‘True Blood’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 8 ‘Somebody That I Use To Know’ 7/29/12

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 8 'Somebody That I Use To Know' 7/29/12

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of True Blood called ‘Somebody That I Use to Know’. On tonight’s Bill helps the Authority tack a different course; Sookie and Jason visit the place where their parents died.  If you missed last week’s show called “In The Beginning” we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 5 episode 8 episode of HBO’s “True Blood”.

On last week’s episode, Sookie became excited when she learned that she could become normal.   She was told by another faerie that if she used her powers too much she would eventually run out of them.  The reason she would lose her powers is because Sookie is only 1/2 fae.  Russell is back and back to his old tricks.  We  found out that Salome was the person who released Russell from the cement and she has redefined what Lilith wants vampires to do.  It does not look good for the residents of Bon Temp when Salome made the council members drink her blood and they all went on a LSD type kill humans trip.  Meanwhile, we saw the return of Eric’s maker Godric who reminded Eric what he was doing (Drinking people dry) was not right.

Official HBO synopsis of next week’s episode:  At Authority headquarters, the Chancellors revel in the afterglow of recent events; Eric gets a message from Godric; Bill is shaken by a distant memory. Helped by Claude (Giles Matthey) and his sisters, Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths, with shocking results.

An emotional Luna tries to walk in Sam’s shoes. Hoyt’s new pals bring him a present; Lafayette leads a séance to purge a curse; J.D. ups the stakes of his fight with Alcide.

When all the council members head back to the Vampire Authority after their killing spree and they are all still under the influence of Lilith’s blood.  They are all covered by blood and Eric is watching looking confused and upset.  It seems Eric is gradually coming to his senses.  He grabs Bill and asks him, “What the hell just happened?”  Bill still under the influence tells Eric that they saw Lilith.  If you saw last week’s episode you will remember that Lilith appeared at the bar where the council members were feed on humans.   Can Eric convince Bill that what they did was wrong?  We will find out tonight!

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 8 'Somebody That I Use To Know' 7/29/12

In another of tonight’s clips we see Sookie talking to Claude and Claudette (faeries).  Jason has found out that a vampire killed their Mom and Dad and he wants to know which vampire did it.  Claude tells Sookie and Jason that he does not know who did the deed but Claudette (his sister) tells them that she knows how they can help.  Claude agrees they may be able to find out.  Who do you think killed Sooke and Jason’s parents?  I wonder if it was one of the council members or maybe Russell.  Another possibility is Bill killed Sookie’ s parents and that would put an end to any chance they have of reuniting.

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 8 'Somebody That I Use To Know' 7/29/12

It looks like there will be more about Terry tonight and his fire demons.  Terry, Patrick, Arlene, Holly and Lafayette are having a seance of sorts and Lafayette tells the group, ‘She is talking to me and she is mad.”  I think Lafayette is talking about the women who put the curse on Patrick and Terry.  Arlene looks shocked!

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 8 'Somebody That I Use To Know' 7/29/12

It looks there will be a few minor story lines tonight but the focus will be on the Vampire Authority, Bill, Eric and Lilith coming back.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another bloody exciting one, that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage HBO’s True Blood tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of True Blood season 5, so far!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s episode opens with Andy taking one of the men who has been shooting shifters out.  The man taunts Sam – there are 100 more where he came from.

Sam goes to see Luna and she is freaking out, she tells Sam they are being hunted.  Luna wants to get rid of them before they get rid of the shifters.  Sam promises her she will feel better, he is on this.  Sam is heading to the station.  He leaves her hospital room.

Luna gets pissed when Sam leaves and says this is f*cking ridiculous and gets up and then she shifts into Sam and exclaims F me!

The vampires get back to the Vampire Authority and they are still all tripping out on Lilith’s blood.  Eric watches them all and looks confused.  He grabs Bill and asks him what happened.  Bill tells him they saw Lilith and Eric tells him they were high as Fing kites.

