time on a special two-hour-and-seven-minute show.  Did you see last week’s show where the judges picked the Top 16?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On tonight’s show the Top 16 hit the big X FACTOR stage with full-on performances, backup dancers, choreography, new glam looks, and hopefully the same amazing props as last year (Fire pots! Confetti! Lasers! And more!).  Up until now the fate of the contestants was in the hands of Simon Cowell, LA Reid, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears as of next week the fate of  the Teens, Young Adults, Over 25s, and Groups is in our hands.

Tonight we will also get our first look at new hosts Khloé Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez will take THE X FACTOR stage alongside judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid.  Mario has said that Khloe is his ideal co-host and they have great chemistry together.  He said,  “It’s been great since you can’t manufacture chemistry. You either have it or you don’t. It makes it easy and comfortable. I think I’m pretty hyper and like to talk. Our personalities mesh well and compliment each other.”

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Tonight’s recap:  For the first time the final 16 sing live – live from Hollywood it’s the X Factor.  We get introduced to Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian.  This week there’s no public vote – the judges will pick the eight singers who are safe and then another eight to sing for their survival.

The theme for this week is ‘Made in America’

Demi Lovato‘s Team – Young Adults – Paige Thomas singing “What is Love.”

Judges comments:  LA: “Very dramatic, you looked like a star, felt like a star, but I did not like the song choice.”  Britney“I just felt like you were outrageous, you area true star.”  Simon: ” The only point of the star is to find an artist who can work in the real world.  You came out and nailed it.  What is so annoying was watching Demi Lovato smug face.  I liked the song choice. “ Demi “I am so unbelievably proud of you, what an amazing way to open the show.”

Britney Spears’ TeamArin’s House singing “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”

Judges comments: LA: “you nailed it, it was really good, it was a creative song choice, your vocals were not on par.”  Demi: “I could no hear your vocals, because the girls were singing so loud.  I felt it was a little stiff.”  Simon: “I think you were distracted by the dancers.  What you have, you have that swag, that self confidence.  That is what you need as a pop star.  You have matured over the past year.  I was impressed.”  Britney Spears“I am so proud of you, you were on and I loved it!”

LA Reid‘s Team – David Correy singing “Your Love Is My Love”

Judges comments: Britney: “You were amazing, you completely surprised me” Demi: “I was not sure that song was going to be for you, but ti was really good.”  Simon:  “I thought your performance was a bit maniac, a bit like you were begging the audience to love you.  I am not sure you created a creative direction for you.”  LA“One thing for sure I could hear you sing, it sound good, you look good and it sound great.”

Simon Cowell‘s Team – Sister C singing “Hell on Heals”

Judges comments: LA: “That was good, in the beginning I was afraid you were repeating yourself.  It was really good.”  Britney: “I thought it was very interesting, I was not expecting that and I think you were stunning.”  Demi“You are very beautiful but it kinda let me down I expected a better performance you were a little stiff.”  Simon “Demi this is not Dancing With The Stars, they are singing.  That was a fantastic performance, vocals were fantastic.  The song sounded fantastic.  I am proud of you.”

Demi Lovato‘s Team – Jenell Garcia singing “Home Sweet Home”

Judges comments: LA: “I am completely surprised that was a 10.  You convinced me you could win.  A great song choice.”  Britney“I felt you rocked it out, it was amazing.  I love your hairstyle.  Simon With that song you just defined that song, made in America.  I absolutely love you.  My slight criticism is that Demi has tried to make you a clone of her.  I liked you when you were a bit more free, the performance was amazing.”  Demi“I am so unbelievably proud of you, I feel like crying.  You took everything I told you and you work it you are a rock star.”

BritneySpears‘  Team – Diamond White singing “Hey Soul Sister”

Judges comments: LA: “I thought it was really strong, in the beginning it was a little mechanical.  By the second verse it was your song.”  Demi: “I thought the song choice was great, you are adorable, you have the strongest voice in this competition.  I want to see you have fun.”  Simon: “I think the talent tonight has blown me away.  I am seeing a massive transition, and Britney I think you did a great job with Diamond.  There were a few tuning probs, but massive improvement.”  Britney: “You impressed me so much, I am so proud of you.”

LA Reid’s Team – Vino singing “Gotta be Someone”

Judges comments: Britney: “You are really good and I feel your effort.”  Demi: “I found myself really rooting for you.  It was  a little shaky in the beginning but it was really good at the end.”  Simon: “I really like you, you have an amazing voice.  I think the arrangement of the song was really wrong for you.  I think you are more than a soul singer than a rock singe.”   LAYou know you have had criticism most of your life and it will not stop you tonight.”

