‘True Blood’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me’ 6/24/12

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 'Whatever I Am, You Made Me' 6/24/12
Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of True Blood. On tonight’s show Debbie Pelt’s parents arrive in town and they are asking many questions about her disappearance. We all know that Sookie shot her and she is dead, but her parents and Alcide do not know. If you missed last week’s show called “Authority Always Wins”, we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 5 episode 3 of HBO’s “True Blood”.

When we last saw our heroes Bill and Eric they were imprisoned by the Vampire Authority and the guys tried to keep their wits about them.  Chris Meloni appeared as one of the members of the Authority, Roman, and he was amazing.  Bill revealed to Roman that they did not kill Russell Edgington and on tonight’s show they will deal with the ramifications of not killing Russell. At the end of last week’s show we saw dead bodies everywhere and a vampire on a stretcher with blood all over him and he was licking his lips.  Russell was back!  We get our first real look at Russell tonight.

Official HBO synopsis of tonight’s episode: Bill and Eric barter for their lives with the Authority Chancellors and their leader, Roman. Salome and Roman enlist a new ally in the face of Russell’s return. Sookie goes to Fangtasia to ask for help from Pam, who is still caught up in her memories of Eric and the strange murders at the Comstock Brothel. Andy’s dalliance with Holly comes back to bite him in the butt; later, he’s visited by Gordon and Barbara Pelt, who are searching for Debbie. Jason bumps into an old high school teacher, but their reunion brings up conflicting feelings.

Meanwhile the Pelts are still looking for their pathologically jealous, V addicted girlfriend of Alcide, daughter Debbie Pelt and are having no luck finding her.  Remember Sookie killed her after she shot Tara.  Well Gordon and Barbara Pelt think Alcide knows someone about her disappearance.  Alcide is suspicious and thinks Sookie knows something about Debbie’s disappearance.  I wonder how Alcide is going to feel once he finds out that his newest crush, Sookie, killed Debbie.

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 'Whatever I Am, You Made Me' 6/24/12

From the preview we have seen it looks like Pam and Sookie are not getting along.  At one point when Sookie comes into Fangtasia to ask for help from Pam, Pam in her Pam ways, tells Sookie, “Get out of my bar before I suck you dry.”  I just love Pam she has so much personality and it was great learning about how she met Eric last week.


Although Lafayette and Sookie thought it was a good idea to have Pam turn Tara into a vampire to save her, they may be having second thoughts.  Sookie is worried about Tara because she ran away and she thinks she is out there scared and hungry.  Meanwhile, last week Lafayette was regretting what they did and contemplated killing Tara.  I don’t think neither has to worry much about Tara.  If Tara was an angry human she is an even angrier vampire.  As a matter of fact from the preview we have seen for tonight’s episode, Tara is attacking someone, so I guess she is surviving just fine.

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 'Whatever I Am, You Made Me' 6/24/12

Tonight’s episode is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage HBO’s True Blood tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of last week’s episode 2 of True Blood season 5!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens with Tara in the woods and she sees her burned skin healing.  She hears Lafayette and Sookie running in the woods calling her name and she runs away.  She comes upon a girl fixing her tire on her car and the girls cuts her finger.  The girls sees her and asks Tara to help and Tara’s fangs come out.

The girls tells her she has not a problem with vampires but Tara jumps on her and attacks her.  The girl is screaming and Tara puts her fangs back in and apologizes.

Meanwhile, back at the Vampire Authority the council is pissed off because Russell is still alive.  The council is bickering about what to do and Roman shuts them up and tells them he will take it all under consideration.

Roman tells Bill and Jeff that the Sanguinist Movement have made Russell a hero after he pulled a spinal cord from a human on TV.  Roman lets them know that Russell is dangerous.  He tells Bill and Eric to bring Russell in.

We get to meet the new Nan Flanagan and it is Rev. Steve.

Sookie goes to see Pam at Fangtastic and Pam tells her she is too busy to help her, Eric is missing.  Sookie wants Pam to help finding Tara.  Sookie wants Pam to summon Tara.  She tells Sookie to get out of her bar before she, “Sucks her Dry.”  She pushes Sookie and tells her to F*!* her and F*!* Sookie.  Sookie gets a ball of  light in her hand and throws it at Pam and she falls.