Sookie is in her yard and keeps throwing balls of light.  Jason comes and she hits in with one.  He asks her what she is doing and Sookie tells him she is dumping her faerie light, she wants to be normal.

Jason tells her if she was normal she would not have met Bill and the love she had for Bill was real and it is worth it if you can experience that.  Jason tells Sookie she is who she is because she has their mother and father inside her.  Jason begs Sookie not to spray it all over the yard because the thing she has in her could help them find out who killed their parents.

Luna/Sam is looking in the hospital mirror and he leaves the room.  Luna/Sam goes into a hospital room and steals some clothes and leaves the hospital.

At fangtasia Jessica is dancing and a fangbanger come up to her and asks her if she wants to suck his blood.  Apparently it is like a milkshake and she won’t need a straw LOL.

The vampire authority members are still high and are wondering over what they saw.  Russell says he has never been devout but after seeing Lilith come out of a blood pool, he believes.  Everyone is thrilled they killed people.  Nora feels it is a sign that Roman’s death was right.  Salome tells Steve to put 1,000 humans in the holding cell because they need to eat.

Eric tells everyone he has had enough fun for one night and asks Bill if he is coming.  Bill stays.

Alcide is having werewolf sex with Rikki his second in his fight with JD.  Alcide asks if she will be his girlfriend and she says maybe.

Salome has summoned Bill and he comes in and there is a girl tied to the bed.  Salome asks him if he wants a snack, Bill refuses.

Salome asks him if he thinks that it is over, that they will be drinking True Blood.  Bill tells her he will not be bullied as the girl on the bed begs for her life.  She tells them she has children. Bill tells Salome he has children of his own and cannot kill the girl.

Bill has a flashback to visiting his daughter Sarah, she is dying.  She begs Bill to make her like him but Bill refuses and tells him immortality is a curse.

Back to present, the girl keeps begging.  Salome tells Bill to refuse is blasphemy.  Bill comes to her and bites her as Salome prays to Lilith.

Hoyt and the rednecks who have been killing the sups bring him to their hideout.  They tell Hoyt they have a surprise for him.  He goes into the house and they have Jessica tied up with silver.  They tell Hoyt that they kept her for him to kill to pay her back.  The guys tell Hoyt not to back out, she is dead already.  The red necks tell Hoyt he needs to do it, it will make him feel good.

They leave Hoyt alone with her and tell them they are not letting him out until he finishes her.

Sookie and Jason are back in the faerie brothel they are talking to Claude they want to know if Sookie has powers that can help them find out who killed their parents.  Claude tells them he does not know who killed their parents but there may be a way to find out.  He tells them to meet him at the bridge where their parents were killed at noon.

Lafayette is driving and he stops the car to look at a picture of Jesus.  He opens a medical kit and inside their is a vial of V and he rubs it on his damaged lips, they heal.  Jesus appears next to him and Lafayette asks if he is real and Jesus asks him if it really matters.

Sam is observing while Andy questions the redneck they caught.  Sam asks if he can be left alone with the man because he has powers that can help.  Andy goes for a coffee and leaves them.

Sam takes off his shirt and turns into a cobra.  Luna/Sam walks into the office and he goes to see Sam and Sam asks Sam/Luna what happened.  Sam/Luna has no idea, but he cannot shift back.

Andy says he hates the town LOL

Jason, Sookie, Claude and his sisters are at the bridge where Sookie’s parents died.  They believe if they all hold hands they can amplify the feels and Sookie may be able to see who the vampire is who killed her parents.

Sookie starts to have horrible memories of her parents being eaten and a vampire who says “It smells so good inside.”  The vampire is smelling Sookies’ blood on a bandage in the back of the car.  Sookie cannot see the vampires face.  As the vampire is in the back of the car, a faerie comes and shoots a bolt of light at it.

Hoyt is with Jessica and he asks why she could not love him.  Jessica says she tried and wishes she could.  The rednecks come in and asks if it is done.  Meanwhile Jessica is behind the door and breaks the redneck’s neck.  Hoyt wants her to leave but she cannot because it is daylight.