Simon Cowell’s Team – Lyric 145 singing “Boom Shake The Room”

Judges comments: LA: “The good news I love you guys.  The bad news it seems like you put you in a washer and spun you around.  That is not hip hop, you know that it not it.”  Britney: “I was generally entertained.”  Demi“I had so fun watching you guys,  I am a little worried about this group you are amazing.”  Simon: “It has to be commercial in a competition like this.  I thought you guys were absolutely sensational.”

Demi Lovato‘s Team – CeCe Frey singing “We Got tonight”

Judges comments: LA: “Congratulation that was very strong, you left a little to be desired vocally.”  Britney: “Your vocals were week, but I loved your performance.”  Simon:  “I like you, you are fearless, it was not the best vocal I have ever heard, but I think you are someone I need in this competition.”  Demi:  “You could do much better vocally, you are so talented, you are a pop star, I am proud of you.”

LA Reid’s Team – Tate Stevens singing “I thought I was Tough”

Judges comments: Britney: “You wow me every time I see you perform, I think you are amazing.” Demi: “At the beginning I was a little bored, but you don’t need dancers and a band.  You gave the chills, I think you are going to go so far.”  Simon: “I like about you, I know exactly what kind of artist you should be.  You are a good honest man, who needs a break.  The song was not one of my favorites, I think you are better when you don’t push u voice so hard.”  LA Reid: ” I think you were really good, I am proud of you, it was well done, you are a keeper.”

Britney Spear‘s Team – Beatrice Miller singing “I Won’t Give Up”

Judges comments: LA: “One of the key ingredients in stardom is love ability and believable and I love you and I believe you.”  Demi “I am so impressed, I felt you were a little nervous, but when you came out with that rock style music it was right.”  Simon.  “I think the style Britney picked for you was great.  I think  there were a little tuning issues.  I really, really like you.  we need to sort your vocals out a bit.”  Britney: “I disagree you are amazing and you are great.”

LA Reid’s team – Jason Brock   singing “Dance Again”

Judges comments: Britney: “I really feel you could have chose a better song, but interesting and entertainment.”  Demi: “I loved it because you made it your own, but I don’t think it was the right song choice.”  Simon“I like you, but that was utterly horrendous, what you are wearing, the song, the dancers, the choreography, the song choice everything about it was wrong.  For me, it does not get worse than that.! “ LA “I enjoyed you, we had fun, everyone in this room had a fun, Simon is a hater.”

Simon Cowell’s Team – 1432 singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Judges comments: LA: “We blew the name. Very karaoke, seemed like a talent show version.  Your mentor failed you.  The good news there is hope.”  Britney “I liked the energy, I was surprised.”  Demi: “I know you have potential but for tonight only one person shined.  You need more practice together.  Only one person doing it.”  Simon“I have had  a lot of success for groups.  You are fantastic.  There is work to do, hopefully you survive you are going to prove what voices you have.  The public is going to love this voice.”

Demi Lovato‘s Team – Willie Jones singing “Here For The Party”

Judges comments: LA: “That was very entertaining, I can’t tell you I got goosebumps, but it was adequate.”  Britney “I feel you are a true star, you have what it takes.”  Simon“I thought it was silly, I don’t think it showed off your vocal ability.  It all felt a bit cheap and this is an important night.  I don’t think your mentor did you any justice.”  Demi: “His mentor is someone 20 years old and right now people like fresh things.  Maybe it did not work 100 years ago when Simon was doing this.”

Britney Spear‘s – Team Carly Rose singing “Something’s got a hold on Me.”

Judges comments: LA: “You have a beautiful voice, I loved your voice.  It did not feel like you were having fun.”  Demi: “You have one of the best voices in this competition.  At your age it could be a blessing and a curse.  I don’t see you have a lot of time.  But there is no doubt you will have a future.”  Simon: “I don’t agree with them.  It think you felt uncomfortable with the song, based on how brilliant you are you could do a much better song.  It would be criminal if you left.”  Britney“Your vocals were amazing and you did a great, great job.!”

Simon Cowell‘s Team – Emblem 3 singing “One Day”

Judges comments: LA: “This is difficult, you got it right today, that was unbelievable.  You are Americans next top sensation.”  Britney: “Your trio is amazing you are adorable and amazing!”  Demi: “You buys make me swoon, I swear I can’t look you in the eye when you sing me and not flirting with you.  I love u boys.”  Simon: “Very first time I saw you I really like you, we had a conversation a few weeks ago about commitment.  The difference in you is unbelievable.  You guys are future super stars.”

Who did you love tonight, hit the comments and let us know.  My favorite was Carly Rose!!

Tomorrow is the biggest night of the season, eight votes will be safe and eight acts will sing for their life.  Come back and join us for our live recap!!