Tom Cruise And Suri Cruise Survive A High-Speed Car Chase By The Paparazzi

Tom Cruise & Suri Cruise Survive A High-Speed Car Chase By The Paparazzi

If Katie Holmes really wants to protect Suri Cruise from the insanity of being the child of two high-profile celebrities who recently divorced, then she needs to get her out of NYC, pronto!

Just days after Katie and Suri’s limo was hit by a garbage truck, the 6-year-old and her dad, Tom Cruise, were chased through the streets of Manhattan by paparazzi in what the Huffington Post describes as a “high-speed car chase.”

Reportedly, after leaving their hotel, Suri and Tom took a black SUV to a heliport and were chased the entire way there by photographers, doing a speed of 55-65 mph on the West Side Highway, where the speed limit is only 25 mph.

And while no one was reportedly hurt by the chase, it does give us chilly flashbacks of Princess Diana‘s death. Related: Tom Cruise Outraged As Suri Paternity Questions Arise

Katie has reportedly enrolled Suri at a New York preschool for the fall, which means that they will be sticking around the city at least for another year, but if the media attention continues the way that it has, it’s not safe for Suri, not to mention all of the everyday people around her, to live in NYC.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet Inc.

  • Cari

    oh puhleeze…I live in NYC and that is bullcrap. The traffic in NYC and WSH prohibit any ‘chase’ to be more than 20 miles an hour stop and go, so there. If they lived anywhere else it would be open road. So stop the feigned interest and concern for them living in NYC. It’s actually the safest city (manhattan island) you could possibly live these days. How ironic.