Arlene tries to get Lafayette to help her with Terry.  She tells him Terry has a fire monster after him.  They want Lafayette to convince Terry it is not true.  Because Lafayette is a medium they want him to tell Terry the women who put the curse does not curse him anymore.  Lafayette will do it for $300.

Andy and Sam and Sam/Luna come into the house where they had Jessica at.  Sam smells that there was a women in the house and Jessica says no only men.  Jessica wants to know where Hoyt is.

Sookie tells Claude that she psychically connected with a vampire.  Claude is upset he says the elders will be upset and Jason tells him he does not give a F.  Sookie tells Claude she saw Claudine who zapped her.

Sookie remembers Claudine called the vampire by name, she called him Warlow.

At Fangtasia and old friend comes to the bar and recognizes Tara and she asks how she is and Tara shows her teeth.  Her friend tells her that is wonderful now she is member of two minorities.  The girl is obnoxious and condescending to Tara and Tara threatens her.  The girl tells Pam that she knows Tara from high school.  Pam jumps in and intervenes.

Over with the werewolf pack – they are saying that that it is time to pick a new pack master.  They introduce JD and Alcide to the pack.  They ask what they are tracking a deer.  JD says not they are tracking a college kid (a track star from school)  Alcide says he won’t do it, he won’t kill a kid.  JD tells Alcide he has forfeited.  JD tells the kid he is still going to hunt him down and kill him because he is a disgrace to wolves.

Eric comes to visit Nora and he tells him this is not her it is insane.  Eric tells her he has lived he for almost 600 years but the vampire authority headquarters has clouded her mind.  Eric tells Nora Lilith does not exist, Salome chose this path for her.

Eric tells Nora, Godric was there and it sickened him.  He tells Nora Godric made him promise to take care of her and tonight he reminded him.

Nora tells Eric that Godric was a weak, disgusting apologist in his last days and Lilith would have staked him.  Eric is upset and attacks her and then stops.

Sam is with Luna/Sam and she is sick.  Luna/Sam thinks she is going to die and thinks Sam hates her.  Such a weird scene with Sam with Luna as Sam on his lap.

Sam apologizes to Luna/Sam and tells her she means everything to him.  He kisses her forehead and she sifts back to herself.  She starts to have terrible pains.

Pam tells Tara they have to talk about her attitude.  Pam brings Tara down to the basement and Tara’s high school friend is in the basement tied up and Pam tells Tara it is for her.  Pam glamours her into being an unpaid food whore and Tara is her master.  Pam’s parting shot, “Have fun.”

Pam watches as Tara feeds on her.

The college boy/track star is running and JD stops him and comments he thinks he is hot sh*t.  Alcide steps in and tells the college boy to run.

JD starts fighting Alcide and knocks him (JD is on V!) to the ground and then gets a rock and is about to crush his scull.  Martha runs up with Rikki and the pack and asks him to stop.  She tells him he used to be better than this.  He stops and tells the rest of the pack they should go celebrate.

Ricci and Martha tend to Alcide.

Terry and Patrick come in and Arlene tells Terry that Lafayette will contact the women they killed and see if she will stop the curse.  Lafayette starts to chant and the women starts to talk to Lafayette and tells him she is pissed at Terry and Patrick and does not want to lift the curse.  She goes into Lafayete’s body and then leaves.  Lafayette tells Terry he has to kill Patrick and she will lift the curse.  Patrick gets up and runs out.

Hoyt is walking on the road and a car drives up.  Hoyt says a friendly face, I have been so lost.  The person in the car pulls a gun on him.

Sookie is looking in the mirror and she sees something – it is the vampire who killed her parents and he tells her – “You are mine, and I am coming for you.”

The members of the Vampire Council are meeting and Russell is flirting with Steve.  They are planning on how they are going to attack the humans.  Bill comes up with the idea of blowing up the True Blood factories and then vampires will be forced to eat on human.  Salome and Nora love the idea.

Eric asks what he is doing and Bill replies, “Evolving!”