Sookie walks on out of the bar.

Sam is walking in the woods and sees Tara and she asks for help.  She tells Sam she is hungry.

Roman is telling Rev. Steve that Russell is still alive, but Rev. Newlin is doubtful.  Roman is pissed at Rev. Newlin because he underestimates humans.

Rev. Newlin was recruited because he use to be part of The Fellowship of The Sun.   He tells Rev. Newlin about the Sanguinist Movement.  Roman tells Steve he better not let them down, they need him if Russell does something wrong again – and knowing Russell…

Roman tells Salome to watch over Bill and Eric and make sure they do not screw up.  They put a harnesses on Bill and Eric and if they misbehave they will be staked automatically.

Sookie is worried about Tara and hoping that with the sun coming up she has enough sense to go to ground.  Meanwhile, Tara is with Sam and he is feeding her True Blood.  Sam wants to know who turned her.  Sam wants to call Lafayette and Snooki and Tara makes him promises he will not call them.  She passes out.

Sheriff Andy Belfour is in the office and the employees are teasing him about being a local sex symbol.  They show him a picture of him on Facebook with his bare butt showing.  Gordon and Barbara Pelt show up at the office they want to speak about their daughter Debbie.

Jason is at the store shopping and he meets an old teacher.  She tells Jason she has quit teaching and he tells her he is sorry, she use to be such a good teacher.

Arlene is at Merlotte’s telling Terry she cried herself asleep waiting for him.  She tells him she loves him and she does not care what he did with Patrick.  He tells Arlene he is going somewhere with Patrick and he cannot tell her where or for how long.  Arlene tells Terry she will not wait for him.

She runs out of the room crying as Sookie comes in and asks if he saw Tara.

Sookie comes to see Sam and asks if he saw Tara last night.   Sam knows he can read her mind and he tries not to think about Tara, but it does not work and Sookie figures out he has seen Tara.

Sookie thanks him for keeping her safe, Sam has Tara hid in the freezer.  Lafayette is concerned what they will do when the sun goes down.

Pam is sleeping and is having another flashback.  She is in her brothel in 1905 and Eric is there.  Pam is showing Eric her whores, but Eric does not want them he wants Pam.

He tells Pam everything has its price.  Pam looks through a window and Bill and his maker are there taking blood from one of her girls.  Pam’s price is for Eric to make them stop.  Eric runs in and pulls Bill off the girl and tells him he is going to show him the True Death.  Bill’s maker apologizes to Eric.  Eric makes them apologize to Pam and Pam tells them she wants an apology and $500 for every girl they drained.  Eric wants Bill’s maker to get Bill under control.

Pam agrees to settle her debt with Eric.

Back in current time Jason is at his former teacher’s house.  She asks Jason about his life and Jason tells her he has not had the best of luck with women.

She tells Jason what happened between them was a mistake she did not mean to take advantage of him.  Jason comes over and kissed her and tells her it was not a mistake.

The Pelts come to see Alcide and tell him he was the last person to see Debbie.  His parents know that Alcide and Debbie had a fight.  Alcide admits they did and he also tells The Pelts that he abjured her because she was back on V and unfaithful to him with Marcus, the pack leader.

Debbie’s mother asks Alcide to help them find her.

Sheriff Belfour comes to question Sookie about Debbie.  Andy Belfour asks if Debbie was jealous of Sookie and Alcide.  Sookie tells Andy that Debbie was bat shit crazy and a V addict.

Andy comes to see Holly and he shows her the picture that was put on Facebook of him with a naked butt.  Holly tells him she is going to kill her sons and have them take the picture down.  Andy tells her not to worry it is already down, Facebook took it down.

Andy asks Holly to take their relationship to the next level.

Jason and his former teacher have slept together – but Jason is clearly upset.  He gets up and tells her she was right, what they did years ago was a mistake.  He gets up and gets dressed and says goodbye and leaves.

In the basement of The Vampire Authority quarters Bill was called by Salome – she was the women who asked for John The Baptist’s head.  She was the girl from ‘The Dance of The Seven Veils.’

Salome tells Bill the world is different now.  Bill tells her she still has power and she tells Bill she likes him and has been tracking his career for a long time.  She tells Bill what she admires about him the most is his heart, he still follows it.  She feels vampires have become jaded and she wants to help him.

Bill asks why and she tells him because something about Bill moves her and after 2,000 years she trusts her feelings but she is not sure she trusts Bill.

Then they proceed to have sex.

Vanessa is getting all dressed up and Tracy the owner of the store tells her she does not have to do that for Jason.  A boy walks in to pick up dresses for his sisters and Jessica sees him and runs out of the dressing room half dressed and says “you smell awesome what are you?”

He sees her and he runs out of the store.  Jessica runs after the car and finds it but it is abandoned and she screams, “I can smell you everywhere.”

Hoyt walks into Fangtasia and Pam sees him and recognizes him as Jessica’s old boyfriend.  She tells him that they will eat him alive in the bar and he replies that is exactly what he is hoping for.

In a flashback to 1905 – Pam is in bed with Eric and she asks him to turn her into a vampire.  She is not pleased what life awaits her as a whore.  Eric does not want to.  Eric tells her being a maker is too much responsibility and he is not interested.

She gets up and slits her wrists.  She tells him to let her walk the earth with him or let her die.

Back in present time.  Eric comes in to see Salome and thanks him for standing up for him with the council.   Salome tells Eric that she knows Nora was his sister, Godrick told her.  Salome is surprised that Eric will let Nora die when she risked everything for him.  Salome tells him there are always ways to help.

Salome tells Eric she sponsored Nora’s chancellorship.   Salome tells him he is cold.  Eric asks her what she wants, she tells him she wants to be his friend and she takes all her clothes off.  She tells Eric what he wants intrigues her.

Roslyn is torturing Nora – she wants to know why Nora betrayed them.  Roslyn thinks she did it for love.  She threatens to kill Bill and Eric.

Jason is sleeping on the couch and someone comes to the door, it is Jessica.  She tells Jason she just had the weirdest experience, she just saw a man whose blood smelled like cotton candy and sex.  After the man left all she thought of was Jason.

Jason does not like too interested and Jason tells Jessica he is not a mechanical bull that she can come and ride on him when she wants.

He tells her the sex is not working for him anymore and he does not know how to deal with it anymore.  Jessica tells him they do not have to have sex they can just talk and be friends.  Jessica tells him she is going to grab a pair of sweats and he is going to grab a beer and they are just going to talk.

Arlene goes into the freezer where Tara is and says hello is someone here.  We then see her attack Arlene.

Then we see Tara sitting and Lafayette comes up to her with a bottle of True Blood and she grabs his arms.

Alcide comes to see Sookie and tells him that Debbie is back and on V.

Lafayette screams and Sookie runs in the kitchen and Tara is there and she is totally pissed she thinks Sookie and Lafayette turned her into a monster.  She tells everyone to stay away from her because the only thing she can think of is ripping everyone’s throat out.

Bill and Eric are in the elevator and Eric tells him he had a visitor from Salome.  Bill confirms so did he and they wonder what she wants.

Roman walks into see Salome and she tells Roman that Bill and Eric are not Sanguinist.  Roman tells Salome that Nora is Sanguinist – that she admitted it.

Salome tells him perhaps it is time to compromise and maybe mainstreaming is not the thing.

Salome tells Roman the Sanguinista is organizing against him and she is afraid for him.  Roman tells her not too – with Salome as his secret weapon how can anything happen to him and they embrace and kiss (Salome is naked)

Sookie is telling Alcide what happened to Debbie Pelt.  She tells Alcide that Debbie shot Tara, then she got the gun and shot Debbie.  Alcide is upset because he has had her back since day one and he feels Sookie owed him the truth.

Sookie asks Alcide what he is going to do and if he is going to tell anyone.

Tara is roaming the town and sees the “Curl Up and Fry” and smashes the window.  It is a tanning salon and she lies down in one of the tanning beds and pulls it down and turns the light on and it starts burning her and we hear her scream.

We flash over to Pam who is in her office and she says ‘You Stupid Bitch!’  She can tell what Tara is doing!